Hi everyone,

For the past few years I've been making a strong effort to buy secondhand clothes, make my own natural cleaning solutions and personal care products, and overall minimizing my use of un-recyclable items or things made from non sustainable resources. However, since I am a believer of using natural products I believe that the use of leather is better for my energy body than it is to wear things made of acrylic or rubber, etc. I know that fur farms mistreat their animals and would not consider purchasing anything from a fur farm, but what of shearling that came from a reputable source that has been brain tanned (using natural methods), or rabbit fur? These are animals that we consume and aren't endangered or illegally obtained.

See, Im currently living in Colorado Springs coming from Miami. The weather change has been a little difficult to say the least, and I've tried wearing canvas shoes with thick socks but my toes freeze within 15 minutes of being outside when it snows. I'm considering making myself moccasins since I am a big DIY person and the Native American culture is very much apart of this area (I have a friend who is Sioux but I feel sometimes he gets too "heated" when certain topics are brought up about his culture, so I haven't consulted him on this yet), this way I can also choose where my leather comes from while trying to connect with the history here. I've considered faux leather/fur but something inside me really doesn't like the idea that it is not biodegradable. I'm also put off by the potential effects on my energy. 

What is the healthiest option in a situation like this? I don't want to support senseless killing but I cannot rely on my canvas shoes to protect me. If anyone can help me gain some innerstanding on this situation I would greatly appreciate it. 

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