I live in the US, however I've decided that I want to leave within the next few years.

I want to get away from as much of the poisons in food and such, mind control, hidden systems as possible.  

So what are some countries that are relatively free?
How about areas with people who believe in what we do? 

I really want to live somewhere with no influence from a government one day, but I dont know if there's places left like that. I want to just live somewhere, grow my own food, and live like people used to. 

Also, are there any areas that live like people did one day in small villages that make things themselves and such? I always wished I could live like they did in Lord of the Rings or like the barbarians where everyone respects eachother and have large gatherings and bondfires and such. 

Thank you, everyone. I greatly appreciate any help you guys could give me in finding a place to live where the people around me won't look up to a group trying to harm them, and me.

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Thanks for he suggestion. I'll definitely keep it in mind. 
It seems beautiful. Its also in a warm area, which is what I wanted, plus it seems tropical, so there'd be more fruit. =D
Thanks for the input. Definitely helped me. =D
I'm really starting to see how much nicer other countrys are. Ecuador, costa rica, and uruguay all sound amazing. =]
I had the same question. I looked at other countries in the 80's but didn't really find anything interesting until the 90s and that's Costa Rica. I've wanted to move there since the late 90s. Now I'm considering Ecuador as well. I've looked at articles on the internet re the price of real estate there and I don't see a huge difference in the prices.

i was born in spain and my family moved to Ecuador when i was 9, at some point in my life i was very drawn to the US life style and so i moved to Florida, lived there for about 4 years until i realized how wonderful life in Ecuador was, so i came back. :)


Moving to another country is not easy especially if you dont know the language, some small towns in Ecuador are constantly being visited by Americans and Europeans and many love it and end up staying.  Locals are friendly and the land is rich. The other countries I know are like Ecuador, with friendly locals and rich lands are Costa Rica, Brazil, and some areas of Peru and Argentina. Colombia is beautiful too but most foreigners are afraid of the Farc influence which i believe is slowly fading.



Thanks for the thoughts you guys. =D
From what i've researched I found costa rica to be one of the best places
Hmm. Woww. Its amazing how everyone agrees on costa rica.

I like how its called a "third world country" yet everything about it easily meets my standards.
It sounds like a great place.
There are many factors that make the place we live the place we love to call home. Environment, weather, history, politics, economy, infrastructure, social climate, and entertainment all play a part. When choosing a place to live, your decision should be based on what issues are important to you. Finding the right combination of features is the key to loving where you live.
I realize that. I didn't necessarily mean for suggestions for me. I rather meant suggestions based on the resistances general mindset. Personal preference would vary person to person.



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