I was floored while listening to National Public Radio today. I had no idea that every five years in Nepal the people sacrifice over 200,000 animals to Gadhimai, the Hindu Goddess of power. The sacrifices started November 24th at dawn. Click on the link below to read the story.

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If anything should be sacrificed it should be ones possessions not Our animal friends who do not have the will to defend themselves from the great Beast man. Keeping in tune with the 8 veil post and the confusion of Ghandi's role, which we do not support, the similarity in the name Gadhimai and Ghandi must be looked into as these words are just about anagrams. This does show however that We have an uncanny way of being perfectly timed to stay on top of things. Jubilant
That's a lot of energy being taken for Gaghimai. Where is the animal's energy going after being killed in the name of a God? Has that animal's soul actually been taken and it's eternal lifeforce no longer it's own? Is this the same thing that happens when humans are sacrificed against their will? Has their soulforce been imprisioned and their Divine destiny halted? What about when humans willingly give their soul to God's like Yaweh, Jesus, Allah? Has those humans destinies been stolen because of their ignorance of metaphysical law?
Many animals upon death go to the land of Ether i.e. MU. This realm is also on the brink of transition. It is like this, there is a eco system here and We know that life supports life and animals do eat animals. Find it strange at all that what the human is looking for is the "taste" of meat. Then most season the meat not even like a "Pre"dater, hehe look at that world "Pre" Dater/Ancient Ones/ Anunakki. So I know other Beings and man have cooked up a mess and We will withstand anything as long as We keep moving and never tire at learning and Innerstanding, showing oneself approved. We are becoming more than animals and that requires not consuming things and burning things and sacrificing things, etc. So We are all patient to a degree because mans actions are not ignored and this is the brink. I will tell you this, when you see people cast away, profane, and slander the one who brings life, stomping out there own substance, poisoning the air they have to breathe and the babies, the ones that don't make it and are aborted. I will fly them all to the real heaven myself one by one if I have to. My light is burning brighter everyday. Do know when We completely break this cocoon we will Exact those who have taken the high places and been evil with people. The Sons of the Sons few are left that are kind, but there is a remedy for all of this and We are poised for the time and the call.

They do. The true magic is to abstain from such things to not damn ones soul with multiple layers of Karma. However one still has to understand that those people in attendance are being oversouled by something that feasts on such energy. That allows one to look at the religion and the Gods involved. ARAB AB - Father RA - Well you know. Now the situation at hand is We must now confront these Beings, just great, nothing like a God with an Ego complex. No but serious the youth are the key and the Ones that will train them are here. We just need a little more push from the elders who have been charged with storing the material resources for Us to get this to the next level. We are optimist working with prime numbers :-)
Okay CG hear you, I'm liking that flare. Nicely put.

Just so We are clear on why the dimension (Demon Sion) will be closing.
Those pictures are horrifying. How could anyone think this kind of slaughter could bring good luck? Sevan, are you saying that this third dimen- sion could be coming to an end?
Nothing actually comes to an end but their will be a "depression" which is when this frequency presses down into another as Mammon dies and Digitaria is born. It is a good thing many of Us will be outside of time when this takes place, still pulling people out We will be.
Interesting. The positive note in this "sacrifice" is that much of that which is slaughtered is eaten (my opinion). For such a poor community, such a belief more than likely keeps the people inspired. There is abundant power in any belief system, whether positive or negative in our view; and, combined or mass belief and consciousness often manifest realities.

Thanks for sharing!

Peace, Light and Love, C.
Hmmm I'm sure people would rather go into re-splendidness than have their energy sucked until the can't fend off common disease, but that is just my thoughts. I see no positive note in sacrifice of animals, nor does the animal which is living and thinking, and as I said before, one will have nothing to anchor to if they find themselves doing the same thing the Ancient Ones intend on doing to what they believe is just food also. Its never fun when the monkey has the gun. Not to mention that most of these sacrificial animals decay before they can be eaten. What a waste. In a deluded state of mind one sees thinks inverted, wrong becomes right, life means death but in the mind that is free it lives to let live. To take is to ask to be taken to horde is to wait to be hoarded life innerstands the energy only, not the various intentions, rhetoric, and maybe's of an unbalanced mind, but enough of that was showed on the secret. This only shows that the loop of the intelligence of the masses has been the same for the last 10,000 years at least. That's a little strange would you think? Better check the gods. They have given peaces when one need whole, the light is a lie, and love is really evol. The hard facts are the solid foundation of the future.
Good points...Tina and Sevan. Such horrible energies seem to have persisted for years in this community...if only they would step back and digest what it is they are manifesting in their lives and reverse their thought patterns. Perhaps then they would be able to reverse the poverty cycle they have been in for so long.

Thanks for the insight, both of you.




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