Removing The Ego, Fear V2.01

The Mindset of ascension, and navigation of the illusion. 

V2.01 6th April - Extra but potent Self-Enquiry Link

V2.0 *Revised 3rd April 2012 

I will update all revisions here in the main post from now on. 


1, Introduction, Why is this so important?

2, Almine’s Method

3, Self Enquiry Method

4, The Heart Method

5, Sadhguru’s wisdom.


1, Introduction, Why is this so important?


Fear, and the ego are blocks and limit your capability to move forward, they sap your energy and take your focus. The constant mental chatter isn't you, the being behind it. The chatter is the mind, a tiny part of you. The easiest and natural way to remove fear is to tackle the ego to find out the truth of you. We can start to remove our ego's hold on the self, which is us, by removing should be's, or shouldn't be's from our life, labels or boxes we put ourselves in.


2, Almine’s Method


Personal Experience:

Using Almine’s method I am able to isolate events in my life as learning experiences, no matter what they are, most events are things I now enjoy experiencing even the ones society might consider negative. This removes the ego’s hold over you, taking you out of reaction most of the time, and even when in reaction because emotion is welling up more intensely you can reflect positively on experience. You can get a jump start on the emotions coming up or what some people call karma, by doing this for past events, sometimes tackling whole cycles in one go.



People who are petty tyrants are gifts in disguise. Some shamanic traditions taught the initiate to find a petty tyrant if he didn't have one in his life. It was preferred that the person be in a position of control over a portion of his life and they be exposed to him or her on a regular basis. Why are petty tyrants important? It takes practice to develop the ability to remain centered, and petty tyrants want to pull us out of our center. The petty tyrants will remain in our lives until we learn to release the past. Since these people are in our homes and work places, they are of extreme value in keeping our skills honed and to help us live impeccably every moment. In this regard, they prepare us for the unpredictable and the unpredictable prepares us for the unknown. When we become God-realized we no longer need petty tyrants in our life, but until then, it is wise to recognize their value. 


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3, Self Enquiry Method


Introduction Reading:

Personal Experience:
In meditation, I am able to increase awareness by observing the observer.

When doubts, fear, or anything negative to life enhancement comes up, ask the below questions:



1, Who/What is disturbed by this?

2, Can it be seen?

3, Is it Real?

Most of what we fear isn’t real as it is in the past or future, which only exist in the mind not in reality. Now is all that exists, and many of us cannot yet get in the now, we are in the almost now :). Only when you get in the present fully are you in the now.


A Wonderful Teacher for this method: - Added 6th April

Who is the knower of knowledge.

When the observer or witness has interest in what is being observed, for instance a thought/breath, then the observer is not the final stage of pure awareness. It is a reflection of what the observer is holding. This can take you a very long way when you innerstand it.

4, The Heart Method


Personal Experience:
This technique is much more effective if you go to it for someone else, even if its to put you in a calm state so you do you best in that moment for everyone in it. When you do, the heart will quieten the mind most of the time, only when you are repressing something will it fail in my experience, because it would be more life enhancing to express/experience it. Whenever a situation is too much, put your attention into your heart, real love will burn out fear.



5, Sadhguru’s wisdom


The Ascension Triangle as you move upward is perception along the bottom, with emotion up the sides, picture this and intensity or absolute focus on whatever you are doing causing the motion.


With a word or two from a great teacher.


Absolute Intensity

The Content of your mind is not your choice -


Happy Journeys!

Mark Joseph Middleton

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I like Karrade very compact and to the point. I was doing a 936 hertz flame body meditation today and I found quite relevant to what you're saying; To basically let go and go to that non-local conscious part of yourself. There you find your inner voice to help guide, It even helped in the guided meditation when such affirmations are said like " You're not the brain" or "You're not what society makes you up to be" so one can built up new beginnings for themselves. I find affirmation such as those really important as they get stronger and stronger

I really enjoy the frequency work too, as they stimulate the energy centers and give you a stronger vibratory focus. I would especially recommend them to anyone new to this. Focused on the point of contact you wish to make in the body. I found affirmations really helpful at first as well, especially when I operated from a point of a more noisy mind, as they help to crack through the shell of the illusion. Eventually though you can just silence the mind by moving outside of it, and then from there go in a few directions, expanding outside of the shell one step at a time.

Very good advice my friend :). If anyone has any more experience to add please do so. 

Clutter removed, revised to V2.0 and condensed. I will keep updating the main post from now on as I move into god-consciousness.

Also I wanted to point out the self enquirer method is very significant due to the fact we may not be able to see through the veil at times since defense mechanism overrides one's perspective to block it out. Its used in various clinics in ontario I found to try out strategy before taking different medicals that may alter one's self. It was called the Socrates method at the time I discovered it and its been very useful in shutting off the constant chattering our mind may do when judging others or the situation but rather like you said we should learn from our experience so simply being the observer rather than the judge of bad omens puts a whole perspective on things

love it mark, thank you! 

i am grateful for your response,



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