Hello resistance. Wholeness, Love and Joy to you all. I'm Zeropointlight I'll be giving you some tips on how to enhance your water and vibe along with it.

This is frequency enhanced water (on the right). The left is just unfiltered water. I used 432hz and 528hz some crystals and GLASS cups. (I can't stress the importance of getting away from using plastic utensils and cups!!! So toxic to your health!!!)

Enhanced water.jpg


Because this is my first post, I must say that I've been trying to figure out a way to do anything for the resistance for a while now. As I am a musician (for 16 years now, I'm 26 btw), I truly do believe that everything around us is a vibration/channel/frequency. I've been gifted with perfect pitch/intonation; meaning I can hear different pitches of notes without having an instrument in my hand or even hearing anything musical at all. a simple "ping" on the metal lamp-post or a pat on the chest can produce tones no one could imagine!!! I was trained by a Grammy award winning sound engineer who taught me how taught me the names of the frequencies. I also work in the industry myself so I'm constantly equating my gift with the mind of the creator and because my gift has opened up so many different ways of thinking about creation and the creator I figured I might as well share with the few people online who are really trying to push our species along without using deception, trickery or hiding in the shadows.

I said earlier one thing I've learned from music is that everything is a vibration. From plate tectonics (on the planetary level) all the way to us!!! you don't believe me. Put your hand over your heart. Feel that? It's a vibration! how can we make our Vibe stronger then?

First, a little something on frequency.

There is something about frequency (phonetically) that has always struck me while progressing in music. Frequency is the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit time; but we also know it as a signal that comes either direct or from a remote location to a receiver. A third meaning would be doing something again and again. I frequent this library or this pub/bar etc What's difference between frequency and Frequencies?

Or even better, could it be our life is just a series of frequencies that our mind has been programmed to recognize? Where does this frequency come from? (I guess this disussion can be saved for later)

So, the more frequency in which you do anything, you are tuning yourself to a vibration/vibe. (I like to say tune in, because I'm a musician (so it's important to play/sing in tune) and because honestly, you could be hearing someone without tuning in. I do that all the time- especially to politicians and my old university professors lol)

Let's tune our water in. (I know Sevan has a great video on how to make a real water filter but I think this is cheaper and it has worked for me!!!!)


I noticed a change in my vibe right after drinking the water. And so did the people around me!!! Change your vibe. I hope that this was some help to someone and if you have questions please feel free to write me at anytime. Wholeness, love, and joy to you all again and thanks for reading!!!

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Thanks!!! I'll put the info into use and update everyone on my findings. (This place is awesome btw)
what about spring or distilled water
I've used distilled and purified water and they both seem to work. It's crazy how cymatics can change the physical structure of objects. I Love it cause it's helping us evoLve!!!
Thanks zeropointlight for sharing this experience.  i have been listening to the 432 hrz couple of time before i go to sleep and i got to tell i sleep much better than i usually do when i do not listen to it.  Next i want to sleep to set multiple frequencies(432hrz, 741hrz, 852hrz etc) to play all night while i asleep and see how i feel when i wake up.
No problem, we have to help each other on here after all. I haven't been brave enough to try leaving it on overnight because (I've heard) the tonal/frequency therapy must be done in a certain order to activate the true power of the frequencies sort of like a cadence (if you're familiar with music). That order I'm trying to find out and as soon as I do (and I will), I will post another section on the order of the spheres and how to use the solfeggio frequencies correctly. Keep searching/listening you'll vibe your way out. Wholeness and Love vibes to you Lightone.

Thanks Zerpointlight,

Great insight on curating your water.



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