Hi! I AM... about to breath in and out my current stuff. Soul stuff and what not, spirit stuff. YOU stuff.

When it comes to this website, a website existing to help you unravel everything you'd like to - I feel so limited by this system of communication: English language. I kinda don't even want to speak, let alone type. Was that colon supposed to be there? Was that dash used right? Is it a soul or a spirit? What word is it? I know it means YOU. That's basically it. This website is dedicated to YOU. Lets do this!

This language system is deep. I've breathed in this language just like everyone else inhales a language. I have been using my language, my spoken words, to designate my thoughts. The sparks in my body, and being - by habit, those sparks will mostly manifest as a string of words in my head. The feeling of the sparks have been ignored because I've trained myself to tie sounds the body can make (spoken words) into everything I think. The spoken word explains all my feelings, everything.

I started to realize that words controlled all my thoughts. When I went to think, I'd voice the language in my head.

I'd like to apologize to this website. On my old account, I did not go with the website's purposes. I went with my own barely understood words to form the meanings behind my posts. I don't think I've ever been in a world like this. It is amazing! It has so much going on.

- - -

I'm thinking, zero point. I mean, communicate things at a level that is clear of any personal or otherwise, obstructions which are blocking full access. I'm thinking this site is dedicated to posts that are created by a balanced field of being. Not created by a shuffling of mutated stances, with words replacing the sparks, words mutating what you first felt at that instance the spark grew, into a hybrid of whatever you're being has been listening to.

- - -

I feel spread out. Every part of me is going really far with all sorts of energy. But I am starting to figure out to... flush in light? So that all my parts can get settled next to each other and...

There can be this perfect silence! Then I can start seeing the sparks again. I knew they were always there but I ignored them, focused on my language. I can tell where a spark is going, I can see if a negative trigger sparked up, or a positive or neutral or...

I can see what it is going to happen when I pursue, these sparks, my stuff, instead of the old way of having to stop on something, without even realizing where its coming from, then form words to solidify my stance on said something, and make that my truth. I can let it all flow now and see whats what!

To be honest I am overwhelmed! There is so much to do when it comes to just thinking! And its not just your head. It's your entire body, your whole being! Every part of it can grow sparks, grow sparks off of each other, ad infinitum. Thoughts can then manifest, and things can start going where ever you set it up.

Zero point. - my state where I can, at the very least see, how far away from my core being, the words purpose are. At most, I can see every spark born from me... can see where the particular feeling comes from. Can understand better/

- -

I would love to keep going on this! This site has opened my self. I really appreciate what is being done here. Much love to all! Thank you.

- -

Passing thought - love came first. Then eventually there came fear. Maybe sometimes, so fast you can't measure it with time, after the spark birthed (because of love), fear suddenly appeared. Fear appeared through love, by love - I think. Oh I read an ancient story off the web about the YAWEH, one of the first dudes taht came here, set off this place with a bang, I think. How he birthed one of the first sparks of fear. By creating a feeling that he was not "good" enough. Thought he had to do more for love, was feeling being in love was not enough, even though he was probably surrounded by it.

Oh man, polarity is... gorgeous. It's us, all of us, spread out thin, spread out very thin sometimes. It's god spread out... because it looked damn good and we wanted to try it!

LOL, everyone! This is a wild ride! I love it! I love you! It is good to see you. Good times ahead for 2014!

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EGO BOOSTING! Does anyone like this? Can anyone make sense of this?


I just stumbled upon this. Basically what I was calling Zero Point. But probably even before my so called zero point, this omega point was going, going!

Without too many words...    Thank you. Be balanced.

do it Yaweh or your own way



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