Below: Fractal Electric Discharge Patterns Generated by
Placing a CD into a Microwave for approximately 4 seconds!!

Hyperdimensional Patterns ( The objects that cast shadows called the alphabet ):
Not all patterns are fractal. They have to spin as well as expand or contract in size.

4 dimensional object with the characteristic shape of the human brain???
The image below is the result of drawing a sphere in four dimensions, with a moderate
adjustment to one of the dimensional parameters and displaying the result as a 3-dimensional surface.
Very Interesting!

What is so important about fractals?
Do fractals work or do any work?
Especially using nanomaterials.
Just imagine steering a tornado from the inside!
The smaller you are the more control over the tornado you exrcise with a little movement.
A spinning 3D pattern is a 4D form.
Study the torus!

Start with some music here:

and then visit for some images:
Fractal Chakras
and then watch the video knowing that DNA is a fractal antenna:


To really make your fractal antenna effective try adding third vertical?

Just look into ternary logic.

A third vertical leads to tetrahedral shapes and then to pyramidal points, ie. half the octahedron,

which is the most efficient 3D shape for an antenna and also what really large structures of stars look like in space:



 scientists in Denmark discovered that when they rotated ordinary water -- or a more viscous solvent known as ethylene glycol -- at certain speeds, the water no longer formed a typical tornado-shaped vortex... instead, mysterious geometric patterns emerged... including our 'square':


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If you use rotation you can find the 2,4,6 pattern repeated in the Saturn Seal or 7th Seal as this planet governs the 6-7 transition ( for males the sacral/root/crown trinity ) in meditation. Spiral into the blue plasma of Earth's Center!


Just twist the image above 90 degrees and match to the previous twin octahedra galactic pattern !



Arthur C. Clarke provided the following video with his book:

Fractal Geometry - The Colors of Infinity




Here's Benoit Mandelbrot at TED speaking on 'roughness":



Fibonacci's Fractals:



Excellent film to see the value of Fractal Geometry in today's data driven information world.



Very educational fractal film explaining the logarithmic spiral used by nature.

The 64 hexagram I Ching explains the 5 elements

as the "plane of existence", because the pentagram is one face of a dodecahedron. When two vortexes meet all the elements of the periodic table can be created from the geometry of two connected dodecahedrons. This geometry explains the valence shell electron pattern:


Here's an I Ching webpage that looks into the holographic nature of reality via the binary code of our DNA.



Is the Universe a fractal ?

As Science progresses it is confounded by the fractal nature of its environment and even the reticulate fractal systems of our internal system (bronchi) and everything that are seemingly chaotic are explainable by fractal mathematics discovered by Mandelbrot(Set). As you become fractally aware, you will be astounded by the fractal nature of all naturally occurring phenomena in sunflowers, rivers, mountains, coastlines and branches in trees and veins in leaves.

As Galileo has postulated, the universe, if we are able to decipher what it means, in terms of its greatness, its godliness, its incomprehensible and chaotic nature, we have to be able understand the language it is written in and the language is “Mathematics”  and its character are triangle, circles and geometric figures which in turns lead us to the metaphysical world of  “sacred geometry”.

As the field of “metaphysics” and “quantum science”  meets, we rediscovered an even more ancient metaphysical language that help us decipher the cosmic code in the East called YiJing(I Ching) and its character is in the form binary code, which is the language of our modern computer.

The language of “zero & one” or “on & off” or “Yin & Yang”  is also the building blocks of triangles circles and geometric figures which we find in “sacred geometry” and as the geometry is the basis for the formation of  “Visica Picis” , “Seed of Life” , “Flower of Life” , “Fruit of Life”.

Really great work Darren!

Thank you!



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