If you could just speak what you wanted to find on these ever changing pages of histagrams with rectangles and squares . Then it light up or have some thing point to it . would save us all a  lot of frustration .  If you want help with the garden let me know . I cant get in touch with anyone anymore .

so many . need more recievers .

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Hi noitavlas,

I understand your frustration with trying to navigate on the Resistance with what at times can be an overload of expansive information from multiple sources on multiple levels.

This is why we are currently working very hard to create a completely new interface for our website so that things will be much more cohesive.  All we ask is for just a little patience because these changes are under way as we speak :)



   I wasnt  talking about the resistance , particularly , its just that all web pages are differrent . If you  could speak what you wanted to find , and it would either light up .    Or it would magnify and jump out at  you  .  Or have things color coded according to  topic also . I like that trick when editing multiple files , the ones that were the most recent had green letterring . Thats much easier to distinguish when you cant see the forest for the trees . Green is the most visible .      So let me think this into reality , someone will read this and begin to develope it . While i think up more ideas .  I could keep a bunch of them very busy .

          So what can i do to help you all ? 



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