I'm sure some will open this post looking for some type of prediction about the future and what is going to happen in the World/Galaxy. However, the best thing about being present is its all going on, right now, with you. For those that continue to bring the doom and gloom but not the solution I have found this illustration just for them. 

Notice the tag to this picture taken from a magazine years ago. They are actually saying by 2004 We should have one of these dinosaurs in our home. Seems like mans general predictions about what is to take place in the future with advancements is a little off. The Earth really has no more than 2 years before it completes its next Quantum Leap.

Ahhh much more like it. Its good some have better ideas and the intelligence and passion to implement them.

CRAY CX1 Super Computer

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Look at the technology being used. Sometimes, I wonder if these kind of computers could somehow achieve self awareness . . .
IBM Building a 'Self-Aware' Supercomputer

Blue Sky computer, able to predict climate changes and global warming, will be able to repair itself.

Supercomputing leader IBM on Friday announced that it has begun assembling a colossal supercomputer called Blue Sky for The National Center for Atmospheric Research, in Boulder, Colorado.

Capable of predicting atmospheric climate changes, heating oil prices, and global warming, Blue Sky will be equipped with IBM's ELiza technology by the end of next year. The goal of IBM's ELiza program is to give a computer the ability to repair itself, and keep itself running without human intervention.


While Blue Sky is not the biggest supercomputer in the world, its ELiza technology will make it one of the most self-sufficient.

Supercomputing experts have long predicted that supercomputing systems will eventually become so fast and so complex that trouble-shooting them will be only possible through the use of another supercomputer. This scenario is best described in a paper by Bill Joy, the chief scientist of Sun Microsystems, titled "Why the Future Does Not Need Us."

Sounds like A.I . . .

dope. i saw a youtube video where they took a 3d printer and printed all the parts of the printer and put them together to make a plastic prototype that functioned just like the original.......cant find the vid anymore tho
Nuts . . .
I bet they've already printed out weapons and ammo.
all i have to say is ill/...... nice son..
its really kinda hard to believe anything anyone tells me these days...............besides myself.......but what do i know/no?
The truth is both outside of you, and inside of you. Since everything is connected anyway, the larger mind (the creator) communicates through its other creations to inform you.

If you seek only outside of you, you will fail.

If you seek only inside of you, you will fail.

Seek both inside, and outside. And you will succeed.
straying in the ray and still eating hey, hey!!!! until we are all connect we will always be disconnected...



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