For those that frequent the site daily I would like to personally ask you to start greeting the people who have just joined the site, you can find all new members at the top of the page after pushing the members tab. As we are growing at a rapid rate We have to be sure that everyone knows We are here for them in the midst of their transition. If you can help me make people feel welcome by leaving them a comment that would take one responsibility out of hundreds off my plate, it is most important that people see this is not just some social network of inflated egos, but an actual family.

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will continue to do so...
will do...
The warmth of welcome is always comforting.
consider it done, it's very nice to see people from all over the globe joining the site, very positive ;)
We need each other more than ever.

Hi I'm John from England, UK. 


 I've been into awareness for a while now (for me) 3 to 4 years and just came into this site thanks to a Facebook post. I absorbed a load of info from projectcamelot when that was all new 2 years ago and was pretty active on the projectavalon forum for a while as a member there called 'connecting with sauce'. I'm up for new information and look forward to getting the time to read the matrix code book available here. A few posts on projectavalon were sharing similar information and wouldn't surprise me if members here, were there too :)


Looking forward to sharing info



A few posts on projectavalon were sharing similar information and wouldn't surprise me if members here, were there too :)  < they sure are.. welcome..

Glad to hear it :) hopefully with less 'chaff' :)

I've done a lot of research on detoxing the light body ...

A superb website discussing these topics I found is

No matter how big we get, let us never forget. It is a strange world out there but it feels a lot better when you are welcomed somewhere you enter, then you know you are amongst family and those who have no fear. 

Indeed this is a family. We should encourage those who have embark on their spiritual journey at a later point as well reiterate older discussions that members may feel were important in their transformation. That way we have communication on both ends. If they're any new resistance members please reply and surely one of us can initiate a discussion for new members to take part in and make them think.



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