Activation is real time. Ever notice how you get exactly what you need when it is of most demand to your progress? Let it be known I am not a Guru of any kind by that type of idealism, what I do is I pass the knowledge to my sisters and brothers as I have to receive it, weigh it, and see if it can enhance my total ability to perceive and know more without a ill hidden clause or far reaching setback. In addition I describe a way of life but it is for the person to judge if they should apply it to themselves. My destination is total consciousness, fully awake at all cost One must be wiling to accept anything if it is proven to be true especially by overwhelming evidence. 

I have not finished this volume nor did I even start in the beginning, I have thousands of books that are in the cue yet to be scanned, however, this was timed perfect for me and it may be for you. What I took notice of which also sparked my interest to share with you started on Adobe page 95. I actually went back after that and found a great part of the book juicy not done and still finding more juice.

I am here to finish what was started Aeons ago but will finish now, that is the total removal of Lucifer from this system. I have no doubts whatsoever that I can do this by myself, if one wants to join in, the benefits are insurmountable for the freedom this reality will experience as there is a domino effect to evil thus off with its head. Forget all ideas of "balanced duality" and how evil keeps the system balanced blah blah blah. It is not true evil does not have to be here. Children are dying, people are dying spiritually defunct.

The danger of the New Age and christian movements is they teach one should never say such things and should actually love their enemy. Then in the same book it says God hates evil but one should strive to be like god, perfect. Confused? Obviously there is a play here and many are in it. I refuse to let the children be played. To me those who have been in the position to speak about this and rid the idea and the festering evil of it, but instead turned a blind eye or philosified themselves into not doing anything or believing they even can well the Cipher has worked on them, but not on me. The time is now.

Okay let me post the book :-)

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"god" creates the substances but we create our addictions. I no longer partake in drugs but i think there is nothing wrong with them. We shouldnt externalise blame onto objects, the problem lies in our relationship to them. Look at our consumerist culture, are we buying possessions or being possessed? It is not the objects that are to blame, but maybe it is our attitudes. If you find something helps you like weed, as long as you are completely honest about what it is, what it does, and who/what bears the cost of your consuming it, then be thankful for the gift of it and enjoy. Do you grow it lovingly or do you pay cash to violent drug dealers? Ultimately, try to make mindful choices.
Hey Sevan,

Can you define what the Luciferian system you are referring to is exactly? We all have ideas from Biblical ideas, to ones involving reptilian agenda, etc. I'd find it much less ominous if we can start at the beginning and have a well defined "target" for lack of a better word :)

Thanks for all your help on this my friend.

oh brother i been after him my whole human life i am all in.. scanning all data to innerstand further.... i am all in... wholeness.... i breath, sleep, dream, and conscious of a galactic wholeness.. everything goes... we will set our selves in front, the resistance is here. as long as i am breathing here with my puny lil 5 sense ill will carry the torch with my lil puny 5 senses, but we all know the resistance is far more then human..:) but with all laughs aside wholeness to all.... i just would like to say is a pleasure to be amongst you all....
man i tell you i read the whole blog, and i have a huge smile..... no wonder i couldnt sleep something kept telling me to wake up and get on the site... mind you i dreamed with spheres and energy sources i even feel more whole....
I like this book. Thanx.
Glad me and you are on the same wave length. Me and my Buddy SB were in the process of critiquing the possibilities of a lightsaber in real form through cold fusion. The formula itself is being processed. Having a respectable interest for Bruce Lee in his fighting capabilities has me prone to position weapons technology that produces a learnful art for combat. The solution focusing we have as inventor minds and warriors with class and vigor has choiced familiarity with Nikola Tesla and possibly Hanibal Barbarous. Its customized effort. I think phones are needed because of wince they plan to jam signals in the US with frequencies stationed over local areas. There slowly but surely creating a mockery of the people with deceptiveness... and Seven being Anu in the livest form of triumph seeing the mechanics musically, creatively and outside the sphere thinking I say this book is inspirational.

 "I'm not stuck in here with them they are stuck in here with me and if they think they are going to treat Our Planet as such, well not while I'm on the dimension so either remove me from the Matrix or I will break your Matrix" profound thought Sevan ... I needed to hear see feel taste sense the vibrations of everyone's force in this moment...Thanks to all here at the resistance.. I needed all today..

Just my humble thoughts here, we can happily disagree, i am no expert.

If "god" is "all that is" and we are fractal aspects of "god" then both god and each of us contain the full spectrum of possibility from "good" to "evil" which are perhaps constructs of the human mind. Focusing on polarising beliefs such as labels of good vs evil then perhaps creates opposition, conflict, and negative energy. Looking to fight enemies perhaps creates them.

I think that ideas of perfection can risk fascist thinking, because it appears to me there is no final form, there is no perfection because the multiverse is a constantly evolving flux of all possibility, and through our collective experiences it learns and expands. The beauty of this is that the magic of existence never ends, and we are free to choose where in existence to focus our attention.

I will quote something that resonated with me, maybe it articulates what im saying better.

"There is no beginning, there is no end, There is only change.
There is no teacher, there is no student, There is only remembering.
There is no good, there is no evil, There is only expression.
There is no union, there is no sharing, There is only one.
There is no joy, there is no sadness, There is only love.
There is no greater, there is no lesser, There is only balance.
There is no stasis, there is no entropy, There is only motion.
There is no wakefulness, there is no sleep, There is only being.
There is no limit, there is no chance, There is only a plan."

And one other quote to illustrate that if we spend our time looking for devils, we perhaps create them.

“Reality is what we take to be true. What we take to be true is what we believe. What we believe is based upon our perceptions. What we perceive depends upon what we look for. What we look for depends upon what we think. What we think depends upon what we perceive. What we perceive determines what we believe. What we believe determines what we take to be true. What we take to be true is our reality.”
— Gary Zukav



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