This is the full disclosure of the deception coming from the fourth dimensional Beings called by various titles including Greys, Archons, Melchizedeks, Ets, Clones, Reptilians, etc.


The Archon plan began on Earth with the inception of the "Chosen Ones" concept propelled by the Order of Melchidek and their compartmentalized religions in which they claim official dominion. These religions although contain all the same component, "Father Abram" who is one of the Brahmic inventions of the Hamites hence the change of the name from Abram to Abraham.


We will cover for possibly the first time in depth an Agenda that has been orchestated to end life as we know it on Earth which will not succeed. We will discuss Steven Spielberg's E.T and the Nazi Agenda propelled in the United States since 1940 through media and subliminal devices..

E.T's: The Trickster Gods

We will also reveal in detail exactly how a great deal of our childhood has been programmed and how to break that programming in order to fully connect to the Universe and power up. Wholeness

Show Time: Sunday September 21, 2011 11:00 A.M. CST 1hr 30 Min

Call in number to speak with the Host:

1 (347) 996-5688



DIRECTIONS - Press play on the widget below during showtime or go directly to the link above. Chat room will be available.


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Your Briefing....


Audio Available by clicking links below:


Archons and Gaia Part I

Archons and Gaia Part II

The Archons and Gaia

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Oh yeah... I think it is time to get mad....


Guess I am mad at the rest of humanity for accepting these imposters as God's.... I am having great difficulty getting people even to read anything like this book or anything similar... they are still getting down on their needs and praying to these............... and when I challenge them to think or even just look at the picture of the pope and tell me you have seen anything more evil then this dude, then they try to change the subject... Thanks for staying on point Sevan..
Wholenes Neil. i know the same people! the problem is that the imposter Gods have taught their subjects well. ANYTHING THAT CONTRADICTS THEIR BIBLE, CODES, BELIEFS COME FROM SATAN. this is why  with alot of them u cannot even get your foot in the door of their reasoning, and no i have never seen anything more evil and scarry than that dude, dude!
This a great show! wow.I am filling in the missing pieces
Ahh...the worship of the sacred feminine principle... Kabbalah....

The confusion with the Gods and Goddesses simplified. The Universal Mother gave birth to many things including the Gods and Goddess, however many of them demand that they be worshiped by the humans as their Creators and in most cases through monotheism. This can be looked at as your own physical mother or father asking you to worship them as your only Creator since they came together and did the deed that brought you here. The Adept is then to ask what of the Sperm, what of the Egg, what of the Water and what of all the Sustenance that makes up the Parent, where did that come from because it is that which is the True Creator, not the stages in between.


Further worshipping Crucifed Saviors is like worshipping your own brother. It is true that our parents deserve care, respect, and reverence from us and this is common sense.  But blind submission to the will of any parent or authority is not required by the Universal Mother. Think of how many fathers have ruined their sons life's by wanting them to live on their football dream. Or how many mother's have done the same to the daughter by forcing her to attempt to become a singer or the million other scenarios like this.
Wholeness Sevan. this is very clear. it can be very differcult to break it down to people about the "gods", alot of people lose their minds when u say there is more than one god. i wanted to ask if the music in the intermissions is Vorspiel. it is very beautiful.  
You are right on as far as i can see with what i have researched .thank you very much for the homework i will have the book report by next week.Keep going man wholeness back to you.This is all for a good reason i know.
Live in 2 hrs

"The chief of the Archons is also called the Lord Archon. He is also given the bizarre name,
Yaldabaoth (pronounced Yall-DAH-buy-OT). Scholars disagree on what this name might
mean, and how it was derived. By one translation it means "the child who crosses space." By
another, it means "chief of the horde." (Jarl Egil Fossum, The Name of God and the Angel of
the Lord." the child that crosses space

What crosses space in our sky at night ?

What is lifeless and stares own at us, jealous and envious ?

"But Sophia is also the mother of the Archons, the tricky pseudo-gods who want us to take
them for Aeons. Gnostic mythology (extensively described on site and in my forthcoming
book, working title, Not in His Image) taught that before Sopha morphed into the earth, she
produced a kind of spatter in the realms of elementary matter (quantum foam), resulting in a
weird species made of inorganic (silicon-based) elements: the Archons. These entities
proceeded to fashion a world for themselves, the planetary system exclusive of the earth, which
is Sophia's body, and was formed somewhat later. The Archons are so named, from Greek
archai, "prior, previous," because they and their world were formed before Sophia morphed
into the earth."

I read somewhere that the moon is older then the earth. Russian scientist got hold of some moon sand/rocks and after analysis made the controversial conclusion. What does the flag of Islam represent ? A giant moon with a small star caught in it's grip maybe ?

So is it not obvious ?

Wholeness Neil. this concept of Shopia is very new 2 me. i try 2 picture it. what was she before she morphed into the earth? was she the creative force of multiple galaxies or just ours?



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