We will set the captives free, just like We promised.


"For its highest purest condition when it is a fixed oil, colorless, odorless, and tasteless or sweet. not really acid, nor alkaline, we shall us the Greek term Chrism, or for short, by the root letters of the noun for oil, and of the verb, to oil - Chri - in Greek."


The numbers are complete, the cycles are set, the Ascension is at hand. Let the portals to higher consciousness flow over the Universe. This time its for real.


Join Host Sevan and Co-Host Mune this Sunday for a deep revelation on the true meaning of the Christ and the secrets hidden within that connect to our mind, body, and soul force. Allowing us to accomplish all things, conscious immortality not excluded. 


Date: Sunday April 10, 2011

Time: 10:30 A.M. Mountain Time 4:00 P.M. GMT

Call In: 347-996-5688


Your Homework :-)

God Man the Word Made Flesh Carry Perry Resistance 2010

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"I love this place!! YES!!! Just reading the urine therapy thread... I found my home:) I've been doing UT for 10 years now and felt as though I was the only crazy one... I've tried to get my entire family on board but they just put me in the loony category... Great to find a place of like and open minds!!!"


Interestingly I was sharing this info on a thread on FBook with someone who was uninformed and I posted the 1.5 hr documentary and someone else churped in and said they'd been doing UT for 28 years!


I've been doing it with great effects for 1 year since I got the own best medicine book.


There is a place on here for a print version of the code with white background.

Definite proof positive kundalini is Kryst consciousness, many more interesting details were revealed as well.  There was a bit of information that leaves me a bit puzzled though, as I have never heard of 'spinning the aura in the opposite direction'.

How is this accomplished or experienced?  ((((Newbie here))))

Hi FeJa Nyne!

Centering the inner disc at the heart with the image above helps a little, unfortunatley it doesn't show vortex or twisting action. Chakras as 'spinning wheels' will have a direction of motion that can be reversed when viewed from the opposite side. As an example rotate your right index finger CW by your right eye, then while keeping it in motion, bring your hand back so you can see that finger while looking back. It will now be turning CCW. The motion did not change, just our perspective.


Most people meditate while sitting in an upright position. While doing this, maybe in the lotus position or in a comfortable chair, imagine your head is overlapping the center of the planet. The planet's center is a plasma sphere. Now imagine your head is inside this plasma sphere. Then have the sphere surround the head ...


The heart shape ( top ) comes from placing a circle or wheel over the 7 inner chakras. As they are not spaced evenly in the body the outline we get looks like folded wings, not the muscle, fist shape ( bottom ).


The opposite to forward is reverse. The opposite to inverse is 'invert'. That 'invert' sounds like 'turn upside down', but it really means "turn inside out". It's a tricky distinction to grok as we, left brain, think in words and I have thrown in right brain images, not to confuse you really to get whole brain activit, ie. 2 get our hole brains working whole-isitically.


A trick question to ponder that is related to your question is: "What is the difference between rotation and spin"?

I hope I didn't muddy the waters.


Take care,



PS - Rotation has constant speed, spin has a 5 - 3D shape to it's speeding up or slowing down process.

Watch a spinning top slow down and it will wobble 5 times before collapsing. It does the same when speeding up to vertical, it's just harder to see cause it happens quicker.



Here's an image of the 'grid' or spider web, the net over the planet connected to our DNA's 64 codons where each square ( really a trapezoid ) is an 8x8 lattice:

The image is an alchemical woodcut

Thanks appreciate your feedback, still a little over my head for a newbie

Thanks great vids


MALE     - Triangle

FEMALE - Square?  I think it should be a circle or sphere.


The all male masonic order use a compass and square or chalice and blade are used to represent bringing the heaven to earth ( spiritual to physical ) via reason, ie. logic and geometry.


The masonic compass is opened at different angles to symbolize a variety of meanings:

most common is 47 degrees ( 1/2 is 23.5 the earth's axial tilt angle, Euclid's 47th theorem deals with squaring as in Pythagorus' Theorem most common of which is the 3-4-5 triangle ). Other compass settings include 60 degrees, the equilateral triangle ie. tetrahedron is thealchemical Platonic Solid meaning "fire" :

72 degrees, another setting for precession or 29 degrees can be looked into here:


Other metaphors for the triangle ( compass ) and the square include spirit and physical with the feminine being represented by a circle. Lots of religions equate spirit with a trinity and matter with a square or cross.


Although there are no references for a Magan religion there is a Mayan one in which a sphere or bowl is the old woman goddess of death and destruction from which poured the deluges. I guess birth is painful for a reason. Death is often painful too.

A square is also a Circle.

Christo Jezuz Crispers!

Baseball players run round the diamond and wrestlers grapple from pillar to post in the boxed ring ie. the squared circle, but a square doesn't equal a circle whole.


"The futility of exercises aimed at finding the quadrature of the circle has lent itself to metaphors describing a hopeless, meaningless, or vain undertaking.The expression "squaring the circle" is sometimes used as a metaphor for doing something logically or intuitively impossible. "


The best that can be done is to use the pencil width as a forgiveable error.


Maybe you see something else?


Take care,


I find the number of iconic images in each artpiece significant. As well the shape of the frame being very important.

Mainly square, the blocking that arises from 4 intersecting lines as opposed to the focus effect that a circle creates is explained by Dan Davidson here:


as opposed to some of these drawings/patterns/mandalas/shapes/symbols:


Updated added "God-Man the Word Made Flesh" Document (Complete)



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