We will set the captives free, just like We promised.


"For its highest purest condition when it is a fixed oil, colorless, odorless, and tasteless or sweet. not really acid, nor alkaline, we shall us the Greek term Chrism, or for short, by the root letters of the noun for oil, and of the verb, to oil - Chri - in Greek."


The numbers are complete, the cycles are set, the Ascension is at hand. Let the portals to higher consciousness flow over the Universe. This time its for real.


Join Host Sevan and Co-Host Mune this Sunday for a deep revelation on the true meaning of the Christ and the secrets hidden within that connect to our mind, body, and soul force. Allowing us to accomplish all things, conscious immortality not excluded. 


Date: Sunday April 10, 2011

Time: 10:30 A.M. Mountain Time 4:00 P.M. GMT

Call In: 347-996-5688


Your Homework :-)

God Man the Word Made Flesh Carry Perry Resistance 2010

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Hi Sevan looking forward to the program already!

It's really hard to tell if Dorothy has her finger on a tetrahedron or a pentahedron, the point of a stellated dodecahedron.

I just can't tell if the color under her right elbow is green or yellow. It isn't a tetrahedron though on second look as that only has 3 sides, with the 4th being the base. A pyramid is 1/2 of the octahedron as it is in resonance to magnetism. That's why your previous video post on the Incorruptible Stone has an 8 pointed star on it. Here are some magnetite images:

Sorry sir, but that's not an octahedron either, it appears to be a dodecahedron:

I am not trying to be nit picking, it's just important to me. Thanks for the image , that story is a teaching aid for the illuminati.

Lol your right Darren I was thinking about that once I finished it and then I thought of you.
I looked again and your tetrahedron is really 5 tetrahedrons connected. No worries!
Ah Kundalini... an interesting show. Looking forward to it...
Two excerpt update
Can't wait! Thanks for sharing!
hmm this is very interesting. i'm looking forward to the program
Looking forward to it Sevan

I've got this question, might be a little out there, but I would appreciate your thoughts on it. I wasn't going to share it, just send it privately to Sevan, but I notice people are opening up on here and it's inspired to me to do the same.

Tantric sex, the oil in the sacral region, along with the fluids that we excrete during and before sex, I've read a lot that it's important to keep these fluids, that the sexual relations we have is a waste of our good fluid. If that's the case, how do we or can we reproduce it? Can it run out? Would it be the same for men and women?

Right, I re-read the excerpt from the book, "it's important to mentally reverse the flow of energy inward". So, what would be an ejaculation would be an internal one? Am I getting this right?

Hi Lola,

I believe its not quite as simple as saying that sexual relations is (all) a waste of our good fluid.  

I know that for a male, its about being able to get to the point where one is adept at having a higher 'organism' without releasing his sperm - which can take alot of practice to get to that point as one has to 'slow down' each time he gets near ejaculation in order not to ejaculate, which in-turn builds him up to achieve a progressively higher sexual energy state in the body, ascending his soul.  The point of not ejaculating is to ensure that the sexual (chi, or life force) energy - which would otherwise be lost - can be recirculated within his body (known as circulating the chi in Taoist knowledge).  If done in the right way, sex actually affirms onself (through ascension) and from all spiritual perspectives (providing your partner is vibrating in a way which does not detrimentally affect you in the first place).  

For the female, as I understand it, its more about realizing that its basically about being able to get as close to the 'organism' line as possible, without actually crossing it.  If you feel yourself about to 'go over the top' of it (about to climax), just slow down until the energies have reduced to a point where you can bring them up again.  If you actually climax, its too late and that energy is lost for the time being but moreover it can draw down your overall life force energy. You'll know when you've done it right, because you'll have a 'higher' organism knowing you still haven't crossed the conventional climax line.  It is similar to the man in that way.  I know this probaby sounds all a bit wrong, but doing it right (by repetitively approaching the climax line but not crosing it) enables you go get to a higher and higher level of sexual energetic manestification (through cultivating the chi) which will circulate your body and increase your life force making you feel amazingly whole.

I know that masturbation is historically a taboo topic, because the inferred loss of seminal fluid without it being even shared with a partner (and done for personal pleasure only) is considered a sin, but the truth is that it can be used to practice circulating the chi and understanding how close you can get to the organism line without actually fully crossing it. From my own many years of experience and practice in all this, I know that now I can have an organism with my partner without loosing any sperm (or very very little if it in the worst case).

For a female, I haven't heard or read that her having pre sexual fluid causes loss of overall chi in any way.  

I hope I haven't upset anyone as these things are of course very personal in nature.  If I've offended anyone, I apologise.  Also I am not suggesting that these ideas are going to be absolutely right for everybody, and there are published specific exercises, methods and practice which I have not gone into here - generally though, it worked magick for me, and thats all I can truthfully say.



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