It's utterly amazing, true knowledge once received begins to double, triple, quadruple, and then go Quantum. I know twice as much now than I did yesterday and I'm telling.

Join Us for the show as you will clearly be put in the know. 

May 5, 2010 7:00 P.M. Central Standard Time 1HR 30 MINS

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Man, it's amazing how much information the brain could hold. I'm curious, does your head size expand if it holds too much knowledge?
Condensation of information. What we are aware of now will continue to condense. Some relate this "doubling" of information to the fibonacci sequence. The brain is like a switchboard or "dj mixer", but the input is all over and all around us. The more optimal our switchboard the more we can process, filter, relay, effect etc..
You mean like a partition? For example, our childhood memories are stored on one part of our brain, when we need to recall our childhood memories, It switches to that partition to access all the information of our childhood memories.
That would be more akin to information or input readily available, not so much emphasis on it being stored; but the ability to access it and implement it. The condensing of information that I was referring to was more of a "quickening" or "doubling" in the amount that we are accessing (or swimming in). For example, in the paleolithic era we were aware of a certain amount of information, and as these era's keep progressing we become more stacked with info. In to the universal era, galactic era etc. So the amount that we know gets increased by a certain ratio (some say the fibonacci sequence....1+1=2 2+1=3 3+2=5 5 +3=8 8+5=13...etc. This would mean that the amount of information we're processing keeps increasing. What we would experience in 20 years is now condensed in 5 years and as we move on....5 years of info in one year, then 10...something like that.
Right on point, I get the idea now. The brain is a magnificent organ on it's own, not to mention how it's split into two hemispheres. Imagine if it's just one whole brain.
yummy! brain food... i know i will enjoy this meal...
What the! Nice one Quinn.
Will you be posting as a mp3 for those of us who did not get to listen live?...
Yes I will be sure to record tonight's show just for you and viewers like you.
Thank you seven I appreciate it as so the rest of us areI'm sure
wow quinn dazzles mason lounge in between the arts center and butcher shop got nothing on that lol



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