Ecclesiastical Law? Has anyone ever heard of this? If so, what have you learned and what do you think?

Here is a site that goes into some detail

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Replies to This Discussion main site link that tells about all sorts of things in relation to


I need to see if anyone else has any experience with this sort of material and what they make of it



I will look into the site, thanks

I also would like to know are you studying UCADIA?

What do you make of it?



I have looked into it at Emory university law section- Its old, but can be very powerful, it has been used by the Roman Catholic Church- Vatican City has Ecc law, Scientology uses it and the Nation of Islam. They are not the only ones though, but they stand out. Anybody with financial backing, can front as a religious order, and can have their own land, small government etc. You have the Authority of God to do so, they say. I studied this last year. It is a smart idea, hint, hint...

thanks for the info brother



Ecclesiastical = pertaining to the "church."  In regards to Law, all paths lead to Rome.  (let's just leave it at that and not go into the symbolic side).  The church essentially claimed that they represented "GOD", and as such had the right to claim all things as their property.  Since we did not rebut their claims; in their minds the church owns everything.


What is ownership? Let's take a look at the idea of property. 


Ownership &Property:

Can we in fact own anything?  If we look at nature, how can a element own another element?  Does a rock own a piece of wood?  A man's fleshly body own ground?  Is it not the source, the creator of all things, that has created everything?  

Only the divine/source can own anything, its the ultimate owner... in essence this means that ownership or property = "right of use from the source."


e.g. you buy a pair of shoes from NIKE.  Nike manufactured the shoe....usually we think: "ok I bought the shoe, its mine now, this is my shoe...


You purchased shoes at a store, "you have claimed right of use" to those shoes.  A company manufactured those shoes from elements.  Where did those elements come from?  Who created those elements?  = they are from the source, the divine, the universe....


In the words of a American Indian Chief:

"How can you buy or sell the sky, the warmth of the land? The idea is strange to us. If we do not own the freshness of the air and the sparkle of the water, how can you buy them? Every part of the earth is sacred to my people."



Since we are dealing with law, let's use the language of law, specifically TRUSTS:

To be breif: a Trust is a relationship or agreement, where certain forms, rights and obligations are conveyed.


Trusts are composed of three elements:

1) Grantor (the creator) - creator of the idea, object, form...

2) Trustee (the administrator) - the power to issue 

3) Beneficiary


Let's use the family unit as an example, to break it down:  

Let's say you have an older brother or sister and you are still a child.  You want to go out and play at the park...

Your parents are not home, but since your older sibling is taking care of you, you can just ask your older sibling to take you, or ask their permission; because the parents gave him/her the rights to take care of you.


*Here we have a trust relationship.

Grantor: your parents - who have supreme authority if you can go to the park.

Trustee: your sibling - who have have begin given administive powers from your parents.

Beneficial: you 


*if you choose to run away to the park, you have broken the trust agreement. , "I'm so disappointed in you Johnny... you broke our trust..."  


--------------------Back to Trusts.

The source/the divine, is the creator and owner of all things...

Divine Trust.- A Divine Trust formed when the source/the divine chooses to separate from the source to experience itself.  

3 elements of a trust:

Grantor: the source

Trustee: the source/spirits who take care of souls/etc.. administrator of souls 

Beneficiary: the soul


Living Trust: is created when the property of the source/divine, the soul occupies a fleshly body.

*The soul grants the living flesh.  You are using the body to interface with the physical world.


Grantor: the soul - beneficiary of the divine trust

Trustee: Living flesh - your body. aka, john doe (notice the lowercase)


Beneficiary: JOHN DOE (the person)


Notice the last part is in all capitals.  Having a PERSON, or a fictional name isn't evil in itself.  It just so happens that the NAME was designed for their system.  The Roman Law Society - claims right of use over you - your mind, body, and even your soul - they created TRUSTS (you can research this on your own).  


Its a tough spot for any "human", not to be told you are  of the source.  Not only that, the Roman Church, has secretly devised a system where they own the rights to your body, mind and soul.  Even if you did know you were of the source, since you are living within the GRID using Roman Law...when you do get into trouble they can use their paper world to extract fear and energy from you.


If you go to someone at start speaking at a level they cannot innerstand, how can people communicate and move forward. When you go to court, remedy is supposed be the foundation of Law.  You are their to restore the law by reminding people of their true nature. 


"We are of the source, and therefore on behalf on the source/divine what you say has no standing.   Fraud destroys the law... by concealing and lying to others you have dishonored the law;  we do no recognize you our keeper. We are multidimensional souls having a human an experience "  


Something like that..whatever words you want to use to convey the same message.


I guess you can think of UCADIA (the website you found) as tool that can be used communicate with the current Roman law society.  Many of the people working for the law society have been indoctrinated and forget the foundation upon which law is built - the source.  They claim church and state have been separated, but why is it that a Judge is an Ecclesiastical position? What's more why is he dressed as a Saturnalian grim reaper?  (clearly there something more going here...)  Many at the bottom of the pyramid are not "evil" in a sense, more like unconscious and unaware; because they'd rather cling to a form of law this is helping to destroy the planet - its the only thing they know.    


To put it simply, when restoring the law, you are remember who your are, and out of respect for those who have forgotten these foundations of law, you've decided to communicate using a language they can at least innerstand.


If you choose UCADIA to do so, well by all means, study it.


At times when when one is studying a subject, it can consume you, and to the point where it does become obsessive. That's not to say that the information is not important to deal with the situation; actually it can be somewhat healthy at the beginning in a sense that your able to cypher much information in a short period of time because your focus is there.


However, when it comes to the point where is information is taking you over.. just like anything else it can be a distraction: I'm not saying this will happen to you...I'm speaking in regards to my own struggle to keep in balance.  At times we forget our focal point.  As someone who has gone through that experience, I'd like to say remember, our mission is not to master the law, but to ACTIVATE.


Hope this help Fielden, feel free to PM, I'm not a "guru" or anything, but have a solid grasp of certain aspects concerning law.  I'll PM you some links to help if you want to pursue this knowledge. 



This reply is loong overdue, brother. lol

But I just wanted to thank you for taking your time out to send me that information/energy. A lot of it resonated within me very well. It even "remembered/ reminded" me with some of the other things I stumbled across in my journey. 

I have been exploring the lower regions of myself these past months since we met. At first, I wasn't sure why until brother 7 shed some light on the need to cycle the energy to our lower selves.

Once again, thanks for the info brother. Keep it cycling!!




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