Before reading, this is not my original question. No one is answering her so I am posting this up to see if anyone can help? Here is the link to Myna's discussion :

Greetings~ All!  

   I have had a recurring dreams of a worm and a butterfly. They appear in my dreams.  The following day, they will appear somewhere, in my home visible, on a carpet or the basement floor...

 When you stare at  something and it stay in your vision.  And you are able  to project it onto something else for few seconds.  Why can't you control the vision?  Does anyone know,  what they represent in awaking life?  Is their a name for this kind of manifestations?

I have the same curiosity because this happens to me too. Not with the worm or butterfly though but  just different things like hearing a strange uncommon word several times in different situations, days, places or seeing an image and hearing it's name. Please give your best knowledge!

Thank you! Wholeness & Vibrations to all

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Anytime you see any reoccurring signs in your dreams or in waking life, you can be pretty sure that it is part of you trying to get you to pay attention to what those things mean. Look inside your self and take a look at what the deeper meaning to the symbol is, because the subconscious talks in symbols. For example...if you were to see a large predatory bird alot, maybe you need to pull back and examine your life from a distance. Or maybe it means you are preying to the wrong external gods and therefore becoming prey yourself. When I started to do serious Kundalini work, I had 2 confrontations with Rattle Snakes in my life...Look inside and you will find the answers your looking for.  

Thank you for the reply & very interesting story. Hmmm if it is symbolism the butterfly and the worm. . . Could it mean that her subconscious is telling her that she has to go through a process of metamorphosis/transform with herself &/by getting more in touch/connecting with this Earth? I have never heard of Kundalini before? Going to browse the web about it.

This may give you a little insight into the worm appearing in the reality.... . And If you have never heard of Kundalini, you should do some looking around the site here, its other names, are prana, or chi, or qi . And may I highly recommend you stay tuned for the rest of the upcoming astral quest shows this season and your questions about all these things will most definitely be answered and unfold in a way that you will be able to appropriately apply them in your life.  

Love videos like those. Real eye openers. Thank you for sharing.

Yes I love the show. He answered a lot of my questions that I were wandering in my mind. I've learned that something as simple as a change of diet can get rid of so much but I didn't know how and he explained why. Kinda creepy thinking about other things living in my body but I think it may be true. . . It explains so much.

The videos will definitely be a guide to help me because for sure things keep blurring my vision and head haha

Yes it may take a bit, and some internal cleansing of the mind body and soul for things to become and stay clear.

I know about the body cleansing but how do you do the mind cleansing? Is there a link for that? Or is it just through a process of mediation?

Hmm I had a great big reply typed out and the screen ate it :) - I will attempt to heed the sign myself and be more brief.


Time to Fly. My advice, listen to your body and take things at your own pace. Don't fear but don't rush.

Mind, Body, Spirit. You can't speak about one
effectively without the other, they are all a fractal which constantly grows in your own life. Cure one and you cure the other.


The Biology of Kundalini -

Fantastic Teacher!
Two methods of removing mental chatter:

Some of my own path, I would not be so strong on the wording now but the links are still useful:

I've always enjoyed Eloheim -

Hope it helps as a start :D - Happy Journeys.

Missed how to prepare the body from this retyped message.

Kundalini Yoga Maya Finnes

Many of her videos are down now but she sells an excellent DVD set called journey through the chakras, to get your wheels spinning, which you can actually feel as a rocking in the body as they align, if you meditate.

More Gentle Teacher
More Intense Playlist:

And a personal favorite Sarah from -

This of course does body, mind and spirit at the same time, if you are fortunate you may get glimpses of that from yourself :D.

Haha thank you for all the links, I appreciate all this information. Will def. check out very soon


Thank you, for the links and comment.  They were helpful.

I discovered worm meant-need to go deep into subconscious  in order to unearth a hidden feeling or desire.  renewal or to restore some aspect of ones life.

Re: to the butterfly-cocoon_a transformation of some sort. spiritual-  or new way of thinking Perhaps tend to be flighty and jump around a lot, form place to place..settle down maybe.

wow amazing. I am glad the answer has been resolved!



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