For those that frequent the site daily I would like to personally ask you to start greeting the people who have just joined the site, you can find all new members at the top of the page after pushing the members tab. As we are growing at a rapid rate We have to be sure that everyone knows We are here for them in the midst of their transition. If you can help me make people feel welcome by leaving them a comment that would take one responsibility out of hundreds off my plate, it is most important that people see this is not just some social network of inflated egos, but an actual family.

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I've already started.
Thank you so much it is important.
I too will do this to help promote the site. Good work Sevan.
Thank you Catherine.
i m game. great idea. :)
Greetings to one and all....

Thank you for the platform!
All I can say is keep up the good work and we must find time to speak to one another..
As I can write but my mind rushes 10 paces in front of me..My fingers can't keep up and my English is lost in translation.... the vibration is strong..
I want to speak out loud.. and resonate the feeling and its not about egos.. its the experiance!
To all we are one.. Peace and greatest love to all!!!

Let Us not forget this post and always keep these wise words in mind.

Of everything We are a little, of nothing We are completely.

To the opposition a determined person is like a poison with no antidote.
Man the Arch Hives are deep it took a moment to find this. Lets get to it as activation is at hand. Get what you need and go inside with the rest for these next 3 days. The truth stands for itself.
That took a moment to find this. Many need to go into the forum archives and to the very first posts to learn about beginning methods of clarity such as the ear plugs. If We could start rehashing some of that stuff I will update it. I brought this forward because just as We talked about We would make all new members feel what you felt when you first arrived to the well. This of the greatest value or there is no purpose. Quality cannot wane with Quantity. Let Us come together.
This is something that must always continue. This is also what was talked about when We decided to accept new members, I have been by a few new pages and see no welcome, for most pages that joined early on they will find a personal welcome on everyone as I had much more time to greet everyone. Now that I'm working on several projects at once I need everyone to pitch in. Thank you for your attention on this matter.
From time to time we may forget one of the most important things is to extend the welcome and assist as much as possible in the ascension of our species. A warm welcome is felt even deeper than knowledge at times. Let Us stay active and keep in tune with others feeling as they make this transition of great thought.
This can never be forgotten.



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