This is the full disclosure of the deception coming from the fourth dimensional Beings called by various titles including Greys, Archons, Melchizedeks, Ets, Clones, Reptilians, etc.


The Archon plan began on Earth with the inception of the "Chosen Ones" concept propelled by the Order of Melchidek and their compartmentalized religions in which they claim official dominion. These religions although contain all the same component, "Father Abram" who is one of the Brahmic inventions of the Hamites hence the change of the name from Abram to Abraham.


We will cover for possibly the first time in depth an Agenda that has been orchestated to end life as we know it on Earth which will not succeed. We will discuss Steven Spielberg's E.T and the Nazi Agenda propelled in the United States since 1940 through media and subliminal devices..

E.T's: The Trickster Gods

We will also reveal in detail exactly how a great deal of our childhood has been programmed and how to break that programming in order to fully connect to the Universe and power up. Wholeness

Show Time: Sunday September 21, 2011 11:00 A.M. CST 1hr 30 Min

Call in number to speak with the Host:

1 (347) 996-5688



DIRECTIONS - Press play on the widget below during showtime or go directly to the link above. Chat room will be available.


Listen to internet radio with Esoteric Radio on Blog Talk Radio


Your Briefing....


Audio Available by clicking links below:


Archons and Gaia Part I

Archons and Gaia Part II

The Archons and Gaia

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Great show! Just to clear up: One gets rid of the voices by confronting them? telling them to leave you be? Thnkyou Wholeness

  Sevan-  Did you make a second (local) recording by any chance?  A little digi recorder running on the desk?  ...Feels like so much was strangled away i all of this.n the technical probs......  anyway- I dont expect you have .. but I figure it doesn't hurt to ask. If  I still had mine I would send it to you so it could run backup on all your work..     or just...  anytime you're having a conversation...  heh..  I really love you, man. Thank you so much for all of this. So often I want to write you an email, or wish I could speak w/ you...  it's just - It would be so hard to channel all the truly important things and put it succinctly into my question(s)- I've just not yet been able to begin.   I do wish I could convey to you tho how much you're work has meant to me... how much I've grown  through what you've made available here..  My little $20 donation last month couldn't come close to giving back anything meaningful...  I wish I could do more... I will keep working toward this.  I have something major I need to overcome now...  I am pretty scared. ....I am VERY scared.. But you and the WHOLE fam here bring me MUCH STRENGTH and INSPIRATION.

           Thank you Sevan.             

                    Thank you all RESISTANCE FAMILY.






Its all up to you Jay Man I'm here simply make contact and we can talk it out. I personally find it very unnerving when someone is bringing a message but remains unable to be communicated with. Even at this very moment I have been attempting to contact a few people in the esoteric field and they have yet to respond with anything more than half hearted automated responses of more delay as if our children are not on the brink of assimilation. Its as if they don't even have the capacity to link with the individuals that are attempting to assist in spreading the word. So many I see have stepped up to the plate but cannot swing a bat. I'm here for you brotha.

Em, I'd really like to hear the audio recording from the radio, but, it doesn't work well, it gets cut at some parts is there a link to a working audio recording of this talk? I'll be very thankful if there's somebody that could redirect it to me.

May the supreme love of cosmos be with all of yous.

here try this link > 


try to listen to it through the link above, if that does not work then in that same link right under the player there is an option where you can download it, so download it and then play it that should work, let us know...

I do have this show recorded on another audio lets see what I can do about getting it up. Can you tell me were the show starts to break on the blogtalk recording?



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