O.k. here it goes.....I've only astral projected once that I can remember back in July of this year. I was off from work due to a car accident for 2and a half months. This gave me time to heal, reflect and meditate. I couldnt do much so I would go outside and stand or sit in the sun and verbally welcome its energy and healing. I also did some sun gazing around this time. After experiencing what seemed like a lifetime of insomnia, this time was very good to me. Wthout the go go go of life I could just take a few deep breaths and fall right asleep. With all of that being said, I fell fast asleep one night (who knows how much time had past) just to awaken staring down at myself from above my bed. There was an entity standing over me, no physical features just as a shadow. It did not seem to want to harm me. It had what would be his hand over my eyes and forehead. I was struggling to get his hand off of my face but could not move enough away from his strong hold. I could not speak to call for help and could not help myself as I watched helpless. Now, if I am falling asleep and feel like an OBE is gonna come on (it started with pins and needles in my arms and legs) I fight it until I am fully awake, rub my arms and legs and hope the sensation does not come on again. I have since stopped meditating and deep breathing but still enjoy the sun. I don't want to fear astral projection. However, I don't know how to overcome these feelings. Any advice or groups that anyone can recommend? Wholeness.

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I haven't done it yet. But when I tried years ago, what happened was my body would start to feel as if I was on a boat ..rocking side to side, then the rocking sensation would get really fast and  I felt I was falling through the bed. Then Id get scared. Still havent done it.


The referenced book is a good start.  Also check out the Lucid Dreamers group here on the Resistance.  There are a few experienced lucid dreamers that can answer your questions regarding techniques for overcoming fear experienced during LD. 

Once the fear is released, the door opens freely.


Here is my personal experience with astral Travel and the blockages associated with it. 

1. Your mind is the key. Free your mind and you free your soul to leave your body. Apprehension comes from the mind, as does fear. So it is a MUST to free the mind.
2. The tool I use to calm the mind is repetition of a WORD in order to gain the required effect. For each person the WORD may be different. I use the word "silence" and repeat the WORD slowly with each exhaled breath.
3. breathe SLOWLY! I cannot stress how important this is. The longer the better. FEEL how the air moves in and out of your body. FEEL yourself relax. You might begin to feel tingling sensations in various places of the body, or a static-like feeling. This is a good thing, it means your getting there. Keep repeating the word you have chosen until your mind becomes clear. You will know when it happens because of the SPACE that opens up.
4.Do not focus on any colors/artifacts you see. These will pass. Your focus must remain on the FEELING of deep relaxation.

Once the mind is clear and the body is relaxed to point where you cannot feel yourself in it any more, there is a tipping point. This is sometimes where I struggle. My mind tries to fight it or my body twitches. Recenter, focus, breathe, relax and it will come. My last OOBE took about 3 hrs. Focus and intent WILL get you there! 

Thanks  Tanycha and  Silas David I appreciate the feedback. Silas, you are so right about fear and apprehension being in the mind. Tanycha, I will check out the lucid dreamers group :-)

Are you experiencing this just before going to sleep, or while you are awake?  Some people say that they can do this while they walk down the street, and others say it happens while sleeping.



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