It is obvious now that to ignore the Naga, Mero, Saurian, and Mars would be too detrimental in completing knowledge here on Urth. So We have taken the initiative to unveil a full Reptilian Disclosure.
In this segment I will unviel everything I have and know about the Reptilian/Serpent species and their intigration into the Universe.

In addition I will compile all the data in Resistance style format that will accompany the show. Wholeness and Balance Vibration to all.

Post Script: I find it interesting that hate comes out so easy but it is love that stays traped inside. Daily as I watch 100's of gigs of fresh media I see so many people working hard but working for themselves and pushing poisons. Let us show an example to the world that when a Faction produces the solutions and works for all there is an array of rewards.



Sunday May 8, 2011 10:30 a.m C.S.T

This is an early morning show.


Call in: (347) 996-5688

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Should be a great show. The glyph on the reptile's palm is interesting. An inverted masonic compass/square with a sword/line through the small circle. The inner curve making an 'eye' with the upper rim of the overall circle:

The palm is considered the "mind's eye" as any object placed in the hand can be visualized and touch is the strongest of all senses. I note it is also a left hand meaning the left hand path or descension into the reptilian brain.

Your always on point Kai, those chaotic old souls.

We think of batteries as having + and - poles, like a magnet, not left or right. Imbalance is dependent on our polarity ( which changes ). Some are wired from the top down ( considered feminine ) and others from the bottom up ( masculine ). The spiritual "spiral" doesn't have a left or right to it or an up or down it is more of inside out. Our brain has a left and right hemisphere connected to the heart which connects to universal mind. When we say "I have a mind" we really mean "I have a connection to mind" via the heart/brain balance.


If you have a parasite go on a cleanse to get rid of it. It is springtime and a natural point for new beginnings. Those spiritual vampires will feed off the electrical/hormonal energy of the endocrine system and the cerebrospinal fluid flowing in the spine ( that's why they are on the back ) and around the brain. Heavy metals and viruses contaminate this fluid, the metals lodge in the brain and the viruses in the software - the electromagnetic pulses of communication from galactic center we call software. Update the algorithm DNA uses for communication, DNA is the antenna. Put yourself through your imagination into a mirror covered egg, with the fat end of the egg around your head ( the fat end emerges from the chicken first ) and then fill that egg with lavender light. That's a subquantum plasma connection your already innerstand to make your own light. You have all the tools, have fun playing with them!  I have to work on my ritual skills as well. It's always more fun to perform ritual in a group, when I get to low energy I bring in my imaginary friends or animal totems or alchemical spirits which include metal with the traditional 5 alchemical elements. Smile you are being observed!


"Yes"... to the "Post Script". I'm game to look thru love's eyes! Can't wait for the show! ~Wholeness~
wholenes family. that is a good question jessejay. u mut b a lefty too.

To our Eastern Time zone viewers that will be at 11.30am

My Mistake 12:30 pm... Looking forward to tuning in!



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