This information to my innerstanding will be very helpfull in activating the heart chakra.Theres some mind opening information in there .Wholeness and balanced vibration everyone!

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i know they and by they i mean the interviews there have some very core information on activation.aparently there is a version of the site that has been messed with you gotta go down the page on google to get a clean copy someone has mirrored,i dont know where its been altered and for what means.wholeness conciousness is something we are accessing more and more i feel
i felt every last word...thank you
thank you for this addition Raymond i cant wait to get it under my belt. Much gratitude.
Strongest electromagnetism there is on the body. Just like the earth and look  how much she cares despite all that's happening to her

fantastic pdf, thanks for sharing


a good read, indeed. Thanks Raymond!



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