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This message is from the Family of Light - and I felt it necessary to transcribe the message in text format (taken from the video linked below) ... I hope that you will find meaning from it to assist in this stage of transference/convergence.  Of course, much of this coincides with what many of us already Know and have been opened up to via Great Beings like Sevan and the members of the Resistance.



Echoes of the Innerverse

The Innerverse has a series of gateways that you can pass through contingent upon your level of awareness, vibration, and ability to control the experience.

The vast landscapes presented to you are infinite and as vast/diverse as the physical universe.


The first few layers are the astral dimensions that mirror harmonic densities surrounding the Earth.  The landscape presented is either a playground for what you need to experience, directed by the Higher Self extra-terrestrial collective that guides you (see: Neo in the park with Oracle -> ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhzNhLgPX9o ) – or created by You, consciously as an activated individual from the physical perspective.

Neo in the Park with Oracle


The higher aspects of this astral dimension are represented by nature.  Vast fields, flowers, green grass, beaches, the ocean, rocks, cliffs, and densely populated forests.  Dwelling are also made of natural substances such as wood, or dwelling will be within natural structures such as trees.  This is usually the basic template found within this dimension – a landscape waiting to be painted on like the blank canvas awaiting the artist’s expression.


Once creation takes place within this basic template, animals, birds, fish of breathtaking beauty are to be discovered and communicated with.  Many travelling conscious StarSeeds are beginning their dreatmtime awareness within or upon planetary bodies other than Earth.  The landscapes presented there are often quite diff. from the earth-like template.  With rocks of pink/blue and structures made of living crystal. The astral traveling experience is as plentiful as the one available to you in your physical dimension.  Choice of transportation is as abundant as your imagination.  The earthly confines are no longer there for the awakened, conscious explorer of hyperspace.  The perception of linear travel is a law that pervades this dimension for the human traveler.  As you move forwards, backwards, and sideways in your physical reality – so do you move as such in hyperspace exploration. 


There are those who have discovered that hyperspace fabric is not bound by gravitational force as the physical world is.  Thus, one can also move up and down.  The downwards move within the higher levels of hyperspace usually occurs within daylight travel to underwater perceptions of life that dwells there.  Much mystery is unraveled in these depths, and incarnated water dwellers and those within the mermaid and dolphin vibrations will often find themselves utilizing this resource of electrical-magnetic emotion.  The law of attraction workings are most profound when activated from this perception point.


It is the upwards move within the higher level of hyperspace where the higher mind landscape exists.  You shall recognize this landscape by the psychedelic color, the flashing geometric imagery, and the communications with the stargate keepers as they impart their wisdom and gnosis to you, the seeker of the holy grail.  Pineal gland activation is at its fullest when these stargates are reached.  Brainwaves move in ways to amaze the scientific observer, far beyond the theatre, via electrical mappings that this conduit has no terminology for within these translation fields.  The human body and brain thrives and glows with lifeforce, creation, abundant health when these stargates are reached and experienced.  So many of you are reaching these stargates – as you penetrate them – not only do you empower the personal grid around you taking you into enlightenment, but you also create - together – a new critical mass of Thought:  the critical mass of crystalline change.  This is the key to the doorway to the 5th dimension on earth and the mutli-dimensional thought processes that accompany the experience of this dimension.


Welcome to the merged reality where other beings join with you in humility and surrender, and joy.  To those who are not aware of having reached these stargates:  You have done this as babies when first birthed into physicality…and many of you retained this ability as children.  Yet, as you have grown some of you have forgotten how to access this dimension.  It is not essential that you do, for life can be lived without reaching this holy grail – life can be lived and experienced and much can be learned.  Yet for you, the probability of the 3rd density reincarnation cycle are high until such time as you find these stargates and ascend beyond duality and out of the reincarnation cycle of 3rd density.  This is the calling for humanity at this time. 


Should you choose not to follow this call?  All is well.  There are such missions of love and service to be had – and the call will come again.  Like the waves on the shore, it is a natural movement that repeats in cyclical motions of time.  It will come again.

For those who consciously choose to move beyond 3rd dimensional reality and embrace the multi-dimensional, anchoring the 5th density force on Earth, you will have heard our call…You will have felt our call and your own call – for Self calls Self.  This is the ancient completion of unity consciousness – so familiar – yet also new, unknown, undiscovered, unwritten. 


To those who choose to follow this call – and experience the merging, yet have no conscious memory of the higher stargates of hyperspace:  there are tools that can show you the way.  The moment betwixt waking state and dreamtime is the key.  This key is activated in a much higher capacity when some dreamtime experience has already taken place, bringing you back to waking.  At this point, when you re-enter dreamtime, this is the moment.  Know that there is no urgency or desperation., irritation or frustration.  These are blocks to the stargates.  They cannot be reached when these states of desperation/panic are present.  There are tools available to aid you in these states.  Only when they are integrated, processed, and controlled – is stargate travel possible. 


Relax with joy in your heart and focus your energy upon the brow-chakra energy center.  That which you know as the 3rd eye.  Say to yourself:  I choose to experience to stargate travel.  I choose to enter the psychedelic realm of actualization within hyperspace.  I choose to see the geometry.  I choose the codes, the activations, and consciously bring these into my reality.  I ask the gatekeepers of the stargates of hypserpace to welcome me to these vortexes within space/time.  I come with love in my heart to take my place within the critical mass, crystalline awakening within earth.  I choose this now, this incantation is a metaphoric symbiotic merge of words and feeling, creating cellular awareness and subconscious response within the human brain.  These trigger words are truly magic, as this spellcasting is your transportation, your merkaba vehicle.  If you choose this, welcome – for it is your right as a Sovereign Being, to create the highest experience of Divinity upon your planet.



Source:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kxWId3ulDI&feature=plcp&co...

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"Were all here to do what were all here to do, Im interested in one thing The future, and believe me the only way to get their is together"

           Intention recieved I have found much meaing here thanks Math for the post.

It is not a case of survival of the fittest rather flourishment of the most cooperative all the tribes are present "gifts" our task differ but the purpose we serve is the same lead all races into the harmony of the rainbow

Profoundly inspiring to the spirit, and the energy swirling around in me as I read this :D. Thank you.



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