Success at opening the throat chakra! What's going on here?

     I experienced a spontaneous opening of the heart chakra as I was reading the Code to the Matrix. I'm not sure how or why this happened, and I thought it was all made up at first because I had never experienced it for myself. Since then, I have felt a growing sense of being at one with everyone else, of peace bot within myself and with others. I love this feeling as it makes my chest feel tingly and I can feel the energy circulating and radiating outward. I can feel the presence of others with negative attitudes when I am near them, and I avoid them because I feel weighed down by their anger or sadness. This is probably not the right way to respond to this feeling, but I'm still new to this stuff. I'm still learning.

     After watching a video of Dr. Stephen greer using remote viewing to contact extraterrestrials, I ventured out into the forest at night to attempt this for myself. Note that I was alone and had no idea what I was doing. I was also scared because I didn't know what to expect(which many of you might find funny if you knew how tall and massive I am). Needless to say, I was unsuccessful, but what I did bring from the experience was that the courage needed to break free of the fear of meeting an ET, or of being mauled by a bear in the dead of night with no one else around to help me, or even of getting lost and having to spend the rest of the night in the forest and possibly freezing to death, actually filled me with energy, raising my vibrations and opening the throat chakra. I could feel it for real for the first time, and even now I can feel the energy flowing through me.

     I was under the assumption that chakras were supposed to close. Instead, I feel myself being filled with ever increasing amounts of energy. My body is even trembling from it. What the heck is going on here? 

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Wholeness Dragonborn, there have been reporting of spontaneous awakenings during review of The Code to the Matrix thank you for sharing your experience. Do keep in mind the "E.T." is already inside all of us as we are everything, there is nothing Extra Terrestrial to us, it is a matter of maximum self discovery which can be achieved through balance and harmony through purpose. We are with you!

After that happened, for a couple of weeks i had really bad anxiety issues and even got sick with flulike symptoms, and I NEVER get sick. I even had trouble falling asleep. I finally managed to calm down and got better, and later when I looked at my aura around my hand, it was light BLUE instead of the pale green it was before. If I understand correctly, green is the color of balance, so did I screw myself up? Do I need to fix this? Is this a problem? I am a lot more expressive and communicative with others now, when before I was pretty introverted. I guess that is a good thing, isn't it? I'm really confused about the whole ascension process. There is so much conflicting information on the internet, and I really don't know what to do or if I'm doing the right thing.

Thank you for taking the time to help me understand things, Sevan. Your site and your work is amazing.


I'm working on opening the third eye now while conscious. I have managed to cause it to vibrate and got flashes of light and vibration while I was on the phone with my father carrying on a normal conversation. He asked me what the buzzing was in the background! He could hear it from his phone! So I turned it off to see if it went away, and it did! Of course, it was cold outside and I didn't have time to try it again out in the woods on the rock where I like to meditate. I'll keep trying and let everyone know when it works. Wish me luck and the same to everyone else!


BTW, I have noticed I have to sleep more while doing this work. Has anyone else noticed this or is this more a product of the winter season and being out of the sun?

I forgot to mention that my torso was involuntarily moving in a counterclockwise sort of dance. it was noticeable but just barely. I have read about kundalini, so I guess this is what that was.

What ended up happening is that energy turned into anxiety and I actually got sick with a cold with symptoms originating in the throat which turned around soon after I pushed the anxiety down, thus leading to a state of too little energy. Maybe this is what happens when you dont balance your aura properly?



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