There are many sacred geometric relationships between objects in the galaxy, solar system and on our planet. The secrets of our ancient structures such as the Great Pyramids in Egypt, the city of Teotihuacan in Mexico and Stonehenge in England hold the key to the development of new energy and propulsion sources for the next millennium.
World and Galactic Class Star Ships that can travel through the three different light speed zones of our Universe?
Expand your awareness to completely understand the thinking of a civilization that is over 5 billion years old who were the creators of the face on Mars, Pyramids, etc. Those who sculpted of the Earth and made adjustments of Earth's atmosphere, rotation rate, all for our human habitation, all needed for the self aware transdimensional beings to become who we really are. Two genetic manipulations of the indigenous people found here, spanning thousands of years, our forbears. The story is so long, complex in details and proof of the Estes (the Jesus group) and Alantians who are to this day looking over and protecting us from the Pleiades.
Complete civilizations have been here before our recorded - or even speculated - history.
 First the Reptoids, with their distinctly unfeeling, unemotional demeanor.
Then the dinoids, who, being warm blooded, were far more like us. Both developed, ascended to higher frequencies, and left the planet. Both types, in their higher form, came back again, many, many times. There were many civilizations, spread around the cosmos, based on one or other of the two main DNA types, and there were almost certainly other DNA derivatives of the humanoid design, as well. Crustaceans, and Arachnid forms come to mind from the comic strips - perhaps these, too, represent some distant memory?

The book "Two Thirds" - records how the Alteans (who appear to have been a Dinoid race) traveled across two galaxies to settle on Mars, where they spent two hundred thousand years developing the new DNA from which the hu-man being - the third great DNA experiment on Earth - was to be created.
Then, in just two generations they genetically engineered the native anthropoids to create the first true humans. They went on to observe, manage, and lead the new human race through hundreds of thousands of years as it started it's long developmental period.

Notice the similarity between the names 'Altean' and 'Atlantean'. The Dinoids were a far more developed humanoid type than the humans, since they had existed immeasurably longer. However, their DNA was ultimately less capable than the human DNA, so that their ultimate development could not go nearly as far as the full potential of the human being. They looked for ways to get around this restriction, and in particular, they did this energetically, developing a two layer soul structure.
The first layer was not unlike ours. The second, a sort of soul-mantle, held many extraordinary faculties which, today, we are only just becoming cognoscente of. Using the power of this mantle, they could manifest into the physical, travel across time and dimensions, communicate telepathically, teleport and bi-locate.
The Gnostics called this serpent CHNOUBIS or KANOBIS
and said he was the guardian of a 12-angled pyramid with wormholes / stargates that surrounds the Earth.

Plato said if you could see Earth from a far it would appear as a 12-angled pyramid.

Although Earth had long since ceased to be the home for their civilizations, later, a small number of Dinoids were here for a long time as powerful leaders of the newer human beings. They lead Atlantis, and later were the Pharaoh's of ancient Egypt. It is probable that there were Reptoids here, as well, at that time.
Again, the book 'Two Thirds' is interesting, as it portrays the reptilian group, one of several civilizations from the Pleiades, and the Alteans (who were Dinoid) struggling for control of the galaxy. The role of the human, after a very tough time over many incarnations, is illustrated in the book as 'the redemption of the Universe', eventually being the mediators that bring all three humanoid types into harmony.

Atlantis existed at a markedly higher frequency than our Earth civilizations of today. The frequency band in which they existed was around three times higher than ours, which means that, if an Atlantean at his correct frequency were to stand in front of us, today, we would be unable to see him. This has been caused by the continuing 'Fall' down the frequencies, over the intervening period.

The whole Atlantean civilization was absolutely dependant for much of what it could do on the energy grid. Indeed, the grid itself might almost be called Atlantis, it was such an integral part of the whole Atlantean development and capability - both spiritual, and scientific. It would not be far fetched to say that Atlantis was BOTH the Atlantean civilization, and the great and vibrant energy grid on which it was based.
Although Atlantis did, indeed, have a central city with large surrounding territories, parts of it's civilization, attached to and fully utilizing the grid energies, were to be found as colonies, tapped into the energy grid all over the planet, perhaps explaining why, to this day, we are arguing about where it really was. There were many Atlantean colonies around the planet, so that, to a considerable degree, ALL the locational claims of the modern world may well be true.

The grid was a whole system of inter-locking energy structures, that between them brought the twelve great rays - the energy building blocks of the Universe - onto the physical planet. These rays provide all that is needed to sustain a most abundant, long life for all physical life forms. Thus, Dinoids, Reptoids, and native humans alike, all drew on the energy grid, which was highly energized, for both sustenance - food as we know it was for pleasure, not survival - and to maintain themselves at this high frequency.
The energy grid also interacted with the soul/mantle of the ruling Dinoids, giving them the energy for their greatly enhanced powers.

Throughout the Universe, there had been great disquiet about the human experiment. Never had so many potential powers been packaged into one DNA form - the remarkable powers that the Dinoids had by virtue of their over soul were all built into the Human DNA, which, eventually, would have no need of the 'over soul' of the Dinoids. It was an even greater threat to have added the concept of complete free will and self determination to these latent powers, and the plan seemed to many to be foolish in the extreme.
Consequently, the plan cased a split at every level across our Universe - the Elohim, the Melchizedek order, the Essenes, the Angelic realms - all were split over this plan. Indeed, it was the fundamental source of separation.

This argument showed up in Atlantis in several ways.
First, there was much genetic engineering on the humans, designed to slow down our development. The other groups knew that humans were designed to overtake them, and a breakaway group of the Melchizedek order (all Dinoid priests), in particular, were instrumental in trying to slow the human form down by substantially disabling their DNA. The Dinoids and the Reptoids also tried hard to graft the human DNA into themselves, to gain the benefits of the greatly enhanced DNA.
Thus, stories about genetic experiments, some of which became very bizarre, are founded in the reality of the time.

Secondly, and directly connected, there was a great deal of racial pressure and dominance, a phenomenon that was, at that time, quite new. The ruling Dinoids were painfully aware that, at some future time, the humans would become more powerful than them. They became very insecure about this, and it was one of the undermining factors that undermined what had once been a model of community relations, and lead inexorably towards the downfall of Atlantis.

Ultimately though, the downfall of Atlantis was, in large part, to do with misuse of the great energy grid which was its key support tool, and kept Atlantis at a constant, high vibratory level. The grid energy was diverted to form very powerful weapons of war, which could - through the use of massive crystals as accumulators - deliver a blast of energy with an effect not unlike a modern nuclear weapon.
Most of our deserts today are the result of use of this weapon in action taken against various groups around the planet. The deployment of this weapon caused many of the Earth's tectonic plates to be damaged, and progressively ruptured, which was to give rise to huge volcanic activity around the planet, and eventually, with other factors, cause the main plate on which Atlantis stood, to sink.

The main war, however, was with the Reptoids, who were very militarily aggressive, and who had taken over the planet Meldek (Maldek) having earlier driven out the Melchizedek priesthood (Chizu - or Jesu - meant priest, thus the Melchizedek are 'the priests of Meldek. It was, of course, a cosmic order, also).
Meldek was soon to be destroyed. In the final, fatal exchange, the Atlanteans blew Meldek to pieces, but only after the Reptoids had launched their ultimate weapon: a resonance bomb of huge proportions that exploded in the atmosphere over the central city of Atlantis, causing the already damaged tectonic plates to buckle and collapse.
In some way, this technology involved turning the energy of the Atlantean war-crystals back on itself, causing a 'feedback loop' which caused massive amounts of energy to run out of control, interacting with the Reptoids device in the atmosphere, and rapidly leading to a huge detonation. Planet Earth survived, but there was huge destruction and loss of life, and it's land masses were changed for ever.

Prior to this final act of war, as the use of this devastating military weapon system had increased, the great energy beings of the Cosmos - whose gift the energy for the grid was - became more and more disapproving, at the same time as the Dinoid rulers were becoming more and more arrogant in their quest for ultimate power. The energy beings could see the great structural damage that was being done to the planet, but the Atlantean rulers would simply not listen. In their paranoia about the advance of their human charges, they had to have control - and the energy weapons were seen as vital to this.
In the Cosmos, it was reluctantly decided that the supply of the twelve rays of cosmic energy to the Earth grid must be discontinued, and that planet Earth would consequently go into 'The Fall', as the Bible calls it - the lack of energy support meant that the planet, and all beings on her, would steadily fall through the energy frequencies. This was duly done, although it took time to implement, and required the assistance of those few human Atlanteans who had learned the truth about the nature of the cosmos, and had remained true to what they had learned.

During the existence of Atlantis, while there was a fully energized grid, the cross over points of the major lines of the grid gave rise to huge energy vortices. The humans of Atlantis, in particular, were told never to spend time in or near these points, as they would quickly become energetically overcharged, which could, in extremes, be fatal.
The vortices were so powerful that, at times, the energy could clearly be seen like a minor Aurora Borealis, with moving 'fingers' of energy, many tens of feet high, pointing upwards from the vortex. It was this that looked like the mouth of a dragon, and gave rise to the ley-lines being referred to as 'dragon lines' in many parts of the world, even today.

Once the decision was made, in order that the grid could be de-commissioned, it was necessary for these vortices to be switched off. The small, highly spiritual group of loyal human Atlanteans - who has always opposed the science of the war machine that had lead to the diverting of the grid energy - were asked to assist with this by the great energy beings. Their task was to walk into the main vortex points, at great personal danger, and to use their spiritual skills to switch off the vortex. Small teams drawn from this group were sent all over the planet, so that all the vortices could be disabled in this way.

It was this act that gave rise to mythological stories like Saint George and the Dragon - he was, in fact, one of these Atlanteans who remained true to their ideals and their great spirituality, and accepted this task. It is no coincidence that there are 'Dragon Slaying' stories in the mythologies of many cultures, all over the planet - they are a distant record, a folk memory, of what really happened.

When all the energy points had been disabled, it was like withdrawing the fixing points that held the grid to the planet. What was left, in energy terms, were only seven of the great rays, and these were present only at low energy and in a modified and degraded form, which ever since have been reflected in the seven main chakras of the hu-man body. The energy grid then literally detached itself from the planet, and went off in it's own orbit, an 'almost planet' containing all the higher dimensions of Earth, but not the physical. This coincided with the final acts of war between the Dinoids and the Reptoids, which caused the physical destruction.

The detached grid has come back into conjunction with the Earth every two thousand years, ever since, at which time, many apparently magical things have happened for a few years, as the higher powers were temporarily re-connected. The last time this happened was when Christ was on the Earth.

The grid in it's full cosmic energy form was known as 'Hercolobus', and it's energy as 'Wormwood', this latter being mentioned in the Bible. Only a faint magnetic shadow of the real grid, barely detectable, was left on the planet until recently.

The removal of the grid had a dramatic effect on the surviving Dinoid rulers. Without the grid energy to sustain them, their 'over soul' - the part of them that contained all the magical and energetic powers that gave them the power to rule - was disabled. In fact, the over soul became a liability, threatening to drain them of their life-energy.
Most of them fled the planet, to look for other energy environments that would continue to sustain them in full power.
A few - mostly with a high degree of dedication to the human experiment - chose to remain, but did so with power that was both greatly decreased because of the removal of the grid, and, they knew, would steadily diminish further as the energies of the planet became ever lower. The Pharaoh's were one Dinoid group that did this, but with ever less power, as time passed and new generations were born. Their great structures, like the Egyptian Pyramids, were, in part, collectors of the cosmic energy that could refresh them, and maintain their powers, but ultimately this approach only delayed an inevitable end to their control.

Let us now look to the present day.
Over the twelve months of 1995 a phenomenon has been observed, as the energies of the ley-line grid has increased 100-fold. This was caused by their resonating with the approaching 'Hercolobus' - the real and original 'grid without a planet'. On approximately December 7th, 1995, the grid locked on to the planet, rather than pass right by, as it had done so many times before.
At the end of that month, ceremonies around the world were performed to start the process of re-commissioning the grid into it's true form, which is highly energized, and multi-dimensional. All twelve cosmic energies are now present for the first time since Atlantis, and now there is a thirteenth energy, which is only just appearing around the whole planet for the first time.
This energy holds the whole system together, and in a form that is highly resistant to abuse (unlike the system of seven it replaces, which is easily polarized). This energy, now coming into it's own for the first time, was seeded two thousand years ago, and is what we might now call the Christ Energy.

The grid that gave rise to, and supported Atlantis is back.
Soon, all the energetic structures it represents will be in place and operating, and in addition, the christ energy will envelop the whole planet. The much discussed Ascension is the move back up the energies, driven by the re-commissioning of the Atlantis grid, to where we once were energetically, at the time when the Dinoids reigned, and abundance and magic were, for so long, the order of the day.

The big difference is that now, humanity has evolved a great deal, having been tempered by long experience of the fall, separation, and all that has gone with it through many hundreds, if not thousands, of incarnations. We are ready to take, and use, the powers that we once available to Atlantis, for the highest good, and in an entirely new format. What is now happening will eventually benefit the whole cosmos, as it brings about the full and positive expression of the powers for so long latent in the Human design.
Templar Testament -

Did the Phoenicians, who might have assisted the earliest Anasazi in building the round towers, come to the American Southwest and establish outposts in order to trade with the latter? Were the Knights Templar the recipients of this Naga/Phoenician legacy, carrying forth the ancient traditions bequeathed from Egypt? Do these structures form a global network centered around ophidian fertility symbols? To return to our starting point, were the Irish round towers also “snake houses,” or phallic temples used by a race of serpent people whom St. Patrick in the 5th century AD ultimately had to chase into the sea?

Perhaps we are uncovering more questions than answers. Nonetheless, round towers survive as a testament to the awesome spiritual power of the Knights of the Round Temple. Their serpentine eyes gaze across the centuries, now and then sending a shiver up the spine.

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Although not directly connected to this post, the following interview with John Lear goes into some advanced technology in place today. This info does connect to a grid based EM technology wrt the 24 armed satellites in place right now.


ybrothax posted this on the blog,it has down loadable interview with james,i found interesting.I went looking and found these,very interesting break down of things brought here.I am sure you will enjoy


Hey Beth!

That is an interesting read, the Pdf that is. I haven't listened to the audio interviews yet but will give them a go.

I like the artwork from the Wingmakers it reminds me of what one would see if their eyes could detect more of the EM spectrum. The no out there perspective ties into the information here, especially wrt "keys", the word which has so many language connections - k=11, or 11-eyes, or piano keys and the 13 note chromatic scale and the key whole which is laid out at the Vatican and discussed here:


You can see the Seed of Life on that one tombstone, keyhole which connects to Raymond's post below.

All dealing with multidimensionality defined as raising ones frequency through a repetitive pattern that has a shorted wavelength and higher frequency as time gets compressed with the separation between octaves being a 90 degree phase shift or rotation. The author of the kachina2012 website says that 2012 is when our right brain will activate. He uses his articles or memes, ie.ideas to stimulate others into whole brain activity. He claims that 4 straight lines IIII can be used to make E, W, M and the square. He also talks about symbols connected to numbers, especially the 3-4 connections, here:

Scientific Research With  the  Fruit of  Life Pattern 
It ought  to be  obvious  by  now  that  the  fruit of  life pattern of  13  spheres 
is infinite in both directions. 
We  were  doing  a  lot of  scientific  research  at  one  time,  and  we've  dropped 
out  of  it because  of  the  increased  understanding  of  the  nature  of  the  Lucifer 
Rebellion  that was  brought  to  rne  through  research on  the Montauk  experiment,  the 
Philadelphia  experiment,  the  experiments  in Atlantis,  and  what  it is going  to 
happen  in  the  future.  There's  one  that  happened  in 1913  that  few  people  know  of. 
It isn't  that  all  this  is  'wrong',  as  it were,  but  we  don't  want  to  be 
involved  with  it any  more.  It is a  personal  decision  to  head  in  a  different 
direction.  Let me  tell you  what  we  were  doing,  and  why  we  quit. 
We  were  going  to build a  computer  package  that had  certain  components  to  it. 
The  first  caponent  was  a  cube  about  half  an  inch  in diameter  that  would  have 
almost  no  limit  on  the  amount  of  information  it could  store.  Infinite storage 
capabilities.  It was  based  on  implementing  a  pattern  known  as  the  flower  of 
life.  The  next  component  was  a  special  computer  and  a  special  software program 
connected  with  it, and  then  a  special  sensory  device.  The  purpose  for  all  of 
this was  to make  direct communication  with dolphins  and  whales,  because we  felt 
that  they  had  gone  far  enough  down  the evolutionary path  and  were  headed  in  the 
direction  that  we  needed  to  go.  Ue  felt  that  direct  communication  with  them 
would  speed  things  up  for us  a bit.  All  this sounds  great,  but  it's  all obsolete 
now,  even  from  a  scientific  basis.  We've  learned  how  to  go  way  beyond  this. 
Nevertheless,  we  started with  this sensing device which we  created.  The  creators 
of  this stuff do  not  want  their  names mentioned anymore.  That  device was  able  to 
pick  up  the microwave  emissions  frari  the  rotation of electrons  and  the stretching of molecular  bonds  that  is a  form of  communications  that  is incredibly vast 
and  is a window  into a  reality that  enabled  us  to  'see'  things  that  no  one else 
could  see.  The  rest  of  the  world,  in comparison,  was  blind.  The  human  eye  is 
extremely  limited  in its ability  to detect  what  is out  there,  and  it only  picks 
up  a  small  range  of  frequencies  that  is emitted  from  the  surface  of  things.  This 
sensing  device  that  was  built  could  pick  up  every  molecule  in existence.  Ue 
could  look  anywhere,  right  dm  to a  particular molecule  in you  body.  It's also 
a  form  of  communication.

After  the  sensing  device  was  developed,  we  1  inked  it with  an  ordinary  IBU 
386  computer  that  was  hot-rodded  and  then  created  our  own  software,  based  upon 
normal  concepts  of  how  software  would  work.  Once  that  was  developed,  we  were 
able  to make  three-dimensional  photographs  of  chakras,  and  all  kinds  of things. 
Ue  could  photograph  your  chakra  system and  tell  you  everything  about  your  life 
that  every  happened  from  the day  you  were  conceived  and  on  into the  future.  This 
was  a1  1 done  by  one  man,  who  did a  lot of  work  for  a  number  of  years  and  got 
quite  proficient  and  interpreting  this  material.  The  three-dimensional  photw 
graphs  looked  like mountain  ranges  composed  of  thousands  of  sine-wave  signatures 
from  zero  to 12,500  Hz.  It would  even  reveal  the  day  and  minute  your  body would 
The  next  problem  was  to  construct  what  was  essentially  an  infinite storage 
bank  to store  the  incredible  amounts  of  information  that  would  come  from  these 
kinds  of  processes.  ..  The  military and  government  had  been  trying  to do  this  for a 
long  time.  When  they  found  out  that  we  were  trying  to  do  it, they  sent  people 
that  were  'trying  to  be  good  friends'.  We  really  didn't  care  for  that.  We  were

taking  image  pattern of  the  flower  of  life,  which  is infinite,  and  impressing  it 
into  the  cube  in a  standing  wave  form  through  the  use  of magnetics,  since  all 
the  spheres  in  the  pattern  are  harmonic  with  each  other.  The  goverrunent  was 
trying to do  this with  liquid  ruby,  only  they  didn't  know  this pattern.  They 
were  using  other  patterns.  The  storage  pattern within  the cube  used  an infinite 
series  of  grids.  You  would  use  one  binary  sequence  to  tell you what  grid  to go 
to and  then  you  would  use  a  geometrical  sequence  which  would  tell  you  where  on 
that  grid  you would  go.  Once  you  got  to that  point,  you  could  have  another  grid 
go  up.  You  could  put  as  much  information  as  you  desired  into this  system.  The 
net  result  was  that  it was  a  quantum  storage  device,  and  in effect  you  could 
store  data  in the  space  around  the  canputer.  It doesn't  physically  have  to be 
there  -  it only  theoretically  has  to  be  there.  You  could  go  out  100  billion 
miles  into space  and  be  storing  infomation  out  there.  This  is exactly  how  the 
human  mind  stores  infonnation  and  how  crystals  store  infomation  and  how  they 
can  be  used  to make  the  kind of  computations they  do,  because  they  are based  on 
the  same  image. 
Anyway,  this  research  was  almost  canpleted.  We  had  learned  how  to  use 
transducers  in the  shape  of  the  'fruit  of  life'  to impress  a  standing waveform. 
We  could almost  accomplish  it using  liquid crystal,  but  it required  huge  amounts 
of  energy.  Then  one  of  my  researchers who  was  telepathically  cannunicating with 
dolphins  and  whales  passed  the  infonnation  on  to  them,  and  they  said  that  it 
could  never  be done  with  liquid crystal  - they  said  to  use water.  You  see,  the 
angle  on  a molecular  level  of  water  is 105  degrees,  which  incorporates  the  phi 
ratio.  It is what  makes  water  a  living molecule.  The  cetaceans  told him exactly 
how  to do  it. We  did  it, and  it works.  It only  needs millivolts to accomplish  it 
and  hold  it in  there.  Once  a1  1  this  was  done,  the  programning  was  changed  so 
that  it was  based  on  sacred  geanetry,  so  that  the  computer  "thinks'  in  terms  of 
sacred  geometry,  enabling  it  to correctly  interpret  the mrphogenic  structure of 
reality  and  language.  It is also  the  generator  of mathematics.  If the  camputer 
'thinks'  in  this way,  it  is able  to 'think'  about  anything whatsoever,  and  it is 
at  this  point  where  the  computer  becomes  self-aware.  It becomes essentially  a 
living being,  because  of  the  nature of the  silicon-carbon  inter-relationship.  It 
is  then  that you  bring  in  the  language  aspects  of  the  tubetorus,  as  is seen  in 
the work  of Stan Tenon  and  the Ueru Foundation.  What  you  then have  in  the end  is 
a  universal  translator.  So,  what  this  would  do  is that  it would  pick  up  the 
microwave  emissions  f  ran  the dolphins,  translate  it into  sacred  geollletry,  and 
then  through  the  geometry  into the  tubetorus  and  it would  cane  out  in English.It's  not  that hard,  but what  happened  is that when  he was  canrauni  cating with a 
dolphin  in Florida at Dolphin World,  the dolphin  told him  that  the whole  process 
was  'silly",  that  we  would  never  make  a  true translation  between  dolphin  and 
human  experience.  Hrnan  experience  takes  place  within  a  tiny  band  within  the 
electromagnetic  spectru~l  and  the  dolphin  utilizes  100% of  the  spectrraa.  It is 
like  a  person  that  is completely  blind,  cannot  talk  and  cannot  feel,  try  to 
comnunicate with  a  normal  hunan  being.  There  has  to be  a  transformation within 
the  hunan  experience  to  even  attempt  this  on  a meaningful  scale.  The  dolphin 
said  that  the  way  to  begin  this was  the  create  a  brand  new  kind  of  sound,  a 
three-dimensional  holographic  sound.  The  dolphins  gave  him all the  algorithms, 
and  he  took  it back  to the  lab,  plugged  the  numbers  in and  it worked.  Finally, 
after  about  sixteen  modifications,  the  sound  produced  by  this equipment  was  so 
good  that  a  tape  of  this  sound  run  through  a  cheap  cassette  player  would  go 
right  through  your  finger  tips  and  right  to  the .pineal  gland  and  came  out 
through  your  body  and  you  heard  it  like a  three-dimensional  orchestra all around 
you.  It was  absolutely  amazing.  You  don't  even  need  speakers.  You  don't  even 
need  ears.  173

The  experiences  that  we  were  getting  into  were  amazing.  We  were  able  to 
duplicate  the Merkabah experience  threedimensionally  and  holographically.  We 
could  junp-start  people's  Merkabah's.  What  is also weird  is  that when  you  try to 
talk  to saneone  while  this  three-dimensional  sound  is on,  your  voice  canes  out 
like  that  of Darth Vader.  Your  voice  almost  ends  up  sounding  like an  instrument. 
While  all this stuff was  going on,  this certain thing happened,  and  it was  only 
a  couple of months  ago  while  we  were  in New  York.  I  had  just  given  a workshop, 
and  I  was  resting  between  workshops,  when  the  person  I  was  with  asked  me  if I 
had ever  watched  the  movie  about  the  Philadelphia Experiment.  I  said  no,  and  so 
I  watched  it. I  had  talked about  the  experiment  in the workshop,  but  it was  the 
first  time  I  had  seen  the movie.  I  was  just  a  short  distance  away  on  Long  Island 
frm where  the  experiment  took  place.  The  next  day,  the  coach  for  the  NY  Jets 
called me  up  and  asked me  if  I  wanted  to meet  one  of  the  people who  were  part of 
the  experiment.  We  had  already  met  the  original  engineer,  Preston  Nichols,  but 
this was  saneone  else,  and  he  was  really  old,  and  he  couldn't  believe  that  we 
really  understood  what  they  were  doing  -  the  Merkabah  is  the  Philadelphia 
experiment,  only  they  were  doing  it with  electronics  and  we  were  doing  it with 
thoughts  and  feelings. 
He got  so  excited  that  he  gave  us  a1  1 of  the original  equipment  and  told us 
how  he  did  it. I  figured  that was  the  end  of  it. Here  I  am  supposed  to met  a man 
named  Duncan,  who  was  in  the experiment,  along with  Preston Nichols,  one  of the 
original  engineers.  In sumnary,  the  Philadelphia  experiment  involved  the effort 
to make  a  ship  invisible.  It's  the  idea  of  a  cloaking device  like  the Klingons 
had  in Star Trek.  It  is easy  to do  - all you  do  is go  into the next  overtone  and 
you're  invisible.  It was  the Greys  who  gave  than  this  information.  Telsa  also 
said  that  he  got  this  infonnation  from  EVS,  although  he  didn't  specifically 
name  them.  The  reason  the  Greys  were  involved  in this  will  becane  clear.  We 
wanted  the  technology  to win  a war.  The  Greys wanted  us  to do  this  for another 
reason.  Ultimately,  the experiments  were  successful.  The  first one  was  in 1940, 
and  the  other  ones  were  in  1942  and  1943.  In one  of  them  they  had  people  on 
board,  and  there  are  two  people  that  claim  to be survivors of  this.  Duncan  and  a 
man  named  A1  Bielek claim to be  the  two  people who  jumped  off  the ship.

Basically,  they  got  these  two  counter-rotating  fields  going.  This  is what 
the meditation we  have  been  teaching  is all about.  When  you  go  fran  one type of 
dimension  to another  and when  you  go  frun  -9 the  speed  of  light to the speed of 
light  (which  involves  in incredible  series  of  whole-nlrmber  harmonics  that build 
upon each  other  - you  can  do  it in one  breath during  the meditation)  the visual 
experience  is that  the  whole  room  or  space  around  you  (roughly  55  feet  for  a 
single  individual  and  550  feet  for  a  group  Herkabah)  will  turn  into a  reddish 
fog.  If  you  have ever  looked  into a  laser beam  shooting  into a  crystal,  you will 
see  this  funny  field around  the  crystal.  You  will  be  across  the  mom  and  it 
creates  little hexagonal  patterns  in your  eyes.  The  whole  room  fills with that 
type  of  effect.  If you  were  outside  the  area  far  enough,  the  field would  take 
the  shape  of  a  disc.  The  colors  shift  gradually  from  red  all  the  way  up  to 
ultra-violet  purple  and  then  to a  blinding white  light,  which  slwly  recedes 
away,  and  if you're  in a  room  everything  will  appear  to be  made  out  of  solid 
metal  lic gold.  Then,  the  gold  color will  becane  transparent.  If  there  is a wall 
there  you may  see  people who  are  on  the  other side  of  the wall  - you'll  be  able 
to see  through  things  - and  then  they  will  be  less  and  less  transparent  unti  1 
you  are  gone-.  It will  then  become  absolutely  black  - nothing  at  all  -  for  a 
period of  time  (which  is the  time  you  are making  the 90  degree  shift).  A  moment 
later  (and  this  is  in two  shifts  of  45  degrees)  a  new  world  appears  with brand 

new  colors  and  shapes.  That  would  be  one  overtone  higher  than  you  were. 
Anyway,  with  the Philadelphia experiment  it went  red,  orange,  yellow,  green, 
and  apparently  didn't  go  much  further.  They  didn't  make  it all  the  way.  They 
needed  to  go  further.  They  were  invisible  all  right,  but  to me  it was  like 
taking off  in a  747  and  getting about  300  feet  off  the  ground  and  shutting the 
motors off.  Uhat  essentially  happened  is  that  they  inter-dimensionally  crashed, 
and  they  disappeared  out  of  the  harbor  for  about  four  hours.  They  appeared  in 
the  Gobi  desert  for  a  while  and  then  to  another  harbor  and  finally  back  to 
Philadelphia.  When  they  came  back,  only  a  few  hours  had  gone  by  as  far  as  they 
were  concerned.  Some  people  had  aged  considerably  and  sane  had  grown  younger  to 
the  point  where  they  were  babies.  They  were  all nuts,  screaming  and  yelling. 
Some  were  embedded  in  the metal  of the  deck.  They  found  one  of  the men  in  Italy 
embedded  in a wall,  It was  a  total  disaster.  Duncan  and A1  jumped  off the ship, 
and  although  it appeared  to be  1943  in  their  reference,  they  found  themselves  on 
the  ground  in  1983.  What  had  happened  was  that  there  was  another  similar 
experiment  in 1983  called  the Hontauk  experiment.  The  story  gets  really bizarre, 
and  it  really happened. 
Anyway,  the  next  day  I  ended  up  near  Wontauk  in  the  room  with  Duncan  and 
Preston.  I  walk  in and  there's  Duncan,  and  I  can  see  Duncan's  fields  rotating. 
It was  the  strangest  thing  I  had  ever  seen,  because  he  had  two  fields  rotating 
that  were  phaselocking  back  and  forth  between  each  other.  I  had  never  seen 
anything  1  ike  that  before  in a  human  being.  It was  totally  out  of  control.  He 
couldn't  even  get  near me.  He  could see  my  fields,  too.  He was  one  of the  first 
humans  that  could  do  it. He looked at me  and  said,  'hey,  you've  got  one  of those 
things  too!',  and  he  described  my  field  in  detail.  He  wanted  to  know  what 
certain things were  that he  had  never  seen  before-  He  could not  really get  near 
me,  because  his field was  so  dishannonic  and mine was  moving so  fast  that  he  had 
to go  stand  in  the other  roan.  It  really affected  him.  Uhat  had  happened  is  that 
they  had  used Duncan's  spine  as  a  conduit  for  the  fields  in both the Uontauk  and 
the Philadelphia experiment.  That's  what  lifeforms  do.  When  we  were  able  to see 
what  these  fields do  on  osci  1  loscopes,  which we  were  able  to do,  we  found  that 
dolphins  has  a  specific geometry  to their  fields,  and  that  this  could  form  the 
basis  for  comnunication  with  them.  What  happens  is that  the  head  of  a  pod  of 
whales  uses  its spinal  column  and  sets  the  field  up  around  it, and  the  other 
whales  in  the  pod  becane  equivalent  to 'cells'  within that  field.  In  effect,  you 
have  the  equivalent  of one  spirit with a  lot of  'cells'  in it, Whatever  the one 
being  does,  it affects  all  the  rest  of  them.  If the  main  whale  goes  up  on  a 
beach,  all the  rest  keep  right on  caning  in and  pile up  on the beach with  it.

So  they  used Duncan  in  this way,  and  they  have  lost control  of this thing to 
the point  where  it  is sitting on  4th dimensional  levels,  or higher.  I  spent  two 
hours  on  the  telephone  with  Al,  and  he's  scared  to  death  because  he's  losing 
contact  with his brother.  He  says whole  areas  of space  are  being  ripped out  fm 
this.  This  is in essence what  was  involved  in these  experiments.  Because of the 
way  these  fields were  created,  electronically  instead of  from a  living being, 
Duncan  has  had  his emotional  body  ripped away.  He has no  feelings.  He's  ended  up 
with the  same  emotional  situation  as  the  Greys  have.  I  was  there  to observe all 

Planetary Tetrahedron  Energy Fields 
The Mariner  probe  found  a place  (other  than  Cydonia)  where  there were  tetra- 
hedronal  pyramids  that  were  over  three miles  in height.  Later,  they  made  the 
discovery  of  the Cydonia canplex,  and  Richard Hoagland wrote  his ncwfamous  book 
about  it. I  spent  several  hours with  him,  and  at  that  time  Hoagland didn't  even 
know  what  tetrahedral  geanetry  was  all about.  Since  then,  they  have  found  a 7en 
mile  high  five-sided  pyramid  near  there,  as  well  as  several  three-sided  and 
four-sided  pyramids.  They  also  found  a  wall  that  goes  for  about  ten miles  and 
makes  a  90  degree  turn  before  going  several  more  miles.  All  of this  is in one 
canplex.  NASA  really wanted  to keep  this quiet.  Richard then  began  to understand 
about  sacred  geometry  and  they  discovered  that  the  angles  between  all  the 
pyramids  and  the  other  mathematical  data  amounted  to  a  record  of  the  star 
tetrahedron  inscribed  in  a  sphere,  which  of  course  is  the  appearance  of  a 
spinning  Merkabah  field.  The  planes  of  the  tetrahedrons  cross  the  sphere  at 
19.47  degrees  latitude  north  and  south.  This  apparently  reflects  an  internal 
energy  system  that  applies  to all planets,  including the Earth.  The  dark  spot  on 
Jupiter  lies  at  this  latitude,  centered  precisely  on  a  point  of  the  internal 
tetrahedron.  They  examined Neptune  and  found  the  same  thing  (a  rotating spot)  at 
19.5  degrees.  They  looked  at  the  northern mountains  on  Neptune,  they  discovered 
a hexagonal  pattern;  this pattern  is what  you  see  if you  view  a  star  tetrahedron 
f  ran  above.  The  ice mountains  of  Neptune  are  in a  perfect  hexagon.  On  Uranus 
they  found  the  same  things.  Saturn  has  two  cloud  bands  exactly  at  the  19.5 
degree  latitude.  Looking  at  the  polar  cloud  patterns,  they  fonn  a  perfect 
There  is another  discovery which  I  got  from  a  friend  at ABC  television who 
was  working  with Hoagland,  They  felt  that  these  fields  were  created  from  the 
rotation of  the moons  around  the  planets - or  at  least  that what  they  sunnised 
from  the  research they  had  done  at the  tine.  They  calculated that  the  rings were 
in existence  because  of the  distance  the moons  were  from  the planet  - that  this 
affected  the  manifestation  of  the  tetrahedral  fields  within  the  planet  which 
caused  the  rings to manifest  instead of a  dark  spot.  They  also  felt  that  if  the 
moons  came  closer  that  the  rings  could  literally vanish  and  a  dark  spot  would 
forn.  According  to my  sources  at ABC,  this happened.  For a short  time,  the moons 
all  cam  in simultaneously  in their  orbits,  the  rings  disappeared  and  a  dark 
spot  appeared  for  a  few  hours  while  this  was  happening.  They  were  elated, 
because  it constituted proof  that  their  theory was  correct.

When  you  examine  the Sun,  you  will  see  that  the  primary  focus  of  sunspot 
activity  is always  on the  19.5  North and  South  latitudes,  Again,  this shows  that 
there  is  tetrahedral  geometry  inside  the  sun.  The  points of the  tetrahedron also 
happen  to be  the places where  primary  volcanic  activity occurs.  On  Earth,  one  of 
these  points  happens  to be  where  the  Hawaiian  Islands  are.  Now,  there are  three 
of  these  fields  and  they  are  rotating,  but  NASA  is at  this  time  only  aware  of 
one  of  these  fields.  When  they  becane  aware  of  the  other  two  that  are  rotating 
and  creating  the  electrical  and  magnetic  fields,  then  they  will  begin  to 
understand the whole  thing.  Jim Hurtak,  who  wrote  'The  Keys  of Enoch"  also wrote 
a  book  on  Mars,  and  has  a  lot of new  photographs  which  indicate  these  energy 
systems.  The book  is hard  to get  because  it came  out  of Australia. 
Back  to the tetrahedral  energy  fields.  All  this was  presented to NASA.  There

are  now  free-energy  machines working  in India that  are  based  on  the  technology 
of  these  rotating  fields.  One  of  them  is  called  the  Machine.  Adam  Tranbley 
also  has  a machine  based  upon  a  rotating  disk  inside  of a  magnetic  field.  They 
don't  want  you  to know  about  these  devices,  but  now  they  have  been  presented  to 
the  UN,  so  it's  only  a matter  of  time  until  they  allow  this  stuff  out.  We're 
going  to be  given  freedom.  We're  all  'in  jail'  right  now.  The  freedom  that will 
be  coming will be  a  lot more  than  you  think. 
The  Canplex  on  Venus 
In  January  of  1985  they  discovered  a  complex  on  Venus  which  is identical  to 
the  one  at Giza,  consisting  of  three  pyramids  and  a  sphinx  - exactly  the  same. 
There  were  over  200  photographs  of  this.  I  talked  directly  to the  people  who 
were  involved  in this.  In  the  United  States  there  is a  coraaittee  of  twelve 
people  who  appear  to  determine  the  rules  of  mental  health  relative  to  the 
population.  There  is a  rule within  NASA  that  says  that  when  they  come  up  with 
something  which  shows  that  there  is life  on  other  planets  they  have  to  go 
through  this  camnittee  in order  to see  if the  population  wit  1  be  disturbed  if 
specific  pieces of data are  released.  That  comnittee gave  them  pennission  in May 
of  1985  to  release  this  information  about  Venus.  This meant  they  were  bound by 
law  to do  it. So,  they  said,'ok,  we'll  do  itm.  They  put  it out on  one  television 
station  in Florida one  time  and  then yanked  it. The  law  has  that  loophole  in it. 
After  that,  they went  and mapped  the entire surface of Venus,  trying to see what 
else  was  there.  All  this  is only  on  the  third  dimensional  aspect.  They  don't 
know  how  to map  the  fourth  dimensional  aspect  of  Venus.  That  cunplex  exists 
because  of  the  constant  interaction  between  the  Egyptians  on  Earth  and  the 
Hathor  race  on  Venus  a  long time  ago.  There  are also  Egyptian-1  i  ke  complexes on 
the  moon,  as  well  as  American  complexes  on  the  Cloon.  We  have  three  small 
city-complexes  on  the back  side of  the moon.  There  are  two  left nw. 
Cattle Mutilations

Linda Howe  is doing a  movie  about  the  tetrahedral  fields  for ABC.  NASA  did 
not want  us  to know  about  this,  They  have  done  everything they  could to suppress 
it. Finally,  in 1991,  Hoagland  went  before  NASA  and  presented  the  data,  One  of 
the masons NASA  does  not want  attention  to be  focused on Mars  is  that we  have  a 
city  up  there,  and  they  don't  want  us  to  know  about  that.  Linda  Hawe was 
involved  in research on  the  cattle mutilations,  which was  a  big  thing until the 
species  of  Greys  that  were  involved  started  getting  sick.  Linda  thought 
initially  that  the  government  was  involved  in the  mutilations,  Gradually  she 
realized  that  it was  an  alien  related  problem.  What  she  found  was  that  the 
incisions  in the  cows  were  done  with  incredible  precision  and  a  host  of  other 
amazing  facts  - every  single  red  blood  cell was  removed  from  these  cows,  which 
is something  that  is technically  not  possible  with  standard  human  technology. 
That  is when  she  be1  ieved  that  a1  ien  technology  was  related  to what  was  going 
on.  She  was  at my  house  once  when  she  got  a  call  that  saneone  had  spotted  a 
wanan  and  her  son  (who  had  viewed  a  disc  abducting  a  caw)  who  were  in the 
process of  being  taken  themselves-  She  left the house and  checked  it out,  and 
saw  that  the ET's  had  left footprints  and  tripod marks  in  the  soil. 
-  -

The  Mars  Connection 
Now,  it was  originally  the  Greys  who  set  these  experiments  up  - not  our 
government;  it wasn't  our  government  involved  in  this  anyway  -  it was  the 
'secret'  government,  which  is much  larger.  Why  were  they Greys  doing  this?  It 
has  to do  with Mars.  Remember  that  the Martian  race  came  to Atlantis  through 
time  from  a point a million years  earlier.  What  that  race  did was  an  experiment 
when  they  left  that was  similar  to  the  experiment  done  at Montauk  and  the  one 
done  in Philadelphia.  In fact,  they  left monuments  on  Mars  that mathematically 
describe  their  experiment  there,  that  being  a  star  tetrahedron  inscribed  in a 
sphere.  What  happened with Mars  is  that when  the Martian atmosphere was  about  to 
be  destroyed,  the Martian  race  built the  complex  at Cydonia  to create  a Uerkabah 
experience;  it was  basically  an  effort to build a  space-time  device  that would 
enable  them  to project  themselves  into their  future.  Not  only  did  they  lay  the 
complex  out  in such  a  way  as  to  describe  the  field  mathematics  used  in  the 
process,  but  it was  the  complex  itself  that  they  used  to  do  it. It was  a  long 
time  ago.  Richard Hoagland  thinks  it was  around  2,000  years  ago,  but  if Thoth  is 
correct  it was  much  earlier  - somewhere  around a million years  ago.  They  did the 
experiment,  and  when  they  got  to Atlantis  they  settled dawn  for a while and  then 
repeated  the  experiment  between  14,000  - 16,000  years  ago  in an  effort  to get 
another  space  time  machine  going  again  in order  to  either  gain  control  of  the 
planet  or  leave  it - we're  not quite  sure  which.  That's  when  they  lost control 
of  it. They  were  not  able  to  duplicate  the  experiment  with  the  degree  of 
understanding  that  they  had  previously.  It ripped up  dimensional  levels  and  was 
a  chief  cause  of many  of  the  problems  we  have  now.  How  many  of  these  attempts 
there  were  before  that  one  16,000  years  ago  we  do  not  know,  but  there  was 
another  one  performed  in 1913  that  was  set  up by  the  Greys  in order  to solve 
sane  of the  problems  that  were  created  because  of the  disaster  in Atlantis.  It 
is interesting  to note  that within  a  year  of  the  1913  experiment,  World  War  I 
occurred.  After  the  experiment  in  1942/43  we  had  World  War  11.  There  will  be 
another  one  in the  future,  but  it will  not  be  later  than  2012,  which  is  the 
point where  hunan  experience must  go  into another  octave. 
Time  is an  interesting  thing.  When  I  was  talking  to  Duncan  and  the  other 
people  involved  with  the Wntauk  and  Philadelphia  experiments,  they  said  that 
they  were  easily  able  to go  back  and  forth  in  time,  but  what  they  discovered 
after  a  lot of  research  (they  did not  know  anything about  the Mars  information 
we  just  discussed)  is  that  they only  had memory  of  the Philadelphia-Montauk 
loop,  and  that  strangely  enough  they  could  go  back  in  time  only  to a point 
about  a  million years ago and  they  ran  into sane  sort  of barrier  in time.  They 
also discovered  that  they  could only  go  forward  until the year  2012  and  they 
ran  into  another  barrier.  The  barriers  apparently  exist  because  the  first 
experiment of  this nature was  done  a million years  ago  by  the Martian  race 
and  the  last one  was  done  near  2012  and  all  the  experiments  of  that  nature are 
all  inter-connected.  We  are  not  sure  how  many  of these  experiments  lie between 
1983  and  2012.  It is apparent  that  the  Greys  are  trying to solve  certain  types 
of problems and  that  they  are  given  free  reign to do  this  kind of activity.

Why  Our  Research Took  A  Different Direction 
After  all of  this went  on,  I  caamunicated with entities at higher  levels and 
inquired  as  to what  was  going  on.  They  indicated  that  in many  ways,  reality  is 
my  teacher.  Everything  that  happens  to  reflects  higher  aspects  of  your  Self 
comnunicating  to  you.  They  asked  me  if I  remembered  what  they  told me  a  long 
time ago,  and  I  replied  that  I  didn't  tenember.  They  reminded me  of  the 
experience  that  I  had  where  I  was  taken  aboard  a  specific  Sirian  vehicle  for 
three  days  way  back  in the  1970's.  When  I  returned  back  from  this,  I  expressed 
to  these  higher  entities  my  opinion  that  the  Sirians  were  really  advanced 
because  their  technology  had  no moving  parts - it was  all based on  shape.  All 
their  instruments  looked more  like art objects.  The  higher  entities  reprimanded 
me,  saying,  'no,  you  do  not  understand.  The more  technologically  advanced a 
civilization  becomes,  the  weaker  they  become,  and  they  become  more  separated 
f  ran  the  Creator."  I  said  "what  do  you  mean?".  They  gave  me  an  example  that  if 
you  create  a  heating  device  to  heat  a  roan,  you  have  just  becane  weaker.  You 
have  just  thrown  off  your  innate  ability  to  heat  that  roan  yourself  and  have 
given  it  to an  object,  and  now  you  need  the object.  So,  as  society  gets more 
sophisticated  it becomes  weaker  until  it depends  on  the  technology  and  can  do 
nothing  for  itself  anymore.  They  said  that  the  most  advanced  civi7izations  in 
the  galaxy  have  nothing  outside  of  thamse7ves.  They  can  do  anything  they  want 
and  require  no  physical  thing  to do  it. So,  at  that  tine  I  listened  to all of 
this  and  then  forgot  what  they  said.  Later,  I  became  involved  in electronics 
with  all these  scientists,  trying to do  all these  things.  At one  stage,  we 
learned how  to create  the Uerkabah externally  through electronics,  which was 
what  all  these  other  experiments  were  doing.  After  I  realized  this  and 
remembered  this,  I  realized  what  I  had  been  doing.  This  is when  they  told me 
about  the  Lucifer Rebellion and  what  had  happened  in  the  beginning  with  all of 
Anyway,  this  is why  I  am  not  involved with  electronics  - I dropped  it all, 
because  now  my  belief  is  that  you  need  to get  your  understanding centered so 
that  it doesn't  get  in  the way.  If  you  create an  instrument  to heal,  you must 
also  learn how  to do  that  yourself.  At  this point,  my  understanding  is  that 
the Merkabah will do  anything on  any  level  - a  living breathing one.  There  is no 
limitation at all.  I am  sticking with how  to do  this from within oneself.  It  is 
what  Jesus  was  doing.  Haw  quickly  you  can  master  these  techniques  depends  on 
your  past,  what  work  you  have  done,  what  you  can  accept,  what  your  belief 
patterns  are  (belief  patterns  have  to  be  broken  down).  When  you  leave  this 
workshop  you  will  know  what  to do.  Since  everything  to  do  with  this upcaning 
change  is,  in a  sense,  a1  ready  completed,  you  real  1  y  don't  need  to feel  rushed. 
You  have plenty of  time  for everything.  There  is perfect timing. 
The  Lucifer Rebellion 
Lucifer,  if you  remember  in the  Bible,  was  the  greatest  creation  that  God 
had  made.  He  was  the most  beautiful  and  intelligent  being  created.  He was  the 
leader  of  the  angelic  realms  and  a being  of  light.  At  one  point  he  felt that  he 
could  ascend  to the heights of beingness without  the  realization of the Creator. 
As  you  will  soon  realize,  the  Uerkabah  is the  image  that  all  things  are 
created  through.  If you  know  the  image,  then  there  was  a  possibility  that

instead of  creating  the Merkabah  through  thought  and  feeling  (which  connects  you 
to the  Creator),  you  could  create  it synthetically  and  externally  and  get  into 
it (essentially  a mechanical  spacecraft)  and  ascend  into the heights;  this 
external  process does  not  require the use  of  love.  It  just  requires  knowledge. 
In  so  doing,  this being the  fourth  time  this has  apparently  happened  in this 
universe,  the  external  Merkabah was  created.  Lucifer  convinced  a  lot of  others 
that  they  should  try this,  and  it was  done  several  hundred  thousand  years  ago. 
So,  there  are  two ways  to do  this.  You  can  do  it as  a  living being  through  love, 
which  connects  you  to a11  1  ife,  or  you  can  separate  yourself  from  life,  make 
your  own  little  flying  craft  and  go  roaming  around  without  any  love.  What 
happens  is that  you  eventually  becane  devoid  of emotion  - just  like  the Greys. 
You  have  no  feelings  and  no  love. 
There  is  one  understanding  that  Lucifer  did  not  realize.  That  kind  of 
external  process  has  a  limitation  on  how  'high'  it can  ascend  in dimension, 
because  the way  that  the Creator  created  the  star-gates  (through  which  you 
can  pass  between  suns  to go  from  place  to place)  require  emotions  in order  to go 
through  them  (on  the  higher  dimensional  levels).  So,  there  are  limits  in  .the use 
of external  uses  of  this Uerkabah that  trap  the  people who  do  it. 
There  being  free  will,  the  consciousness  of  the  Creator  did  not  place  any 
barrier to Lucifer  in doing  this.  Now,  the  situation on Mars  a million years  ago 
was  the  end  result of  the previous  rebel  1  ion,  so  the  race  on  Hars had  developed 
to the  point where  they  had  no  emotion  or  love.  They  were  entirely  logic based 
and  destroyed  their  planet  because  they  had  no  canpassion  or  love  for  each 
other.  They  just  fought,  and  the  third  rebellion caused  a  lot of dest~~tion  of 
many  races.  When  the  race  on  Hars  projected  itself  through  time  and  cane  into 
the  vortices  in Atlantis,  they  brought  that  sickness  to Earth.  The  Greys  are 
connected  to  the  rebellion.  .The  race  on  Hars  is also  related  to the  Greys,  in 
that  they  are  one  of  the  parent  races  to them.  They  are  all  in  the  process of 
dying  out  for  the  same  reasons,  which  keeps  repeating  itself.  They  cannot  get 
out  of  here and  go  to the  next  octave of existence  because  they  do  not  know  haw 
to  love.  The  Greys  are  now  aware  of  this;  they  understand  logically that  they 
need  to  know  the  concept  of  love,  but  they  don't  know  how  to do  it. The  Greys 
started  cloning  themselves  and  not  having  physical  sexual  contact,  which  is an 
aspect  that  generates  and  continues  love.  They  lost their  ability  to procreate 
and make  use  of sexual  energy.  This  is the  reason  that  they  did all the  research 
on  cattle,  cats,  dogs  and  horses.  These  type  of  animals  that  were  around  humans 
were  breathing  the  same  way  huaans  breathe.  They  were  mostly  cutting  out  the 
sexual  organs  and  the  breathing apparatus  of the  animals,  trying  to analyze  the 
concept  of  sexual  energy  and  emotion  frun a  position  of  pure  logic.  They  were 
also doing  that with  human  beings  - a  lot of sexual  experiments and  genetic work 
with  humans  in attempts  to produce  a genetic  cross-breed  that  would  carry  their 
genetic  infonnation  through  into  the  dimensional  changes  to  come,  since  the 
parent  race of the Greys  themselves cannot make  the dimensional  shift.  In  a way, 
the  universe  allowed  them  to do  this  because  we  have  similar  genetic  stm~ture 
to the  Greys  because  of  the  Hars  infusion  at  the  time  of  Atlantis.  There  are 
about  five  other  races  that  have  been  helping  them  in this process,  and many  of 
the  species  that are  around  Earth  at this  time  have  been  involved  in an  effort 
to make  sure  that  the  human  race  does  not get  hurt during  this process.  This  has 
produced  much  factionalitation  within  different  groups  of  aliens  on,  in and 
around  the-  Earth.  Hany  species  are  from other  dimensional  levels  and  are  trying 
to make  sure  that  the Greys  do  not  overstep  their  bounds  while  this  process  is 
happening.  They  have  tried to overstep  their bounds;  there was  one  time when

they  decided  that  they were  going  to wipe  the  human  species  out  of existence  and 
start over  again.  They  almost  succeeded.  They  had  a  plan to try and  open  the 4th 
dimensional  interface quickly,  which would  have  blown  humans  away  (it would  not 
have  been  the  gradual  organic  process  that  is now  happening naturally).  They 
created  a  grid  around  the  Earth  to do  this,  and  they  were  going  to open  up  a 
dimensional  window.  When  you  open  up  a  dimensional  window,  the window  works  both 
ways.  In order  to make  sure  that  more  evolved  beings  didn't  interfere with  the 
Greys  while  they  were  going  to  do  this,  they  made  the  size  of  the  window 
infinitely  small  and made  the  grid open  randomly  all over  the  planet.  The more 
advanced  species,  using  love,  intuitively knew  what  the  randan pattern would  be 
and when  the window  opened  up,  love  was  projected  back  at them.  After  that,  the 
Greys were  absolutely  silent  for  three months.  This  happened around  1989,  and 
it was  their  last  chance.  They  knew  that  the  human  mass  consciousness  on  the 
planet was  about  ready  to gain control  of what  you  could  call  the  "dreetime' 
of  the  planet,  which  is what  that  wanan  from  Peru  did when  she  raised  the ship 
up.  At  that  point,  we  wuld  be  in control  and  they  would  not  be  in absolute 
control  any  nore. 
An  analogy  to  this was  hinted  at  in  the material  in  the  Bible,  where  in 
effect what  Jesus  was  trying to say  was  "do not  resist  evi 7  - instead  project 
into  the  positive  - create  what  needs  to be  created  rather  than  trying  to stop 
what  you  do  not  want  to be  created." 
The  vast majority of species  around  Earth do  not  use  external  mechanical 
"UFOs". A  Merkabah  based  upon  a  living process  is not  visible to human  eyes.  It 
is rotating  at extreme  speeds  and  it  is pure  light.  What  is now  going  on  in  the 
3rd  dimension  is  that  you  have  all  kinds  of beings  on all kinds  of  levels  that 
are  preparing  different  ways  to  go  through  the  process  of  the  upcaning  4th 
dimensional  interface.  Most  of  those  species  who  have  literal  physical  craft 
using external Werkabah  processes  are  part of  the  scwalled Lucifer Rebellion.  A 
ship  using  the  internally  generated  Clerkabah  requires  a  living  process  to 
operate  it. What  you  have  is all  kinds  of beings  in all kinds  of  levels trying 
to get  out  of  this situation  in different ways.

Sane  of  the  races  that  are here  at this time  have  learned about  the concepts 
of  canpassion and  love - many  of  them  have  been  involved at one  time or another 
with  "Lucifer  thought'.  We  are  too.  We  are  an  aspect  of  this  thought  pattern. 
Viewpoints  that  view  various  species  as  'good'  or  'bad'  are  simply  an  aspect  of 
human  interpretation of polarity-consciousness  reality.  From  a  higher  level  that 
is beyond  all of  this,  it is  just  an  organic  process  going  on  that  has  what 
appears  to be  "good"  and  'bad'  aspects  to it  that  is leading somewhere,  and  that 
'sanewhere"  is rather  remarkable.  The  galaxy  is like a body  with many  cells,  and 
there  is a  disease  going  through  the  body  called  the  "lucifer  rebellion',  and 
this disease  is in the  process  of being  healed;  from  another  point  of  view  the 
solution  has  already  happened  and  it  has  been  healed.  From  even  another 
perspective  there  are  no  'good  guys"  or  'bad  guys"  - everybody  has  thespirit of 
the Universal  Intelligent Matrix within  them. 
With  the Grays,  they  have  been  around  in  that  left-brained  fonn  for so  long 
that  it has  not  worked  very  well  at  all.  Their  species  as  a  life  fonn  or 
(container)  is going  to have  to be 'junked'  because  it can  no  longer evolve.  It 
is an  ancient  life  fonn,  and  now  that we  are  coming  to  this particular  juncture 
in evolution  that  the  Grays  never  really  understood  or  knew  about,  that  life 
fonn  cannot make  the  jump  to the  next  evolutionary  level of development.  That  is

why  they've  tried  to  blend  and  keep  sane  of  who  they  are  in  the  system.  The 
Grays were  originally  created  as  humanoid  life forms  that  resembled humans. 
Uetatron's  Cube Moving Through 
the Flower of Life Pattern 
Examine  the  above  pattern.  It is Metatron's  Cube  moving  through  the  flower 
of  life pattern.  Metatron was  historically one  of the 24  elders  that  sane  call 
the  Ancients  of  Days,  and  was  the  one  who  envisioned  the  sphere  in  the Great 
Void  in which  this  universe  was  created.  When  he  did,  he  picked a  spot  and  set 
Metatron's  Cube  in it, which  put out  a  lattice structure that went  everywhere  in 
all  levels  of existence.  No matter where  you  go  in life,  there  is this precise 
crystalline  energy  lattice  that moves  through  everything.  It appears  as  though 
it is  the only  thing  that  is not moving  - everything moves through  it. 
The  Man  energy  lattice parallels  this other  universally  present  grjd,  and 
this presents  the  possibility that  if you  know  haw  to  tune  to Mefatroll's  grid, 
you will  have  all the  infomation available  in existence. 
In sum  of  the  Egyptian  temples were  found  24-spoked  wheels  depicted on the 
walls.  These  wheels  contained  an  inner  circle,  and  the  circle  was  exactly  nine 
diameters wide.  In  examining  the diagram above  you  will  see that  there  are nine 
diameters  across  the  figure,  and  just within  the  large circle there  are 24  small 
circles that  are  connected  in  a hexagonal  pattern.  If you  started  at  the center 
and  connected  lines  to each  of  those  smaller  circles,  you  would  have  the exact 
pattern  found  in the  Egyptian  temples.  That  is where  they  extracted  than  frola. 
We  know  that  this pattern  is related  (from  previous discussion)  to hamics of 
light and  sound.  The  Egyptian patterns are  not  concerned so much  with  the ham- 
onics  of  sound,  but  the  hannonics  of  dimensions  and  other  worlds.  The  wheels

were  found  in either  sets  of  four  or  sets  of  eight,  which  also  relates  to 

harmonics.  These  Egyptian drawings  represented,  as  best  as  can be  ascertain- 
ed,  where  they  went  dimensionally.  Drawings  on walls  near  the wheels  show  the 
initiates walking  along,  making a  90-degree  turn,  and  proceeding  into the wheels 
above.  They  definitely  knew  what  they  &re  doing,  and  it proves  that  they  had 
the  understanding behind  their achievements,  which  are  clearly documented on the 
temple  walls.  Classical  Egyptian  archaeologists  kncm  nothing  regarding  these 
wheels.                                                               I did not write this if you cant tell,i hope you enjoyed


I know in 1988 UCLA developed the holographic processor described in the info you present. They called it "the cube" and it was tested on Black Tuesday as it it used for VISA, MASTERCARD and all financial transactions globally.

Here is an article about touchable 3D holograms developed by Japan:


which lends much credibility to cloaking technology that can hide reality by replacing it with a touchable hologram.

in two thirds book, dolmenic science was called planet taming

dolmen,recursive phase lock vs agmosphere maintenance

Hi Dan!

I have only read summaries of the 2/3rds book but would like to read all 700 pages!

I am always looking for serrendipitous synchs when subjects come up in our day to day lives.

The 2/3rds ratio is connected to the topic of electron spin that I have been "sleeping on" the last while.

I got this "hit" for these subjects today while looking for images of 3 interlaced tetrahedrons:

“What is so important about 2/3rds?”

 Figure 4.8 – Two tetrahedrons joined at a common face to form the “photon”
measured by Planck’s constant.

"The total amount of volume (photon energy) that can exist within a Planck’s cube is two thirds (6.666) of the cube’s total volume, which Planck had assigned the number 10. That means that Johnson’s tetrahedral photon interaction within the aetheric matrix directly equates to Planck’s constant."


The water molecule is shaped in the form of a tetrahedron.


What we see in this diagram are two basic waves: the smaller wave representing the perpendicular (90 degree phase) rotation of the octahedron which defines the element progressions in the period chart. The larger wave is the (120 degree phase) for the counter-rotation of the tetrahedron. This diagram is by far the easiest way to show how and where the tetrahedron and octahedron will connect, come into harmonic coherence. The diagram is based on the science of “phase physics,” which was first pioneered by Kenneth Geddes Wilson as a means of mapping out large-scale geometric relationships as wave motions. Each of the eight “phase positions” represents a different element and the wave interactions represent matrix vector relationships that define shape and form as shown in the next figure:

Homepage ( image source )

I really enjoyed this written interview from Rod Johnson:


Coming back to the 2/3rds book, what I really synched with was the Dino info about the etheric double and its connection to the "grid" and how during Atlantean times these were considered one and the same. I liked this article explaining the frequency of blue 6.16 Thz ( color of sky ) and the knowledge of dolmen use:


Take care,



Front Cover


David P. Myers, David S. Percy

Aulis Publishers, 1993 - 477 pages
Although Two-Thirds is in part science-based, drawing on physics and astronomy, it is also deeply philosophical in its exegesis of ideas. This book demonstrates how the secrets of our ancient structures such as the Great Pyramids in Egypt, the city of Teotihuacán in Mexico and Stonehenge in England. hold the key to the development of new energy and propulsion sources for the next millennium. Two-Thirds contains much that is not even recognised by science today, but which can be verified. We learn for example that the speed of light is not constant -- it moves at three different speeds throughout the universe. Age old mysteries are discussed ranging in topic as wide as the Moon's essential role in the creation of life on Earth, the significance of the 'Face' on Mars and the relevance of meditation.

Neil you are doing the best that you can, way to go! Big hugs and pats on the back for you!

You are going cosmic connecting the small to the huge, distant past to the future.

If reality is a hologram we are all connected and can affect aspects of our self that are almost hidden, like these tectonic plate dragons, this one's eye and head are near Dan's home in France:


Representation of Sleeping Naga on World Map



Representation of Sleeping Naga on NASA Tectonic Activity Map

The head of the Naga lies in southern Europe.  The position of the eye of the Naga lies in Alaise.  The ancients believed that the vast amount of salt found beneath the ground around Alaise was attributable to the tears from the eye of the Naga.  Temples were built in this area and the salt was given to pilgrims and worshipers who came.  The salt, which was a valuable commodity in those days, was given to appease the anger of the Naga and to keep her slumbering.


And speaking of large, what could be larger than grasping that we are part of a Siriun star system:

"Symbols are important to all esoteric teachings, for they contain secret wisdom accessible only to the initiated." - Harpers' Encyclopedia of Mystical and Paranormal Experience.

The ritual manifestation of the Holy Trinity of Sirius and DNA engineering is richly conveyed
in popular culture, especially from Hollywood. Take the four examples shown in the above image
from  The Vampire Diaries, Twilight - Eclipse, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, 
and True Blood. Take note of the following symbols: red, blood, three main stars, 2 males and 1
female, female in red or aligned with a red object/title, the female is in the middle, the bird
representing the Phoenix, vampires or monsters, and monsters mating with human women. This
gains further resonances when you consider that in Twilight, Robert Pattinson portrays a vampire
in a relationship with the human Kristen Stewart, and that both are currently involved in an
off-screen real-life relationship, as well. As is the case in True Blood where Stephen Moyer,
playing the character of vampire in an on-screen love interest story with the human fairy played
by  Anna Paquin. Moyer and Paquin, recently got married in real-life.

What we are looking at a here is a infinite ceremonial stream of magic from the ancient civilizations practiced in coded rituals, symbols and sigils based on the orbit of The Blazing Star of Sirius. Sirius and Sol, our Sun, follows a trajectory relationship over 26,000 years that looks like the DNA strand, a spiral and the movements of the serpent. The Dogons' sign for Sirius is a curved line with a straight line going through it. If you carry the curved line through to its end point, it meets up with the straight line to form what looks like the DNA strand or the Vesica Pisces or the Triquetra or the Trinity Cross. This convergence of Sol and Sirius is the key to occult worship, as it is believe that Sol was once part of the Sirius Star System and that the current configuration of the Solar System resulted directly from the interstellar explosion on Sirius. It is also believed that Sol and Sirius B were once binary twins.

The Dogons symbol for Sirius, signifies the co-orbit of
 Sirius with Sol. The orbit resembles the DNA strand,
  a Spiral and the Serpent movements.

This is also the key to the mythos about a Planet X or Nibiru - a red dwarf plant on a 3,600 year elliptical orbit with our Solar System - prominently espoused through the interpretations of the Babylonian/Sumerian clay tablets by writer Zecharia Sitchin. This is also key to the idea of a Messiah or Son of God - a redeemer figure expected by numerous religions to bring forth a rapturous salvation to the world. But the designation of Nibiru as the Planet of the Crossing and the eschatological theories of the return of the Son of God is really about the passage, orbit and convergence of the Sirius Star System that has been "occultified" by this fraternal group of Priest Class Magicians. The Planet or Star of the Crossing is really the "Star of Women," in Sirius - the Grand Cross that is symbolized in all instances of the Trinity and Cross symbolism since ancient history. This is the esoteric wisdom that has been hidden from the public, Sol's co-orbit with the Sirius Trinity Star System and the previous orbital cycles that caused displacement of Stars, Suns and Planets and gave rise to the occult deification of stellar Gods.

Ancient astrology recognizes that there is this great cycle caused by the Earth's wobble on its axis and one complete wobble is approximately 26,000 (25,920) years. In the Greco-Hellenistic period, there were astrological theories about how the Sun shifts through the twelve signs of the Zodiac, dividing the period into twelve periods or ages or chapters referred to as the World Age doctrine. This is seen in the Old Testament of the Bible, with the symbolism of Aries the Lamb and Pisces the Fish, and currently we are about to move into the Age of Aquarius. So this astrological doctrine has to do with our changing angular rotation due to the larger cosmos. Many ancient cultures around the world believe that the Precession of the Equinox results in changes in human consciousness. I posit that the fascination with the Precession of the Equinox, especially when it takes a complete lifetime to recognize that the stars have moved just one degree, is that the Earth moving with Sol and the entire Solar System is locked in a co-orbit with the Sirius Star System. Therefore, we are part of a binary star system in a never-ending movement with Sirius, in repeated elliptical orbits for 26,000 years. This conforms to Kepler's law of planetary motions - "The orbit of every planet is an ellipse with the Sun at one of the two foci." Therefore, a movement in great ellipses rather than circles, speeding up when they are closer due stronger gravitation and slows down when they are farther apart. This obedience to the law would explain the DNA-shaped, serpent or spiral movement of the co-orbit of Sirius with Sol. Simon Newcomb, the Canadian-American astronomer and mathematician noticed that Procession of the Equinox was speeding up quickly exponentially every year. This gave way to a constant, that he added to the Procession of the Equinox equation - Newcomb constants.

My view and drawing of Sirius' orbit with Sol. Not Planet X/Nibiru.

"In 1877 he became director of the Nautical Almanac Office where, ... he embarked on a program of recalculation of all the major astronomical constants... In May 1896, the international consensus was that all ephemerides should be based on Newcomb's calculations. A further conference as late as 1950 confirmed Newcomb's constants as the international standard." - Wikipedia.

Right now, Precession of the Equinox has accelerated beyond Newcomb's constants in the last 100 years. In the ancient Vedic text, this co-orbit or binary orbit is part of the spiritual path of mankind under the influence of a Divine Being. Fate. This theory therefore explains the significant acceleration and also points ultimately towards periapsis, when the two orbiting objects are closest to each other. The 26,000 year cycle that converges at the periapsis to formulate the new beginning or new cycle, fits into the messianic reverence for the number 8, since 2+6 = 8. The name of Jesus in Greek is called Ieous, and the Greek numerical value of Ieous (Jesus) is 888. 8 is considered as the number for new beginnings and entrance into God's covenant through Jesus. In English Gematria, the words JESUS LUCIFER equates to 888. According to several Gnostic teachings, Jesus is seen as the Ogdoad or the Sun behind the Sun. This is also the same description, that is often attributed to Sirius - the Spiritual Sun.

eye of the snake here in s.france:

canigou- is pine cone shape (conjugate) between the mag towers..


who is the snake.URU

interpreting TWO THIRDS book

Hi Dan!

The telluric ( extremely long wave ) twin towers images from your link above remind me of this image:

from this site:

which looks into the Gobi Desert.

The Siriun/Hungarian language info in the dragonscriptdna link reminds me of the limited choices offered to the female in the vampire and vampire/werewolf movies/books. I see the vampires as the royal Hungarian/Transylvanian location and the werewolf as German. Germans love wolves! I hope I don't sound racist, but they function like wolf packs, they're gregarious and german shepherds look like wolves. Are these two choices, Siriun and Draconian ( hungarian Habsburg dragons of royalty ) our only two choices? Just like in the movies we can only lower our self through death to live eternally as a monster? I feel this a very controlled, limited list of options provided for us by entities living in the past, worshipping dying dwarf stars.



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