There are many sacred geometric relationships between objects in the galaxy, solar system and on our planet. The secrets of our ancient structures such as the Great Pyramids in Egypt, the city of Teotihuacan in Mexico and Stonehenge in England hold the key to the development of new energy and propulsion sources for the next millennium.
World and Galactic Class Star Ships that can travel through the three different light speed zones of our Universe?
Expand your awareness to completely understand the thinking of a civilization that is over 5 billion years old who were the creators of the face on Mars, Pyramids, etc. Those who sculpted of the Earth and made adjustments of Earth's atmosphere, rotation rate, all for our human habitation, all needed for the self aware transdimensional beings to become who we really are. Two genetic manipulations of the indigenous people found here, spanning thousands of years, our forbears. The story is so long, complex in details and proof of the Estes (the Jesus group) and Alantians who are to this day looking over and protecting us from the Pleiades.
Complete civilizations have been here before our recorded - or even speculated - history.
 First the Reptoids, with their distinctly unfeeling, unemotional demeanor.
Then the dinoids, who, being warm blooded, were far more like us. Both developed, ascended to higher frequencies, and left the planet. Both types, in their higher form, came back again, many, many times. There were many civilizations, spread around the cosmos, based on one or other of the two main DNA types, and there were almost certainly other DNA derivatives of the humanoid design, as well. Crustaceans, and Arachnid forms come to mind from the comic strips - perhaps these, too, represent some distant memory?

The book "Two Thirds" - records how the Alteans (who appear to have been a Dinoid race) traveled across two galaxies to settle on Mars, where they spent two hundred thousand years developing the new DNA from which the hu-man being - the third great DNA experiment on Earth - was to be created.
Then, in just two generations they genetically engineered the native anthropoids to create the first true humans. They went on to observe, manage, and lead the new human race through hundreds of thousands of years as it started it's long developmental period.

Notice the similarity between the names 'Altean' and 'Atlantean'. The Dinoids were a far more developed humanoid type than the humans, since they had existed immeasurably longer. However, their DNA was ultimately less capable than the human DNA, so that their ultimate development could not go nearly as far as the full potential of the human being. They looked for ways to get around this restriction, and in particular, they did this energetically, developing a two layer soul structure.
The first layer was not unlike ours. The second, a sort of soul-mantle, held many extraordinary faculties which, today, we are only just becoming cognoscente of. Using the power of this mantle, they could manifest into the physical, travel across time and dimensions, communicate telepathically, teleport and bi-locate.
The Gnostics called this serpent CHNOUBIS or KANOBIS
and said he was the guardian of a 12-angled pyramid with wormholes / stargates that surrounds the Earth.

Plato said if you could see Earth from a far it would appear as a 12-angled pyramid.

Although Earth had long since ceased to be the home for their civilizations, later, a small number of Dinoids were here for a long time as powerful leaders of the newer human beings. They lead Atlantis, and later were the Pharaoh's of ancient Egypt. It is probable that there were Reptoids here, as well, at that time.
Again, the book 'Two Thirds' is interesting, as it portrays the reptilian group, one of several civilizations from the Pleiades, and the Alteans (who were Dinoid) struggling for control of the galaxy. The role of the human, after a very tough time over many incarnations, is illustrated in the book as 'the redemption of the Universe', eventually being the mediators that bring all three humanoid types into harmony.

Atlantis existed at a markedly higher frequency than our Earth civilizations of today. The frequency band in which they existed was around three times higher than ours, which means that, if an Atlantean at his correct frequency were to stand in front of us, today, we would be unable to see him. This has been caused by the continuing 'Fall' down the frequencies, over the intervening period.

The whole Atlantean civilization was absolutely dependant for much of what it could do on the energy grid. Indeed, the grid itself might almost be called Atlantis, it was such an integral part of the whole Atlantean development and capability - both spiritual, and scientific. It would not be far fetched to say that Atlantis was BOTH the Atlantean civilization, and the great and vibrant energy grid on which it was based.
Although Atlantis did, indeed, have a central city with large surrounding territories, parts of it's civilization, attached to and fully utilizing the grid energies, were to be found as colonies, tapped into the energy grid all over the planet, perhaps explaining why, to this day, we are arguing about where it really was. There were many Atlantean colonies around the planet, so that, to a considerable degree, ALL the locational claims of the modern world may well be true.

The grid was a whole system of inter-locking energy structures, that between them brought the twelve great rays - the energy building blocks of the Universe - onto the physical planet. These rays provide all that is needed to sustain a most abundant, long life for all physical life forms. Thus, Dinoids, Reptoids, and native humans alike, all drew on the energy grid, which was highly energized, for both sustenance - food as we know it was for pleasure, not survival - and to maintain themselves at this high frequency.
The energy grid also interacted with the soul/mantle of the ruling Dinoids, giving them the energy for their greatly enhanced powers.

Throughout the Universe, there had been great disquiet about the human experiment. Never had so many potential powers been packaged into one DNA form - the remarkable powers that the Dinoids had by virtue of their over soul were all built into the Human DNA, which, eventually, would have no need of the 'over soul' of the Dinoids. It was an even greater threat to have added the concept of complete free will and self determination to these latent powers, and the plan seemed to many to be foolish in the extreme.
Consequently, the plan cased a split at every level across our Universe - the Elohim, the Melchizedek order, the Essenes, the Angelic realms - all were split over this plan. Indeed, it was the fundamental source of separation.

This argument showed up in Atlantis in several ways.
First, there was much genetic engineering on the humans, designed to slow down our development. The other groups knew that humans were designed to overtake them, and a breakaway group of the Melchizedek order (all Dinoid priests), in particular, were instrumental in trying to slow the human form down by substantially disabling their DNA. The Dinoids and the Reptoids also tried hard to graft the human DNA into themselves, to gain the benefits of the greatly enhanced DNA.
Thus, stories about genetic experiments, some of which became very bizarre, are founded in the reality of the time.

Secondly, and directly connected, there was a great deal of racial pressure and dominance, a phenomenon that was, at that time, quite new. The ruling Dinoids were painfully aware that, at some future time, the humans would become more powerful than them. They became very insecure about this, and it was one of the undermining factors that undermined what had once been a model of community relations, and lead inexorably towards the downfall of Atlantis.

Ultimately though, the downfall of Atlantis was, in large part, to do with misuse of the great energy grid which was its key support tool, and kept Atlantis at a constant, high vibratory level. The grid energy was diverted to form very powerful weapons of war, which could - through the use of massive crystals as accumulators - deliver a blast of energy with an effect not unlike a modern nuclear weapon.
Most of our deserts today are the result of use of this weapon in action taken against various groups around the planet. The deployment of this weapon caused many of the Earth's tectonic plates to be damaged, and progressively ruptured, which was to give rise to huge volcanic activity around the planet, and eventually, with other factors, cause the main plate on which Atlantis stood, to sink.

The main war, however, was with the Reptoids, who were very militarily aggressive, and who had taken over the planet Meldek (Maldek) having earlier driven out the Melchizedek priesthood (Chizu - or Jesu - meant priest, thus the Melchizedek are 'the priests of Meldek. It was, of course, a cosmic order, also).
Meldek was soon to be destroyed. In the final, fatal exchange, the Atlanteans blew Meldek to pieces, but only after the Reptoids had launched their ultimate weapon: a resonance bomb of huge proportions that exploded in the atmosphere over the central city of Atlantis, causing the already damaged tectonic plates to buckle and collapse.
In some way, this technology involved turning the energy of the Atlantean war-crystals back on itself, causing a 'feedback loop' which caused massive amounts of energy to run out of control, interacting with the Reptoids device in the atmosphere, and rapidly leading to a huge detonation. Planet Earth survived, but there was huge destruction and loss of life, and it's land masses were changed for ever.

Prior to this final act of war, as the use of this devastating military weapon system had increased, the great energy beings of the Cosmos - whose gift the energy for the grid was - became more and more disapproving, at the same time as the Dinoid rulers were becoming more and more arrogant in their quest for ultimate power. The energy beings could see the great structural damage that was being done to the planet, but the Atlantean rulers would simply not listen. In their paranoia about the advance of their human charges, they had to have control - and the energy weapons were seen as vital to this.
In the Cosmos, it was reluctantly decided that the supply of the twelve rays of cosmic energy to the Earth grid must be discontinued, and that planet Earth would consequently go into 'The Fall', as the Bible calls it - the lack of energy support meant that the planet, and all beings on her, would steadily fall through the energy frequencies. This was duly done, although it took time to implement, and required the assistance of those few human Atlanteans who had learned the truth about the nature of the cosmos, and had remained true to what they had learned.

During the existence of Atlantis, while there was a fully energized grid, the cross over points of the major lines of the grid gave rise to huge energy vortices. The humans of Atlantis, in particular, were told never to spend time in or near these points, as they would quickly become energetically overcharged, which could, in extremes, be fatal.
The vortices were so powerful that, at times, the energy could clearly be seen like a minor Aurora Borealis, with moving 'fingers' of energy, many tens of feet high, pointing upwards from the vortex. It was this that looked like the mouth of a dragon, and gave rise to the ley-lines being referred to as 'dragon lines' in many parts of the world, even today.

Once the decision was made, in order that the grid could be de-commissioned, it was necessary for these vortices to be switched off. The small, highly spiritual group of loyal human Atlanteans - who has always opposed the science of the war machine that had lead to the diverting of the grid energy - were asked to assist with this by the great energy beings. Their task was to walk into the main vortex points, at great personal danger, and to use their spiritual skills to switch off the vortex. Small teams drawn from this group were sent all over the planet, so that all the vortices could be disabled in this way.

It was this act that gave rise to mythological stories like Saint George and the Dragon - he was, in fact, one of these Atlanteans who remained true to their ideals and their great spirituality, and accepted this task. It is no coincidence that there are 'Dragon Slaying' stories in the mythologies of many cultures, all over the planet - they are a distant record, a folk memory, of what really happened.

When all the energy points had been disabled, it was like withdrawing the fixing points that held the grid to the planet. What was left, in energy terms, were only seven of the great rays, and these were present only at low energy and in a modified and degraded form, which ever since have been reflected in the seven main chakras of the hu-man body. The energy grid then literally detached itself from the planet, and went off in it's own orbit, an 'almost planet' containing all the higher dimensions of Earth, but not the physical. This coincided with the final acts of war between the Dinoids and the Reptoids, which caused the physical destruction.

The detached grid has come back into conjunction with the Earth every two thousand years, ever since, at which time, many apparently magical things have happened for a few years, as the higher powers were temporarily re-connected. The last time this happened was when Christ was on the Earth.

The grid in it's full cosmic energy form was known as 'Hercolobus', and it's energy as 'Wormwood', this latter being mentioned in the Bible. Only a faint magnetic shadow of the real grid, barely detectable, was left on the planet until recently.

The removal of the grid had a dramatic effect on the surviving Dinoid rulers. Without the grid energy to sustain them, their 'over soul' - the part of them that contained all the magical and energetic powers that gave them the power to rule - was disabled. In fact, the over soul became a liability, threatening to drain them of their life-energy.
Most of them fled the planet, to look for other energy environments that would continue to sustain them in full power.
A few - mostly with a high degree of dedication to the human experiment - chose to remain, but did so with power that was both greatly decreased because of the removal of the grid, and, they knew, would steadily diminish further as the energies of the planet became ever lower. The Pharaoh's were one Dinoid group that did this, but with ever less power, as time passed and new generations were born. Their great structures, like the Egyptian Pyramids, were, in part, collectors of the cosmic energy that could refresh them, and maintain their powers, but ultimately this approach only delayed an inevitable end to their control.

Let us now look to the present day.
Over the twelve months of 1995 a phenomenon has been observed, as the energies of the ley-line grid has increased 100-fold. This was caused by their resonating with the approaching 'Hercolobus' - the real and original 'grid without a planet'. On approximately December 7th, 1995, the grid locked on to the planet, rather than pass right by, as it had done so many times before.
At the end of that month, ceremonies around the world were performed to start the process of re-commissioning the grid into it's true form, which is highly energized, and multi-dimensional. All twelve cosmic energies are now present for the first time since Atlantis, and now there is a thirteenth energy, which is only just appearing around the whole planet for the first time.
This energy holds the whole system together, and in a form that is highly resistant to abuse (unlike the system of seven it replaces, which is easily polarized). This energy, now coming into it's own for the first time, was seeded two thousand years ago, and is what we might now call the Christ Energy.

The grid that gave rise to, and supported Atlantis is back.
Soon, all the energetic structures it represents will be in place and operating, and in addition, the christ energy will envelop the whole planet. The much discussed Ascension is the move back up the energies, driven by the re-commissioning of the Atlantis grid, to where we once were energetically, at the time when the Dinoids reigned, and abundance and magic were, for so long, the order of the day.

The big difference is that now, humanity has evolved a great deal, having been tempered by long experience of the fall, separation, and all that has gone with it through many hundreds, if not thousands, of incarnations. We are ready to take, and use, the powers that we once available to Atlantis, for the highest good, and in an entirely new format. What is now happening will eventually benefit the whole cosmos, as it brings about the full and positive expression of the powers for so long latent in the Human design.
Templar Testament -

Did the Phoenicians, who might have assisted the earliest Anasazi in building the round towers, come to the American Southwest and establish outposts in order to trade with the latter? Were the Knights Templar the recipients of this Naga/Phoenician legacy, carrying forth the ancient traditions bequeathed from Egypt? Do these structures form a global network centered around ophidian fertility symbols? To return to our starting point, were the Irish round towers also “snake houses,” or phallic temples used by a race of serpent people whom St. Patrick in the 5th century AD ultimately had to chase into the sea?

Perhaps we are uncovering more questions than answers. Nonetheless, round towers survive as a testament to the awesome spiritual power of the Knights of the Round Temple. Their serpentine eyes gaze across the centuries, now and then sending a shiver up the spine.

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Dan, looking at google maps Alaise is close to Switzerland and Belgium while Canigou and Rennes le Chateau are SW and close to the Spanish border.

Thanks Darren, I'm copying this down as I have always heard parts of the story and now I have the full segment. During the wars I learned that they used two point crystals and when the reptiles came into the atmosphere they would naturally manifest reptile creature whenever they went; although they did some work to kill off dragons and make life more inhabitable for their cold blooded friends. Thanks for the history lesson



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