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Anyone have any ideas/tips/suggestions on healing a karmatic life? Also techniques or ideas on how to overcome fear and nervousness? Also I have had serve allergys/sinus issuses for over 10yrs now. Over the years I have learned how to breathe out the mouth for the nose is just impossible. Im continuously congested and sneezy. Ive tried to meditate a few times before but most of the time I find myself getting discouraged  bec I simply cant breathe and have to take many breaks to blow my nose. Any suggestions on what I can do to heal this problem and clear out my nasal cavity so I can finally get my life back and breathe out of my nose as one should. Also I have started to inhale MMS. The first time yesterday and the 2nd time will be today. I havent found much info on this so if anyone has tried this any feedback/tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Resistance!

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Get some black tourmaline to counter fear. Add to this some Tiger's Iron for courage.  Chop up some ginger and add boiling water , try to strain it if possible. Drink this and it will heat you up to clear sinuses. Good luck!
Thank you! Will try!
Thank you. Ive never heard of an ozonator before. I am going to look into it. thanks for the info!
if you get yourself an atomizer and breath in colloidal silver through the nose if kills sinus infections and relieves really fast.Black tourmaline is also great.
Satori, thank you so much for all that info. I know the food plays a major role in my sinus. Ive never had obvious food allergies but I have had a poor diet. Im sure if i change that my symptoms would change as well. I am going to check out the books you mentioned and look more into those chakrass.. some of the things you mentioned hit very close to home. I have some work to do. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond to my post. wbv


You are something else (british figure of speech).

I can't put into words how much that resonates with me.

Thank you so much! And you Mimi :)

Bravo Satori!!!!!!!! Beautiful information! Sending all my love and graditude to u:) WBV
are you an astrological libra ascendant?
yes i am.. both my mother and father are libras.. im curious now.. what would that have anything to do with it? If it does..

Libra ascendant is sinuses.   Im a Sagittarius sun w libra asc...  Im susceptible to this.   Check out any interview with bill clinton, he seems to have an afflicted asc, and his throat is hoarse, as well as usually has some kind of mucus build up and what have you.


Every asc indicates chart ruler, and the sign its in and its aspects indicate the place of affliction in the body. 6th house ruler and 10th house ruler indicate where health problems will occur.

Really have to focus on loweing dairy intake, I have a neti pot too its great.

This recommendation by Satori:


>> Andreas Moritz  "the liver and gallbladder cleanse" ***highly recommend this one


Ditto, hence my liver flushing thread in Body Activation section of this forum...





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