O.k. here it goes.....I've only astral projected once that I can remember back in July of this year. I was off from work due to a car accident for 2and a half months. This gave me time to heal, reflect and meditate. I couldnt do much so I would go outside and stand or sit in the sun and verbally welcome its energy and healing. I also did some sun gazing around this time. After experiencing what seemed like a lifetime of insomnia, this time was very good to me. Wthout the go go go of life I could just take a few deep breaths and fall right asleep. With all of that being said, I fell fast asleep one night (who knows how much time had past) just to awaken staring down at myself from above my bed. There was an entity standing over me, no physical features just as a shadow. It did not seem to want to harm me. It had what would be his hand over my eyes and forehead. I was struggling to get his hand off of my face but could not move enough away from his strong hold. I could not speak to call for help and could not help myself as I watched helpless. Now, if I am falling asleep and feel like an OBE is gonna come on (it started with pins and needles in my arms and legs) I fight it until I am fully awake, rub my arms and legs and hope the sensation does not come on again. I have since stopped meditating and deep breathing but still enjoy the sun. I don't want to fear astral projection. However, I don't know how to overcome these feelings. Any advice or groups that anyone can recommend? Wholeness.

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I have experienced the same

more than once? were you afraid the first time?

yes a couple times, i use a past life regression technique to help me try and get out of body, i thought maybe the numbness was an issue, but apparently they use hypnotism in surgery sometimes even. The solution is to go deeper into the body to get out of the body

Hi tomtom, I don't quite understand. I did not experience the OBE on purpose, nor am I trying to do it again. This was just something that happened to me and I am now wanting to understand it so that I wont be afraid of it. Thanks for sharing your story as well. Wholeness.

I don't know why but I still have difficulty trying to astral project. I don't try everyday but the part where I have to project myself out is hard I got out a long time ago on accident. I wonder if its because of the environment I'm in? 

Hi Dee pittman wholeness and ting i would recommend a book by robert bruce called astral dynamics

it shows you how to do it astral travel safely. if you feel fear you have to tell your higher self that you will have

OBE s and return safely you have to say it out loud every day a few times. but what it sounds like what happened to you was that you had an OBE but you were in the real time zone there are different areas of OBE real time and the astral zone which is when you go further. if you saw your body then you clould have gone further away until you could not see your body then you would have been outside of the real time zone and further in to the astral realm

if you were in danger you would immeadiatly be called back to your body. but say if you were in deep sleep and you had a OBE and you were away astral travelling and you came back to your body you find that the body not ready and you would be banging away at your self trying to get back and you could not until you are about to wake up if that makes sense. some people thought that they were dead but they were not.

Me i have only done it once and i went up into space and came back down when i realised how high up i was got scared and came back down and i have been trying but i cant seem to do it again i have been trying for a while and no success yet.

And to be successfull at it you have the body asleep and mind awake



Thanks Techy dread both informing and interesting. Wholeness :-)

Jpa100 I don't think that I'm ready yet. However, You are very open to astral projection and I hope you get to the point where it comes easier for you. keep at it. Wholeness

Forget everything youve ever been afraid of this journey here is straight up illusion thats it, no right or wrong. get with the party you enjoy and have fun 

david michael lol...I'm trying :-)

Think of it this way. You are an astral body. The tie goes to the human vehicle, to give you this experience, as well as the other way around. What you are looking at is closer to your natural state.

I have an astral entity named David that stuns or otherwise neutralises me in interesting and creative ways any time I get lucid enough. I am pondering whether he does this as I still carry certain energies which he's highlighted (or invoked to stun me), or whether he's doing it for other reasons. Why I am telling you this is - to my best research, when you dream consciously you are projecting into the mental plane, so you've been projecting all your life anyway, just realising this can give you a more accepting attitude of whatever you experience.

Most of these entities that we see have been generated by us at some point, all have been on a deeper level, though some like mine and others are not so easily dismissed just by will power, as they have abilities beyond those -we realise we have, or have realised.-.  You are far greater than anything shadows, thought forms, or astral entities but you still need to learn or accept that.

If you need more practical advice, I would recommend astral dynamics, either the free ebook from astralbob.com or the hardcopy book which has a few more techniques in but is essentially the same material. Practice a lot, realise that many things are outside of your immediate (but not eventual) control, so not to get too frustrated, if for instance you have great success on the full moon but poor results on a new moon; if the people around you are so low vibration that they sometimes interfere (indirectly) in the combined field, or if you yourself are just not able to move the energies you sometimes can etc.

Thanks Mark, I appreciate your advice and your sharing :-)



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