Going back thousands of years has worked wonders for my DNA/RNA now it will do the same for you. Everyone needs to keep in mind that I'm of different ethnicities so in essence I have to know all of my histories and era's.


Tune in this Sunday with me Sevan and my Co-host Mune for the next installment of Know More Secrets - Atlantis - "All the Land Ice". We will look into the original Atlantians and the cover up of who their real history by the papacy. There is something very diabolical attempting to erase all of history. We will stop it. Lets put Claus on Pause.


Here you will find the research you will need to do, it is not very long and audio is attached. By show time you will be upgraded with a heavy dose of history and as it must be segment after segment I get to tell everyone's past as we create an exact future, together. Fire and Ice.



Sunday February 25, 2011 10:30 a.m C.S.T  4:30 C.S.T "This is an early morning show opposed to our normal 4:00 p.m. C.S.T show.


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Downloads Attached: The Real Atlantis and Lemuria pdf. and Audio File and audio video embedded below. Kalevala for all those that will go and look for it because it sounds like Kabbalah and something mystical. :-)




Here you will find approx. 25 minutes of research. Let me know what you think about the new format.












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Excellent info. this following info is what I mentioned the other day.


The section in new paradigms discussing the Etruscan's this independent researcher Gary Biltcliffe discussed his research into them and all the stuff about the cities being 'wiped' out and hidden now makes sense.

~1/2 way down

Gary Biltcliffe (Independent Researcher) Etruscan, Pelagasi and early Egyptian connections on the incredible megalithic construction skills of our ancestors. (1hr. 15 mins)

If you save as on the windows media player you can download the info and also skip to the section needed... in 2009 I was there and the back of my head is in some shots :) I was sat at the front ;)

At about 1hour in there was a site which had 30 ft high metal fencing round it saying EEC NO photography!!!! It was 2 miles away from the coast... BUT IT WAS A HARBOUR city! 2 miles away from the coast!  It was quite a few metres above sea level !  How did it get up there? 

The whole 1:15 minutes is facinating information... and links directly to your research Sevan.

It also proves that these walls which have higher technology than the romans pre-date both Roman AND Greek as they are used as foundations on certain sites... all in the presentation. 

Even you, L, would appreciate this information, unless you know it already.  Why would people suppress this information and keep it hidden?  I suppose because it uncovers the fact that our "history" isn't as we have been taught...  This is why Sevan, myself and others research and share this info... because it is the truth.


Some other great infomation is shared with the Stars and Stones forum... especially languages and pre-historic technology... Especially the Michael Tellinger stuff... 3+ cities in South Africa which are all larger than Jo-Burg is today which date back 75 - 200,000 years ago...





The Michael Tellinger info. fascinating... So good I saw this twice!
wholeness Sevan.  love the new format! the info is jaw dropping, excellent! thank you! 
Especially when think of the Ansurallah and where the knowledge really came from.

This is in 1hr and 30 minutes, updates have been made.


Great show! Thanks Sevan!
Hay there is no way to download esoteric radio shows any more from blogspot radio.It would be really nice if the show from earlier today could be made available somehow.I like to save them all to spread to others.

Great show Sevan!


Can I ask what the music is at the beginning? :)

"Alliance" available on the playlist on the first page.
Detailed account of Atlantis by Aleister Crowely.

Ok...  here goes...


Seems as though this Odin..  Woden'sDay...  which gated thru the vortex at the center of the Earth from "HEL"...  created his own race of HUman...  Hu being the ancient god of the Britons...  aka Heus...  aka  ESUS...  Your modern day Jesus would be named after him...  Adir Hu is praised in Islamic Sufism and their a prayer during passover that mentions HU as god as well...  This "demon" Odin gates in and establishes a great civilization...  or ...  disguised as a MAN via reptilian cloaking..  infiltrates Atlantis and turning it's high magicians to sorcerers... Thus, as mentioned in the tablets of Thoth...  Atlantis had to be sunk to close the gateway into the abyss and stop any further entities from coming here and completely destroying the entire star system...  thoth mentions how they appeared as man but were snakelike beings...  This would mean that Odin could be Anu...  Leader of the Annunaki... 

Furthermore, in the days of the ancient Atlantis this reality could have existed in another dimension...  not one that was manifest of the material but closer to the most high...  thus lighter and a better place to live...  Once Anu (the Serpent Holder/ Conquerer of the Ouroboros via gematria knowledge) had manifest his slave race and cause Atlantis (our connection to the most high) to be destroyed...  He could run around claiming to be the Creator and proceed with his plans to conquer even more dimensions as a way to S-might the Most High...  Being that this reality is a lower vibration the Ouroboros would be Bi-polar...  Like him...  Bifrons...  Janus...  a demon from HEL... Creator of this reality and one that demands service and fear... He then goes onto to conquer the Egyptians and Nubians and the rest of the Earth...  He implants his bipolar checkerboard at all corners...  Creating religions and belief systems opposed to one another so that people fight and kill one another while he goes onto to conquer other galaxies and star systems...  Those caught in War and killing suffer the reincarnation and loss of all knowledge and memory as they burn in the fires of HEL and their souls reborn into the Earth...

How's that for starters?



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