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It is after watching "The Code to the Matrix" on youutbe; which comprises of 49 videos; that led me to become a member of this site.  During the process of emerging myself into its findings, theories and revelations, I was struck with one question that lingered for a while, but soon after forgot; until today:

My question is:  I've come across much information being presented in regards to decoding words, as they relate to the english language, and the underlying meaning(s) that are so cleverly woven and intertwined.

What I "real-eyes" is: since sound plays a big role in how words are formed - my question is; what about people who do not speak english. Since they're not exposed to such deceit, does this mean that they are exposed to less resistance?

I hope I was clear!

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i think it has been mentioned before by sevan that some of the older languages (hebrew and sanskrit come to mind) have less resistance and more fluidity to them and conductivity for our current (kundalini energy). that's why i believe that silence and stillness of the mind has been mentioned by many sages and mystics over time to overcome the language problem altogether. 

Here's an article (National Geographic) that just came up recently that speaks about this subject with a bit more scientific detail. 

Thank you for your response Tyrone.  Yes I can see how silencing the mind can act as a buffer between our own original state of being and the potential threat/influence from 'corrupt words' (for lack of a better term). I try to be in an observer mode as much as I can throughout the day; which can be a bit challenging at times; with all the chitter-chatter competing for my attention.

Might I add; after reading TCTTM; there are a few words I think twice about before using. Although, somehow I don't think it matters whether I give a voice to them or not.  Afterall, they are embedded in my mind lol spoken or not. Which carries most resistance: The word thought of; or the word thought of that is then voiced.

By the way; thank you for the link to the article - I find scientific views very fascinating.

thats excellent cuz. mindfulness is a great practice where we get more peace of mind and more fluidity in our lives. it can be a long process to purify the language and thoughts in our minds so we still have to be mindful of what goes in our portals (5 physical senses). even sevan admits that he still has a few rap verses in his head lingering from listening to them years ago. nevertheless thoughts are a more subtle area of resistance than spoke words of course. you can seem calm and composed even though there may be conflict and cognitive dissonance in your mental sphere. it is much more difficult to seem calm and composed if you're having a verbal argument as if you're on the maury show. then even deeper there may be conflict in our dreams if our thoughts are repressed so it can be very subtle the deeper we go. 

Yes Yes!

There are times where I do not feel the need to be conversing at all; just want to be alone with my thoughts.  Of course, in most instances, these are times when there is much internal dialogue occurring lol.

And then there are those times (which seems to be happening more frequently); where I find myself encircled in pure silence:  where nothing is said; and nothing is thought - but ironically, much more communication is received in ways that words would do it no justice - and it is such a beautiful experience.

Then what happens is; when I try to interpret and share with words what I so need to communicate; it's almost as if I have to bring it down a few notches - it becomes lost in translation when I try to attempt to explain it in on a 5 sense scale, by using words.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to ramble lol. I'm sure you can empathize; you being one that has travelled this road before.  Thank you Tyrone for helping me connect the dots :)

....ps.... I'm making a considerable effort to become more familiar with Sevan's videos and blogs. With being a new member and all, I know much is probably thrown at you guys, as new members inquire about things that have been already discussed - so thank you for your patience and time.

Much of my time is being spent offsite lately, as I tune into the videos that he, Sevan, has been uploading to youtube. Whatever works right! But I still do sign on occasionally to familiarize myself with navigating the site; which is quite comprehensive; to say the least!



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