Hi all i wondered if anyone is clued up on how to become a freeman of the land, i've been researching for the last week as my partner has been arrested for a crime he did not commit and the so called law in this country think that they are above it, it seems you can be plucked out of your own home in front of your missus and kids incarcerated denied your rights to phone calls etc, be charged with trumped up charges which a court upholds with absolutely no evidence not one shred which is against their own guidelines, and then to top it all off print it in the newpapers with home address that your missus and kids still live at, and incarcerate you.  So my question is can a person who has been incarcerated for a crime they did not commit, can they from their cell do the freeman of the land notice of understanding (which i think should read inner standing ) of intent?  and then if he revokes his initial consent can he be released? and failing that if he serves his notice of understanding and intent and is still held, upon release can he collect on the schedule of fees set out within the freeman of the land notice of intent, hope this makes sense.

PS I dont mean to be rude but i have researched this topic before so do not believe that its "all crap" as some solicitors would like to believe, i have also noted on other forums (not this website) that whenever the thread is discussed you get some disillusioned souls that are determined to give disinformation, and make it a thread about abuse  which i will not engage in with brothers and sisters so please do not be offended if i do not reply to you.

Please note i believe everything happens for a reason, i think our work is now speeding up and i can feel change in the air.  I'm also looking at this situation positively as i probably would not have been serious about becoming a freewomen unless this had happened.

Last note i noticed when trying to get some response to the mistakes that all these government agencies have made the only avenue open to you is one of complaint to which they can dismiss whereas a claim has to be taken seriously "children complain adults claim"

peace and light to you all

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Robert Artur Menard, UCADIA, seek Freeman sites on the web there are many. "reality"  blogger . one site after antother yuo will get the wholness, Mary Croft is just a bomb!

here is a feeman guide

Many thanks to everyone for your input, i have drafted my own documents after looking at all information, thanks for the info Darren i will look into that.


wholeness and light to you all

Without fully reading your comment, I'm in a rush, but do know a lady's channel on youtube called Druanna.


Wow, was just about to post the link cos she was real clued up on becoming a sovereign and not being a slave to the system but her account is now closed. Keep an eye on it, serious, in case she gets her account re-activated.

Hi Lola, I've checked out Druanna too and it looks like she's been back up for a little while but on a new channel. She's got a video up with an explanation of what was going on. She says she was picking up negative energy due to being an empath from people watching her videos, sounds like she became real sick, but she looks and sounds healthy and optimistic now.

Carley, here is a document entitled "How to Win in Court" forwarded to me by Glenn Fearn ( it's a Google doc ):



Before you read it please view this short youtube video I call : "Is the system the antichrist?" -



Forewarned is forearmed.



PS - the RCMP interrogated me last night for petting the neighbor's dog ?!  sheesh! WTF?!

I feel you on the police-interfering-with-dog-petting thing, Darren. I've moved a bunch of times and I never get a license for my dog - don't understand why I need to pay the city to let me have a dog that I take care of myself - and Los Angeles county threatened to fine me because a neighbor reported my neighbor's dog barking, so the dog inspector people came and found that I also had a dog, not registered in the pooch database, and blah blah blah. I didn't want to have a fight with the city cuz they also said 2 more violations and theyd' take my dog, so I ended up getting a license there, but nowhere else I've ever lived.


You'd think with all the budget cuts and California being near bankruptcy they'd have better things to do than spend money on having dog police! Maybe they're hoping to collect enough fines to get themselves out of the debt hole, LOL.



Hi Leigh!

A license is "permission to break natural law" and it allos for 'practice?', what about performing?

Anyway regarding the debt of the state of California, Walter Burien of www.CAFR1.com exposed just how much

wealth is hidden in the second set of books that just the county of L.A. has a 38 billion dollar excess and there are 58 ! counties in California.

We are so wealthy it is not funny.

One day at a time. Until a certain mass of people wake up. Did you watch the 60 Minutes programs on mortgage fraud? http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7361572n&tag=related;pho...


April 15, 2011 - One week away!


Take care,



To anyone who has not watched the video Darren referred me to:


it is really something to see.


In response to Your comment about wealth, Darren, I totally agree. It sickens me to see all that we have around us - homes already built and just decaying because "no one" "owns" them - and then people like those in the 60 Minutes piece who have no place to go because pieces of government-stamped paper have told them so. Have u seen pictures of developments in places like Florida where speculators bought up land, started to build "neighborhoods" from scratch, only to find that no neighbors wanted to/could afford to move it?


I'm sorry to harp on this ... I see this site is a bit more into esoteric theory than I have been ... But I think the Matrix is HERE, and who controls it for real I can't say and perhaps will never know. I suppose I hadn't been thinking about it in the same way many of u all are, which I respect and want to learn more about. Is this what 'innerstanding' is? This site which seems a very good start!


We see Unreality all around with the government and investment banks forging a paper world that constraints where we live, where we go, and what we do. I think and research about how to escape this control, and I have many ideas, but like too many others on this planet I'm afraid I'm a coward. But I really do respect Robert Menard's low-key and logical approach to this whole thing. It seems approachable as he describes it. He's in Canada though. Does anyone (e.g. Darren :) )know if you can belong to Freeman on the Land in the USA?


Peace (and happy tax day, LOL)


Hey Leigh!

Just let go of the material world.

We are almost to the point of instantaneous infinity.

For $300 Cdn I joined http://freedomclubusa.com/home but I don't

recommend it to many others as it has lots of negative feedback associated

with it. It's the same with the "Dove" and NESARA http://www.fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/government/banking_and_taxa... which is strongly religion based, locked in the drama of duality. Some say that the navy is responsible for these sites, just as they write most of the internet viruses and worms. There are also these people: http://www.republicfortheunitedstates.org/ . Do all these groups mean well? Are they spectaular deceptions? I guess it is up you the visitor to decide.


Take care no matter where you go,


Thanks for your wise words and guidance, Darren. I have heard that some of these guys are tricksters who take the money and run! Fortunately never experienced that myself - yet - but then I think there are also unknown prices paid by those like me who look too hard before they leap. Because you never find out where you would have landed! I feel that this site and the people on it may help me open my mind to taking those leaps.




I know the author of this website personally and will vouch for his character:


His name is Eldon Warman and he lives in Calgary. I know that Canada sounds like a foreign jurisdiction ( oath spoken) - juris - diction, but the material applies equally well for citizens of the USA and to freemen, ie.sovereigns. I participated with this fellow David-Wynn: Miller of www.dwmlc.com and we took documents to the World Court in the Hague, Netherlands yet nothing seemed to come of our efforts. Also there were many documents submitted to the crown from the "People of Turtle Island" of which I was one ( as we all really are, as the turtle is a metaphor ).

One day at a time... guess it is up to Cosmic Law.





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