In the enviroment of the mind controled slaves , anyone who speaks any true wisdom or ideas is always ridiculed and treated like an outcast ,like something is wrong with them . This is because of envy and jealousy of the slaves . Are envious because they are devoid of any ideas or wisdom . And their conversations consist of hate for the most part , gossipping and critisizing others , memes etc . And this usually makes up the majority of a college class . So they all join together in their hate campain against this person . If you are adept expect this .

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Very true! I'm dealing with this on a almost daily basis. The closed mind can never understand the expanded one, It comes to point where it can turn to energetic vampire situation. Most the time i just try to stay within and monitor my own mind stream.

Indeed, I wonder if this is especially true in the US/'Americanized/''Sophisticated' cultures. I can't say having not been outside the US, but I get the feeling. Of course, as you said this is to be expected wherever the ego is at stake. From here we could move on to methods of addressing specific generic reactions of the various slave archetypes.. a subject I've spent  much time on. No doubt a great topic for expansion Noltavias! I'll contribute what I can when I get a few mins to dive in

yes ,especially bad here

  • "Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that." -Dr. MLK

Remember, everyone contains the full spectrum but that does not mean it is the high harmonics they choose to amplify. The Earth plane has many dense fields but you must be the bridge, sometimes that means being walked on though, as you ferry individuals to the other side of their consciousness. :-) Upward and Inward makes a Torus!  I feel you though brother, it is good we have each other. Wholeness

We embody soaring frequencies and exude authentic compassion...collectively, we ignite within.


When you can expect your enemies next move, it makes that move hurt less/ easier to disarm, doesn't it? 

The enemy of the self is the ego, when it has taken over and restricts the self (corrupted), more than it rightly should (its job is to secure our survival and be consistent, as far as i see it, as a slightly more complicated version of the ID (basic animal drives))

Also, one tactic I've found useful is to simply ask questions, not to appear stupid, or make oneself appear as something different than one actually is, but just to... gently ask questions, to see what people are really like. When you ask others questions, you are not giving them ammunition to shoot you with, and they don't know what you think, but you do, and you begin to learn what they think. being flexible like this, dropping one's own identity, is a good way to gather "intel" and do "recon" work, LOL. Of course, it is not ideal, and i have been a chameleon like this for many years, but sometimes, it just feels like there is no other way, other than going on a rampage. 

lots of people are balloons! big on the outside, but really just wind on the inside, and when you prick them with a needle, they fly apart, because they are bags of fear, who just go on and on repeating themselves until something new happens. am i talking about myself? of course, as all is self, and you can look at this with compassion instead of just contempt, as "they" do. the "demons" (haunted by their own superstitions, attachments and beliefs)  operating on the lower levels... i met a reptile human in a lucid dream one night, waking up i said "now i know they're real"... but, was i in a parallel reality, or a projection of my own mind?

Well, poking needles into people isn't always the best way to get them on your "side" but as sevan said, "we're in duality but not on that side" LoL. circles have no sides, only squares. 

Adepts play chess, which consists of squares... the only circular thing in it is the base of the units, the pawn has a chance to become king, but at the end of the game, both units go back into the same box.


Speaking of which, I came across this today, TED, which has been a progressive medium for airing the voice of alternative worldly solutions & the fringe apparently draws the line at talking with spirits with Graham Hancock's January presentation involving ayahuasca & marijuana.

In the article above, in the official blog of TED the staff states: "TED’s scientific advisors who viewed the talk expressed to us grave concerns about it. For example, it suggests a world view in which DMT can connect users directly to 'seemingly intelligent entities which communicate with us telepathically.' Graham Hancock does state he makes no claim to the reality status of these entities, but he also argues that they can teach and heal us, claims that are well outside orthodox scientific thinking."

So in their words, they have an 'anonymous board of scientific advisors' who were the ones to pull the plug on this 'spirit talk.' Masquerading the idealism of the fair & balanced persona is their tactic as is so commonly the default of media hosts of particular views like Fox, CNN, and so forth. 

It just goes to show the wannabe-controllers are attempting to stay on top of the everchanging social climate of awakening by welcoming the alternative/expanded views into the mainstream spectrum, but of course, they only wish to bring it into the arenas under their guidance, so they can weed out any key pieces of the puzzle that may actually spell out our freedom/realization. Of course, the existence of spirits being extremely key.. this is obviously a no-brainer, it had to be attacked, but it just goes to show TED and it's anonymous cast of authorities are no different. Even giving them the benefit of the doubt that they weren't maliciously attempting to suppress information and actually were guided by the compartmentalized loop of logic known as the 'scientific mind,' it only means their intentions were inadvertently of the same ilk as the wannabe-controllers. We can use these mediums for what they're worth, but let's not be misled in thinking they share our same visions & intentions of a free world. They are assets in this slow beginning of turnaround for us, but as we gain momentum and shed the old, rigid systematic infrastructure more transparent mediums perhaps based on similar concepts should replace this.



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