Wholeness to everyone, we are nearing the start date for the Virtual Cleanse and want to make sure everyone that is participating has everything they will need during the cleanse! Having these items will allow you to maximize the effects of your internal cleansing.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Be sure to find your personal "digestion pill number" starting on March 7th, refer to the beginning of your internal cleansing kit manual for more details or review one by clicking "here".


Water is going to be one of the most important things during your cleanse. When flushing toxins what the body needs most is pure clean water which can generally be determined by PPM (Parts Per Million). Standard tap water is about 200-300 PPM, bottled water is about 150+, distilled water is 0 - 5 PPM so you can see the difference.

To be clear many mineral waters have high PPM's and taste great but in reality your body needs minerals and water and it would like to get those separate. A lower PPM equals higher water absorption. So here is a quick reference to what water is best to drink based on their availability to you. Be sure to remember to take your water with you if you happen to leave the house during the cleanse.

1. Distilled Water (Note: Its the water you put in batteries because it has the highest conductivity without Saline.)

2. Pure Well Water (Note: Some well water can be even worse than filtered water if it is located near waste sites or places with chemical run off so we are referring to "Pure Well Water".

3. Purified Water (Note: Purified water, Alpina, Crystal, Evian. etc, and filtered water run neck to neck especially if you have a good filtering system like Jupiter Water Systems and even Mavea.

4. Filtered Water (Note: What is meant by Filtered Water is using some type of device designed to remove metals and toxins from the water through carbon or other element filtration systems)

5. Tap Water (Note: boiling tap water may kill some bacteria but generally does not make the water better)

Here are a few more pointers that we will demonstrate during the Virtual Cleanse.

  • Distilled Water is the best and can now be made at you home at a very low cost. Check this link for water distillers as low as $179 although the $199 unit is a better bargain and reported to be functioning for 7+ years at 150 gallon intervals by a current user. I also own one of these. http://tinyurl.com/cbadnp9 You can also purchase distilled water for around $1.50 per gallon at your local drug store.
  • Testing water is easy, fun, and important. You can do so by purchasing a simple digital water tester which can be found here for around $15.00. http://tinyurl.com/d3o5h8y
  • You can also raise the Alkaline in your water and subsequently your entire body. Alkaline increases energy levels and strengthens your immune system. You will find them here at $16 a bottle. http://tinyurl.com/brg9cp3


During the cleanse you will be mixing the primary colon cleansing substance which is Psyllium Husks with apple juice which actually allows the cleanse itself not to be as intense from a hunger level. Psyllium expands in the stomach and intestines cleaning the walls.  Apple juice is used because it has it own natural cleansing principles. You will want to rate what kind of apple juice you use based on the list below and of course accessibility.

1. Organic Whole Apples Freshly Juiced (Prepared)

2. Organic Apple Juice (Bottled)

3. Non Organic Whole Apples Freshly Juiced (Prepared)

4. Non Organic Apple Juice in a Glass Bottle

5. Non Organic Apple Juice in a Plastic Container

Note: You can use water for the Psyllium Husk mix however it is known that apple juice is better not just because it tastes better but also because of the properties of the apple juice alone.


Some may choose to fast completely through the cleanse to maximize the results but this is not the only option. How much you eat and what you eat during the cleanse is far more important especially if this is your first time cleansing. An easy technique is to imagine what the food that you consume looks like inside of your stomach. This should be done while considering how much trouble the stomach will have sorting it all out and extracting the nutrients.

For example a pizza will clearly not render much of any nutrient and will bog the body down with old acidic tomato sauce, dough, cheese etc. While something like Quinoa prepared lightly with a few herbs will digest fast and boost the body with proteins and other nutrients. Here are a few healthy substitutes that you can start incorporating during and after the cleanse in to your daily diet.


Quinoa as a breakfast cereal prepared like hot cereal, Oatmeal, Fruits, Energy Drinks and Smoothies, Sun Warrior Proteins, Hemp Protein, Spirilina, Chlorophyll, Acia Powder, Wheat Grass, Maca, Grape Seed Powder and if you feel you need more substance avoid meats and try Egg Whites no Yolks, (Note) All of these things can be found on Amazon.com with great reviews and competitive pricing to determine which brand is best.

Lunch: Salad, Brown Rice, Dates, Coconuts, Coconut Water. Rice Cakes, Avocados, Raisins, Chia Seeds, Fruits (Note: Nuts and Legumes/Beans have a tendency not to digest very well and can impede the cleansing process.

Dinner: Vegetable Broth, Light Soup

You can also refer to the chart below to get an idea of how food intake effects the overall cleanse.



You may choose to cleanse even deeper by using an enema bag located at this link. http://tinyurl.com/bow9ytt Be sure to see videos about how to properly use it here is one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A547fz9mB14


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Thanks for the information Sevan. I've been considering a counter-top distiller for some time now. I Think that will be my next purchase. Distilled water from the local grocery around here is 89 cents a gallon. Also that picture of Quinoa looks like what i made last night for dinner =). I didn't see hemp protein on the list is that do-able during the cleanse?

Will add that, nothing wrong with the hemp protein.

This is for both as both kits contain a colon cleanse and during the duration of the cleanse you will need to have this stuff on hand.

Thank you Sevan, very helpful overview!

I've already been feeling myself getting less "dense" and more conductive from phasing out the meat, dairy, grains, etc. I'm really excited to see what the cleanse does.

Can we take vitamin supplements with this cleanse?  I ask because I'm anemic and I just found out recently that I'm also very low with Vitamin D.  I know that lots of green vegetables will probably help with the Iron part, but what about vitamin D.  From what I've read so far besides the Sun, most of the D is found in foods that I can't have during this cleanse.

I do feel like it's time to do some spring cleaning! I've been going through my old papers and stuff that I have laying around for the past few years not knowing why I held on to the past for so long without a good reason.

take care guys and good luck on your cleanse :)

Thank you for the extra tips... Is it okay to just fast on water and work out?




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