Activation is real time. Ever notice how you get exactly what you need when it is of most demand to your progress? Let it be known I am not a Guru of any kind by that type of idealism, what I do is I pass the knowledge to my sisters and brothers as I have to receive it, weigh it, and see if it can enhance my total ability to perceive and know more without a ill hidden clause or far reaching setback. In addition I describe a way of life but it is for the person to judge if they should apply it to themselves. My destination is total consciousness, fully awake at all cost One must be wiling to accept anything if it is proven to be true especially by overwhelming evidence. 

I have not finished this volume nor did I even start in the beginning, I have thousands of books that are in the cue yet to be scanned, however, this was timed perfect for me and it may be for you. What I took notice of which also sparked my interest to share with you started on Adobe page 95. I actually went back after that and found a great part of the book juicy not done and still finding more juice.

I am here to finish what was started Aeons ago but will finish now, that is the total removal of Lucifer from this system. I have no doubts whatsoever that I can do this by myself, if one wants to join in, the benefits are insurmountable for the freedom this reality will experience as there is a domino effect to evil thus off with its head. Forget all ideas of "balanced duality" and how evil keeps the system balanced blah blah blah. It is not true evil does not have to be here. Children are dying, people are dying spiritually defunct.

The danger of the New Age and christian movements is they teach one should never say such things and should actually love their enemy. Then in the same book it says God hates evil but one should strive to be like god, perfect. Confused? Obviously there is a play here and many are in it. I refuse to let the children be played. To me those who have been in the position to speak about this and rid the idea and the festering evil of it, but instead turned a blind eye or philosified themselves into not doing anything or believing they even can well the Cipher has worked on them, but not on me. The time is now.

Okay let me post the book :-)

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I can tell from the first page I'm going to like this book, thanks for bringing this to my attention.
Thought I would put this here also since many do not review the blog but it is important for all to know We are not afraid of being watched, We are not hiding, We don't care what the government and all the rest of the fear based notions are attempting to embed Our thoughts with. We cannot ascend scared, that is for sure, so minds well get used to not being it now.

"FIrst off the moment you "activate" they can see it from space. Activation shows a highly active magnetic signature. How do you think the U.S. keeps bombs out of its territories unless they put them there? All energies can be seen from space in various formulations by their emissions, even humans. I have not only confirmed that from a gentleman that studied 9 years under a BON Tibetan Master but also from my own experience. When I activated I had 2 encounters right after that from "watchers". Those that truly activate at that moment know one thing, you can not be harmed by lower life forms which all that practice or represent darkness have morphed into. You can however destroy yourself, if you are paranoid and unstable unable to handle the activation and all the colorful sensations, realities, visions, and perceptions it brings. The higher life forms just love to watch you go through the steps, they may intervene lightly at times when diabolical fiends lose their damn mind and render you a danger to their agendas, a simple cosmic thought blasting is in order and back to the abyss they go as the base substance of matter is the hyle of sold out fools. The greatest process of growth is when you learn to be in total control. A great deal of this is about not being afraid. Death is the greatest fear on this dimension, I am here to say that one can grow the soul and see even beyond death while what one thinks it is to be "alive". Honestly because you move about this dimension, under the limitation of the body, does not mean this is the "primary" construct. You move about in your dreams but the limitation is built more there. Most cannot control their dreams, but there are many of Us that can and the potential is much more spacial. After all you can fly there, one tends to be grounded here and the highest of Us can barely levitate, this old shell is heavy, the sooner it comes off, actually the better. No rush, but We have purpose. Ever seen a determined person walking? You know they have something to do. We have something to do so thus We have been given unsluggish strength. We are catalyst triggering many around Us when we step up to what is at hand. The highest levels of esoteric knowledge of this time is being contemplated now among these very people you see here. We cannot cower in the closet because We know. In fact that is the reason We are not in the closet. "
Thanks for reminding me about the Sphere film! got to re watch that one, has some profound stuff, much like solaris and event horizon tie in to a similar theme.
its an idea.. but have you experienced it ?
"because the light-bearer bows down to the truth for out of darkness comes the light(lie)" Exactly, this particular "light form" will die out of the collective consciousness once people have a thorough idea of what is taking place. Man and Woman should not be surprised if they are also tasked with the duty of riding the Planet of what they brought here in the curiosity of growth and the stage We went from the second planet(Dual) to the third Trinity. We are learning to see beyond numbers and the value of doing that less one get caught up in cycling themselves through stages purely manifested from their own reality first, like Tarot, them manifesting externally giving the false sense of truth in the sytem itself when the truth first stems from the source, you.

Being in this for as long as I have you see all the stages people go through and they are almost identical, one day I will write about those stages thoroughly. The main thing you notice is once people switch to their new found belief they imagine the other one no longer exists anymore and even forget about all the people held hostage by it that they once called "family". The truth is man and woman will find no real energy for ascension until they set a purpose/intention that has such energy attached to it. Meaning that many things conceived by oneself are in line with some cause that others not just 3D beings have interest in. This is the secret to the secret societies although their tasks have been malevolent it is a infallible template to bring about desired goals. Together there are more powers and abilities in the pool. Because We are here in bodies now we must do something with them. One can feel victimized and say "They trapped me here" or they can say, "I'm not stuck in here with them they are stuck in here with me and if they think they are going to treat Our Planet as such, well not while I'm on the dimension so either remove me from the Matrix or I will break your Matrix". These words echoed out from myself 3 years ago and We have not ceased in breaking the controllers Matrix even if its for one person at a time. The new generation is just that, We bring new ideas and strategies of bringing about wholeness in Our plane. The old system is just like "1" on the movie 9. They insist we must always do things the same way. The opposition knows those ways already and plays and exploits them using nice people the wrong way because they are inherently kind just as their predecessors. The abuse will cease. Look at Ashtar Command, what a joke. Those people came their to be enlightened. What they got is some fake Galactic Role playing game, nothing real beyond some new agers idea of making money so they can fulfill their "prosperity" manifestation. Now they will see that there are Beings on this dimension right now that are not going for it. A few more showed up last night and blew through the room. I'm personally more excited than ever because all those signals that We keep sending out through thought that we are ready for something higher, has allowed the ladder of possibilities to drop from height that will bring that to fruition. We must only keep growing, stay active, piston goes up so the other one gets pushed down, then its back and forth, unstoppable. Chop the head off and another one will rise in its place, the Resistance is not me its everything thats tired of the old oppressor and ready to due what we are calibrated for. To finish this I will say this because I feel the "mind" of people and it goes back and forth with I wonder if he's telling the truth or is this duality. Lol that's just how deep the program is. My third eye is really active, I physically feel my third eye working when all lights are turned out. Of course the third eye is light sensitive and automatically closes when exposed to bright lights. Last night I was laying down in the dark in meditation and I was seeing all sorts of things in my minds eye. Then a mosquito came into the room and I was forced to leave my meditation real quick to get him out of the room. I flipped on the light and man I saw all sorts of things, I mean all sots of designs and various things because my minds eye was still open and I was looking at a white wall. Now what I saw was amazing and to experience it was once again another "eye opener" for me. What kind of world do you suppose we live in when the common curriculum doesn't even let the child know he has that ability, much less how to turn it on completely. After all they have pineal activation down to a science, and of course that is the symbol of the lightening bolt. Like I said I am awake and I see the play, the body even though it has limitations still can bend the rules of the Matrix. We must do what We can to bring this to others attention. For me that means I have a lot I can do because I have a lot of abilities but their is no greater ability than when We combine. I feel as people see and hear these words more and more they will innerstand We are not here for ourselves and to make ourselves look and feel good, I left this world already before and there is nothing here that is beyond were I was besides the people also making it their, thus, I have come to bring the information of how to traverse time through thought which when focused properly can manifest matter instantaneously and one is open to travel the multiverse which is populated by things that exist without us believing they do and also the "Spacial" which is wholly generated by the mind like a dream but you can live their and so can others that just want to share thoughts and creations. This is still just a fraction of what we are. Phenomenal.
Hey Sevan, it's funny that i wrote on this site that i can see these lines or dashes moving back and forth all around us and then while reading Stuart Wilde's book on page 18 he talks about the same thing. I was having trouble figuring out what those lines meant but now I have a better understanding of it. Thanks for the heads up on the book .
That's what its all about. :-)
Just had to leave my sisters "family" dinner. All the kids had nintendo hand held games... thats all they were doin the entire time... playin these games. I came accross three of them at a table and asked if they had the power to put those games down. To which, one replied: :I am killing people... We get to kill people... and another said ... yeah... and I like it. One of my sisters was right there and I looked at her and said,,, did you hear that? (mind you: I have been telling them that they need to protect their children by getting them away from the Ptechnology.) So... being the SAVED christian she is... she berrated and belittled me... then the rest of the family joined in on getting mad at ME! And I got mad at them. I said... SOrry... I guess I care to much. I mean... IT WASN"T ME that said I like to play games where I can pretend to kill people and enjoy it... IT WAS THEIR OWN CHILDREN! I told them good bye... said don't call me... I won't answer the phone... accept my Dad... and maybe my MOM... but only maybe. That energy can jump ,from one to another to another... I KNOW that much.
I feel you galacticwacko, I have had to distance myself from my own family, and I know it saddens them. I tried to wake them up to what is going on, they listened for a minute, then went back to their big screen HD TV. I came to realize the best course of action is to be silent and throw a few words in here or there. After all, I still have to work on myself, and break myself out of this prison.
yeah... water under the bridge... seems like it happened last year already. Thanks for the good words.
All this was anticipated as far as the neglect of the obvious, no matter, when they get a load of what's coming they will be begging your attendance to explain it all. This is happening a lot more than ever, the same people that ridiculed you begin begging your attendance. Either way it is still somewhat of a waste if you tell them or if you don't unless you can get to the one who is listening. For 5 years We have been broadcasting the message over the Matrix. This is the quest of search for intelligent life on Earth.

The first sign of one that is awake is they immediately go into action looking for others that are awake, they can no longer be fooled and realize that they have been. They immediately check around in a frenzy as they know they have been asleep. They look at those around them, see who the agents are, see who the drinkers of life are, see who has made you a part of their nightmare. You break free.

For one moment imagine that you came from another world to investigate Earth. See it from that perspective and one may catch a glimpse of why contact is seldom made in mass numbers.This is a world filled with several layers of dream like states. Boring to awake High Beings, perfect for devious low Beings as that is the only environment they can accomplish something as they are extremely dense. When you have broke fully out of the shell you will find millions still inside theirs. You may tap on their lids to try to wake them up, but alas the sleep is deep. In the land of Cthulu just as you see Morpheus/Orpheus these are dream gods, lords of illusions such as time. Keep in mind the power of it, the mind that is, can break all illusion as a hammer breaks mirrors.

Now what do you suppose comes next after you have exited the Matrix? Many never get that far and even less think about what they would do if they got that far. What's most interesting is you will find outside the net full a various types of life forms. Its like arriving at a Galactic Bar on Star Wars. You will need friends for your inherent immortality, what better than those that were born on the same Planet as you. Many will be surprised as of how long We knew each other. They will see what all these coincidences are about. They will see why they have joined the Resistance.

Simply see what is known about life and then imagine what is left to be known by you. Now your glass is barely full and there is much to gain. Thinking of this will bring joy and restore life force as there is much to come and this illusion is by far the end. There is no end but being awake is the crown.

1/31,1/16,1/8,1/4,1/2,1,2,3,4,5, No Zero No End

P.S. Oh and the reason why they are programming the kids for War is there will be one.
Just got done reading the book... and now your message... good timing of the gladiators... :)
Gotta give up weed now... threw it in the trash. The thoughts of taking my two boys with me seems urgent. There is a certain amount of gravity involved with the awakening process. All of this is making TOTAL sense. Yeah some details flutter here and there... BUt I think I amreally getting the jist of this process. I ordered my MMS today... Should have it in a few days. The way I figure it... I am gonna read the opening the third eye book... staying away from meats and eating fresh vegetables and no yeast... of course. Then start on my MMS drops... (I suppose it comes with directions/I got the activator as well) Keep doin what I am doin... and with free time practice being silent and aware... and I suppose we will see where it takes me. Can't hurt... unless I end up going somewhere I wasn't ready to go... any advise on that one?



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