Through my spiritual journey here I have realized that as one sheds the emotional baggage of ego projections and karmic attracted energies, and transcends the false identification with the physical body, and through the breaking down of lower mental programming that one gets to a point where one comes face to face with their own inner being.

When one reaches this stage of awakening then one becomes more autonomous in the external plane. But with this awakening comes the forging of a new path of expansion which comes with more freedom (and responsibility out of love of course). Building on the WILL power to experience more free-WILL then one WILL come to a point where the last stage of obstacles in the physical incarnation of a human being is to help us be completely free and those obstacles are out of the need to overcome and transcend all fears.

The words FEAR and FREE are very closely related as you can take the word FREE and turn it into FEER which is the same phonetic vibration as FEAR and to me this might be a divine coincidence to allow us to innerstand and overstand the nature of FEAR and its relation of being FREE.

Fears are energetic barbed wire fences that place limitations on where our consciousness can go. So if one has any fear then they are not completely free in the quintessence meaning of the concept of freedom. Our fears act as our spiritual guides because they allow us to reflect on what is limiting our experience. A fear in the real sense is just an emotional reaction to an otherwise neutral projection of the mind. And the only reason why we fear something is through the act of giving the projected image or thought power to the point where it has power over us to conjure up such an emotion. Yes we have our physical instincts such as fight or flight but once you transcend the body you realize that the residual fears are emotional and mental based which means they are just projections stored in our subconsciousness. You can blame the outside world for your fears all day but its because you have allowed the fear to be a reality in your innerverse that you are experiencing said fear.

I think its a special synchronicity that in this cycle of our social evolution that the super power America has waged a war against fear which is really an attempt to amplify it like the War on Drugs. War on TERROR is really just saying War on FEAR. If you understand the subconsciousness anything you place focus on even if it is to go against it you ultimately give it energy to therefore building it up and amplifying it to manifest quicker. So by waging war on fear itself it reveals the idea that the powers that be realize that this is the only enemy that can coerce people into compromising their individual freedoms. This War on Terror is just as much a spiritual conflict as it is a geopolitical one and is very important in our collective spiritual growth.

You cannot be spiritually, mentally, or even physically free unless you have no fears, fearlessness. Working on chakras and raising energy levels are one way to rise above these fears but it also takes a very deep journey inside one's own subconsciousness to see what are your hidden fears. If you treat your fears like brothers and sisters then they can guide you into innerstanding aspects about yourself  that are limiting your expansion and keeping you off balance. Fears therefore are one of the greatest tools in the neophytes path to spiritual autonomy. Like the axiom states the only way to overcome a fear is to face it but am saying go a step forward and kiss it. When a fear arises in you rejoice for a lesson is about to be learned and expansion will inevitably take place. The whole universe and great soul is with you so at the end of the day what is there really to fear.

FEAR or FEER is truly one of the master keys to FREEdom. It all comes down whether you have the courage to hold this master key with a smile of confidence and a sense of oneness.


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wow, thank you for this good vibration. 

yeah, someone else said that fear really isn't that bad. that fear and anger emotions are really just violations of your preconceived boundaries. 

there was also a saying from a tight rope walker who was asked about the feelings and fear of falling when he is up there. but he said that fear can be like a compass that is telling him how to adjust himself. 

take care

No problem that tight rope example is very revealing for me thank u

i believe courage is about being fearful sometimes but doing it anyhow, however if you do everything from a fearful perspective you may stress yourself out, do it because you love it in some way

first off thank you: "i believe courage is about being fearful sometimes but doing it anyhow,"

I have been practicing this and it has been doing wonders in conquering my fears and bringing me back to my senses.

i was contemplating this the other day and remembered it this morning. it seems like fear is like an evolutionary function to help with your survival but of course, that fear as associated with the ego, can sometimes take over and do too much and thus relate to imbalance.

that deeper fear, is like a lock or a door/gate placed on our reserve of energy activated by adrenaline in extreme life threatening situations.

im still unsure if that energy should be used all the time in normal situations, that is to say it may wear the body out. but the gate may be opened during meditation or regular consciousness to work on life problems, but then it seems like there has to be a time of recovery or self-care. 

it is said by several esotericians that the average persons solar plexus, which is the seat of our emotions, is overstimulated due to many factors. Fear and stress serves its purpose but you are right into thinking that accessing this adrenaline on a daily basis which most of us do does drain our energy and deplete our nutrients thus causing us to age faster and weakening our aura making us susceptible to all kinds of external threats.

Recovery from over stimulation is very simple and that is proper rest and enough self love to not have guilt when one is resting. Rest is key to bring back the balance of an overstimulated center.

From personal experience I have tangibly felt the fear drain chi from my kidneys and the kidneys are directly connected to the adrenal glands.    

On the other side of the coin even positive emotions has the potential to also overstimulate if one becomes addicted to these positive pleasure sensory experiences. That is why equanimity and being in control of our emotional bodies in a balanced way are one of the main goals in meditation practices.



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