i see people here with different grades for my lack of understanding,,neophyte ,initiate,adept ,magus,,,,ok what is a initiate or adept me i put neophyte cause i didnt know what to write lol! when you are a initiate what does it mean?or adept? are does ranks convey more to the ones that have them?sorry to ask but its all new to me.

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The Neophyte is the one who is just beginning, simply poking their head in to see what's up. They are investigating Esoteria because it has come up in numerous areas and popular circles, so they want to see what its all about themselves.

The Initiate has gone a step further. They have discovered that there is much rational notion in discovering the beyond and its endless rewards. They are now seeking to find what Path can bring that about.

The Adept has not only found a Path but has perfected the mystical system of their chosen ability(s). This individual has seen and made vivid contact with other not so known Existences and thus they cannot be convinced whatsoever to believe anything other than Actuality.

The Observor ** This is a Prestige position in the whole scheme of the Cosmos which demands most things stay in motion. The Observer is somewhat suspended above Actuality as a recorder of event and essence. It does no good to elaborate on this position as it is lofty, but it should be clear many Being are just watching. Wave

According to what you've said, that would make me an adept.

I've had countless experiences where I've left this dimension and gone to other worlds with the guides, but I still can only consider myself a Seeker. I seek the Truth, the whole Truth, and only the Truth. Nothing else. I have walked up to people, touched their forehead with my thumb, with them reporting to me that their whole body started tingling and they feel as if they are being lifted. I've captured my tears and have been able to trance my self back into experiences I've had leaving the planet. I don't remember learning how to do any of this, but I know that it must have been taught to me by someone of a much higher frequency. I know WHO I am, but...

What. Am. I?

I waved. Lol

hmmm that makes sense so i assumme we are all born observers we just drift to this life in different stages till we unite with the most high,,,thanks for your reply
I wasn't sure about the levels either. Kai sent me the link to this post in Chat, (quite helpful, thanks Kai).

The drop down list isn't in this order so I was confused about which meant beginner and which meant advanced.... I thought observer was before initiate. *_*
Wholeness to everyone...this is a helpful discussion.  I was pondering over the title I should have attached in the beginning...I know I wasn't quite a neophyte, but definitely not an adept.  THanks for the explanation!
I am a self proclaimed adept!!! lol
Often the observer favours modesty so don't ever judge or be deceived : ) love & light!



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