Golden Ratio/Fractal Geometry of FUSION/ Implosion Equations: Math of Fusion

Golden Ratio/Fractal Geometry of FUSION/ Implosion Proof of concept- shown in new wave equations. The deep physics now confirms what sacred geometry has known: restoring centripetal forces requires golden / fractal principles. Provides pure principle for a whole new category of cohere the vacuum / zero point technologies:

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Looks great !!!

Thank you Dan a definite read for sure

physics of emotion by wave ratio

physics of emotion by wave ratio


note 1/ 7 ratio of max destructive interference for anger


me is sumerian for computer disk, usually operated by an AN

-(sun god)


ability of focused human attention to measurebly reduce radioactive halflife is usefully instructive of the core principle: psychokinesis is only in proportion to how centripetal is your field

what do you think of the phenomenon of Sono / Sonarluminescense dan? you've heard of it i assume?

creating light from sound waves in water? 

is this "fusion" ?

makes me think that, GLOWING people are a no brainer... it is possible to shine, but explaining it as an internal process? now that's another matter. no matter, we will find the way! :D

Thank you for being a member of this site, i am astonished at your knowledge, i find i don't know where to begin and so nibble away at tiny bits, what i've taken from it has been, the dynamic of the shapes unfolding, implosion within; trying to emulate what i see personally and just BE the spiral.

Thank you! Wholeness



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