December of 2012 was a significant period in time for some.  There was that general feeling shared by many, that something big was about to go down – many thought that the world was about to come to an end.  When that did not occur, many people became angry lol.

During this time, many of us got out of the daydream that we’ve been having from the beginning of our own existence; and began blinking for the very first time. It was clear to see then, that the kind of world that we were living in had come to an end.

We have entered a new era – the big sift is here.

From a global standpoint, this is becoming more evident; as enterprises find themselves now; sifting through the rubbles – separating the corrupt; the not so corrupt; and trying to survive with what’s left.

It is also evident that the “Institution” of the church is taking a dive at considerable speeds. More and more people will “real eyes” that they do not have to be part of any institution to attain Christ consciousness. Obedience to an outside force was the order; adhering to rituals and dogmas were the main focus point that shaped and molded people’s way of thinking. People were very mindful of living up to these teachings, for fear of ‘going to hell’ should they backslide. You had two choices – a reward of walking through the heavenly gates – or being thrown down into the pits of hell.

Times have certainly changed.  More people are really innerstanding that they are spiritual beings having a human experience. Consciousness is expanding rapidly, and with this, a big sift will naturally occur.

That sounds good and all, but you can’t help but to ask yourself – what does this all mean from an individual standpoint? How are you yourself experiencing these changes?

Does this require you to do anything?

The fact that you are here; alive now in these times are significant enough – maybe you are meant to hold the energy just by being here on earth. Or probably you are meant to lead the way for others through your own revelations. Some are called to be nurturers.  And some, it is for them to work on their own “stuff” -  dropping and shedding old ways of thinking that serve them no longer.

Whatever that role is, I believe that it will make itself known, as we progress and expand our consciousness. It is also apparent that as our vibration and consciousness levels go higher, the fight to stay with the familiar, limited, old way of thinking and living plays out..... for a while.

 We have this instinct to hold on to what we know – because the unknown is ...well unknown. But that same unknown can be a place where we will experience the most freedom and happiness; if we but only trust.

And this is where THE BIG SIFT begins... letting go of low vibratory stuff (limiting beliefs, fears, physical toxins, emotional toxins; sifting through what works and what only serves to hinder your growth).

Going through this sifting process is no laughing matter! Everything that you are working out becomes magnified – smack damn right in your face; where you have no other choice but to face them. Funny thing though is that when you are sifting, you don’t have to look too far.  Things just start popping up and out; left and RIGHT – until you reach the center of it all:  when you are left with no other choice but to deal with it, before you say “Adios”  to it all.

It is obvious that we are going through a big sift on a global scale as well.  Organizations, institutions, governments, and whoever else is pulling the strings, have no choice but to let go now. Only time will tell what will survive the sift!

....For anyone going through the big sift, may you find comfort in knowing that you are not alone – There is light at the end of the tunnel!



(inspired by the teachings of Sevan Bomar & The Official Resistance members here).

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Very well said Maria.  True story =)

       Let me find out you been shifting through the sands again , hoping to find others who are not brainwashed .

No hope on my part - it's happening! As the sift continues, more and more people who are not brainwashed will rise up  to the surface and to the forefront, where they will lead the way for those who still have traces of sand in their eyes, but light in their hearts.

powerfull message;) i do feel the same..



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