Has anyone ever heard of the "Invisible College"? WHO ARE THEY?

Who knows or heard about the "invisible college"? have read some things about it, and supposedly its a secret society that might be branched off the illuminati/masons etc and supposedly act like they share the truth about hermetic-ism, esoteric knowledge, etc.. Can anyone shed light on the matter?

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Good day Cee,

          Well I dont know anything about Invisible college being tied into secret societies or anything like that when I use the term Im refering to how I know what I know we joke around and say I never went to school I learn from the Invisible college and night school being the dream world like school of hard knocks. Invisible college being the unseen forces and voices that guide me when I ask to be led by my spirit and seek inside my heart for the wisest decisions to make :)

right on Mr. spirit matter.. sounds really creative and witty to use the term invisible college to explain how you know what you know, but I was reading some book similar to what Rudolph commented below. Came across this weird old book that tripped me out from the content itself but especially when it read that invisible forces known as the "invisible college" would be guiding and teaching things after you start reading the book.. Would like to have the book up here to upload it, but it seemed odd. The book talked a lot about a war going on now between old and new forces for the earth?  Could be disinformation yet it was very interesting, and like Sevan said you can get information from disinformation

thanks Rudolph, what your saying seems related to this old book I came across that talked about forces that have been battling  for eons through technology for humans and mankind. In the book it stated that the "invisible college" guides certain individuals to that book and would continue guiding them to win the battle against their enemies that dislike technology?. It was weird information, could have been disinformation yet very interesting and would upload the book but cannot find it now. A lot of what you said matches the description of the "invisible college" that the book wrote about and seemed like the book itself was produced by members of the very secretive organization. Thanks for the information...

Ask and the Answers will be given.

Much appreciated Sevan for the direct and thorough answers. These societies are very clever in delivering information because they make it seem as if they have the ultimate knowledge supreme, but with the insight provided above i'm able view the information within those books from another angle and like Sevan said "quarantine" it before taking it all in...

wow, you made me have flashbacks to my tedious high school/institution days where we were fed economic myths all day long.LOL...horrible! but yea it makes sense what your saying about them acting god-like and invisible. Thanks Mike and may William Cooper rest in paradise...

inspiring info mike!

Well one thing is what you think, and one thing is whats really going on.You should read Sevan's response,

I interpret it as a higher state of awareness in which light being inhabit physical humans you encounter on a daily basis and they teach you life realization concepts. These 'schools' can be any normal place such as work or the school of 'life'. Anywhere, basically. I believe it not to be physical place but a process.



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