2 Hours of Sevan and a Question and Answer Session out of this Universe!


Show Time Sunday June 17th 10:30 a.m. CST 2 Hours


I ask members to post all their questions here so they do not forget, in addition I will be revealing some things that I have recently discovered that will blow your mind!


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1. It took me a long time to recall this question:

Was there in ancient times a way of knowing or tracking when a specific spirit or soul was to be re-incarnated again on the Earth, when a person transitioned after death? Not just the so called messiahs, but awakened beings like us

And is there still a knowledge known by few, today?

2. I figured if one can really RE-member their past life cycles, then would this be true immortality? I remember Sevan, that you spoke about how a person is truly stripped from their past memories going through a worm hole. I really want to succeed in retrieving what was stolen.


Wholeness and Balance and thank you so much for this opportunity.


1) Could you elaborate on the activation institute, cost, time, preparations and things to think about.

It is ok if you don't, could be not finished yet.

2) - What should I be doing right now? Thanks Kayowe Mune

3) Many times I feel that if I could remember my past life it could help. However I came to the fact that in order to do that I need to remember this life first which I don't. I don't remember all the people I saw during my first years, I don't even remember them I saw yesterday, not in the right order anyway.

So the question is how to remember? Especially when it comes to knowledge. How do we remember a book once done reading or what is said in a radio show after listening?

4) Do we have to rely on books (or audio and video) in order to gain knowledge?

5) Are we running out of time in a way and in that case, how?

6) Is there a way to know exactly where one is at when it comes to ascension and activation? Is there a way to measure?

I am thinking about the Neophyte - Adept scale.

7) By experience I know that we create our own reality. But the problem is that my current reality is what I created 5 or 6 years ago. Sometimes 10 years ago and not exactly as the desired one. Could you share your thoughts and knowledge about that and how to shorten the time period from years to days or maybe hours and make it more exact?

I mean to create the reality by thinking and feeling how it should be, what Gregg Braden calls The Language of the Divine Matrix (


This way, of collecting questions and answering them in the show, is very good. Especially given the fact that I always end up listening to the archives. Thank you.

Are we running out of time in a way and in that case how?

As I am fast asleep during these show - thank you so much for the opportunity for those of us in different time zones to contribute...

I have to ask....What is happening on the 11 11 11???? Yes curiosity did kill the cat!

Also is it viable to be planning a trip to the Activation Institute for Dec 2011?

I am sure more questions will come to me will trust that the alignment we all have will answer these that are not written at this point in time.

Smiles & WBV Kayowe & Sevan

PS Kayowe - should I address you Kayowe or Mune??

what happened t the wholeness foundation?


what is the story behind spiders?


i heard or read somewhere here that if your going to turn someone away from religion be ready to replace it with something else what if they aren't religous or lean in no particular way?


what does it cost to go to university in costa rica?


are phobias preplanned, so that if we encouter them in the SSC "shamanic state of conscious" we run the other way and dont graduate in away?


at the university in costa rica is there a transition stage for those of us who do not wish to return to U.S.?


i used to feel like my vagina was beingscraped/ hollowed out buy a flat object what is that, I'm sure im not the only 1 who has felt this?


a lil confused on consciounesses, ssc, ascention and preliminary stages of meditation and the risk of not coming back or getting stuck and the fact that you need alearned individual there just in case to help you back if you have not yet found your guide/helper?


how to deal with someone who has lost thier soul----> how to deal with one's who are interestedin resisting ,but when a lil knowledge is put for like christ and crystals they run the other way-----> how to deal with the perceived know it all?


 i've noticed lately people questioning the church/god about atrocities that happen against earth and humanity, only to replace it with a stronger blind faith-->what program/ process is that?


what is the most drastic measure one can take to achieve wholesness without hurting oneself i'm assuming it would be to join the university.


when in the dream world are we always going to be confronted with a fear program or is this threshold/a hump to get over so to speak?

 1. Is are names first, middle, last names an important mean of are pass life or lives?  

 2. Could you elaborate on the Name Pierre or Pie Error and the number 618 what its meaning?

 3. Can you explain more on cymatics

 4. How Can You Remove Sabotaging Commands From The Brain?

 5. Is there Salt in Space? and about Salt Water as Fuel?  

 6. Is there a 3rd solar body in are solar system

 7. Can you elaborate on the entities of the entertainment industry? why you have to sell your soul to join?

 8. Why surfing the ocean changes the mind of that person?

Peace And Wholeness :)


How would I go about starting a regimen of taking the supplements listed (is it ok to take them with mms and the cell salts etc.)?
I'm going to be allowed time off of work and was wondering what books to read, what are the best times for meditations etc.,basically what kind of schedule should one take in order to get max results to raise ones vibration.
What do you guys eat on a daily and when you(or if you go) to the gym,what kind of work outs are you doing,or what is your focusing primarily on when working out?
...thanks for everythin everyone is doing to push us further along our way. WBV:)
This is a great question we will make a segment on the next show just for this.
is the replay to the show up? i caught the last 45 min and what supplements where you recommending brother?

well lately I've been focusing on core workouts and plenty of cardio. What workouts do you do know?


Thank you again Sevan and Kayowe for another great show, once again you've aligned with all my thoughts and concerns at this time
Excellent show!! listening right now!
On the net show after the Activated body show next week I will continue to answer these questions. Stay tuned for the next series of this Q & A. iTransmute



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