FYI: What supplements from the ascension cabinet are safe for pregnant mothers.

Upon seeing my ND yesterday, i gave her the list of supplements that Sevan has reccomended for all of us for body activation. What she said was:


MMS- is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, helps to keep a nice alkaline environment for you and your baby. If you are just starting the MMS and you are expecting start slowly with a dosage of 2 drops, 3 times daily.  If you are maintaining your regiment then you can take more. Their are websites out there that will tell you its not advisable or to not take it during preganncy as it detoxifies, that simply is not true, Jim Humble himself said it was totally safe and advisable to use the MMS during pregnancy.


Liquid Chlorophyll- is safe and actually very beneficial during pregnancy, it contains an easier digestible iron and helps to blood clot which is helpful during labour. She did say to stop using it 1 week before delivery and it is NOT to be used during breastfeeding, because it is a heavy detoxifier and it will transfer to your milk.


Etherium Gold- NOT safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding


Gotu Kola- NOT safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding, they actually use gotu kola as a contraceptive in India, may create spontaneous abortion.


Anamu/Maca- NOT safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding, my guess is because they act as stimulants


B12, Selenium, Iron, Magnesium, Trace Mineral tablets, Acai, Psyllium Hulls, Spirulina

- All are safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding

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