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Anyone have any ideas/tips/suggestions on healing a karmatic life? Also techniques or ideas on how to overcome fear and nervousness? Also I have had serve allergys/sinus issuses for over 10yrs now. Over the years I have learned how to breathe out the mouth for the nose is just impossible. Im continuously congested and sneezy. Ive tried to meditate a few times before but most of the time I find myself getting discouraged  bec I simply cant breathe and have to take many breaks to blow my nose. Any suggestions on what I can do to heal this problem and clear out my nasal cavity so I can finally get my life back and breathe out of my nose as one should. Also I have started to inhale MMS. The first time yesterday and the 2nd time will be today. I havent found much info on this so if anyone has tried this any feedback/tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Resistance!

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Hi Mimi !

Sinus problems can be helped by removing mercury amalgam fillings and doing a heavy metal cleanse, possible a series of ion cleanse footbaths, like with the machine. That device is expensive and there are other devices that are more affordable.

Another supplement that will help with limbic brain heavy metal contamination is "Indium".

It is element 49 on the periodic table and is a liquid, super metal that will help with amygdala firing, which is how your brain makes brainwaves, or EM pulses.

Finally I swear by nanosilver, I take

Mission Falls Ionic Silver and don't get sick anymore. It's about $45-$55 for their large bottle.

I havn't tried their ointment yet, but would not be afraid to finger that up my nose, it couldn't be any worse than the Vicks that used to go there when I was a kid!

Lots of Indigoes have sinus issues. Taste which is really an olfactory process is directly connected to the limbic brain.




Thank you all for your in put.. I am doing my research and so far have been feeling better! thanks again everyone. WBV
I would like to add on here that I also tried inhaling MMS for a few days when I felt that I was getting sick. During this time and before that I could barely breathe and inhale air through my nose.  After doing the MMS i did experience a lot of coughing from the mucus for a few days but my sinus are open more so now than ever! Ive been breathing a lot better from my nose although it does get stuffy from time to time but not like before. Hope this helps for anyone else who may have this problem!

Glad to hear Mimi.

As an asthma sufferer my nose is always blocked. When you did have a clear sinus try this breathing excercise that you can get on DVD called Buteyko


They really helped me and have others too.

Take care and be well

an milk which is homoginised is toxic to the body, try and get raw milk if possible or at the very least full fat un homoganised... it forms mucus for a reason your body sees it as toxic (normal milk that is).


Snorting Urine up the nose will help too... or neti pots with salt if you want the second best thing for it.

lol so bad for you the website sensored it!!!!




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