Many have asked questions about what they should eat. This document explains what you should eat based on your bloodtype.

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Thanks for uploading, Eating for your Bloodtype, Sevan! I'm still working my way through the book. I have a question, though. How do you feel about the recommendation to eat meat? I know you have definite opinions about the purety of the body in relation to diet and ascension. Thanks.

This is by far one of the most controversial questions, with just cause. So in the end a person should do what they feel is best.

I believe that if it can run from you you should not eat it. Running is the sentiant indication that something wants to live, we must learn to respect that.

Humans do not have the make-up of a carnivor. Human intestines are too long, they lack the the teeth to do the job right, they eat the meat cooked, they season the meat. These are a few things that show humans have been imbred with the idea they need to eat meat. Real carnivors do none of this and must eat the meat before the blood spoils which happens within 20 seconds when exposed to air. Meat will always raise the hormonal agression in the subject. The after effects of this is usually, 1. Thoughts are not as clear as they could be. 2. Aggressive physical behavior gradually insues. A Shark like nature especially when it comes to business. You are what you eat. Most meats are really bad quality, the Elite always eat High Quality Kosher meat. So even if one cannot let the meat go, at least stay away from large farm produced meat that i given the worst kind of meal. The steriod content in the meat is responsible for younger children become more mature, prematurely. This is not only physical but also mental. A piece of chicken from KFC or a patty from McDonalds is almost entirely chemical injection.

Now according to the bloodlines some just cannot stay away from the meat. This is like trying to feed broccoli to wolves, not going to happen. We now have allies who are like this, some of them are protectors, although they still eat meat they have conquered the aggression and use thier strength in service to the positivity of mankind. On this Planet we have all types and as I say in the book, if you see our Aura's and what is embedded within it, you would innerstand the reality of difference. So if one is of this nature I speak of try to switch your diet to mostly

Consider this, man and beast once spoke the same language, how do you explain to your friend that it is now time to eat them?

thanks sevan, i added you on facebook as tom douglas burns.
there is some article with the protiens you consume powderized we are going to be eating as healthy as we possibly can and you made this almost too simple!
i will search for that article as i should have saved it, but i thougt i would say thanks and ask if you would like to accept my request, wholeness and balance vibrations 

As with all external knowledge you must take it in its own application. What is most important in the meat is the protein so pick up your protein levels such as Cashews, Almonds, Tahini, etc. Also if you can get some chlorophyll take one tablespoon a day mixed with 3 liters of water and see what it does. There my be an initial reaction such as headache however let it cleanse the body and this will make it easier to ultimately get rid of the meat inclinations which come also due to proper nutrition. We are here for you.
Blood Type O apparently needs Meat, and trying to come off it!!! Very good Post though because there are so many questions that are finally being answered...

Thanx Sevan!!
Was curious, is there a common blood type among this group? I'm o neg
What do people think about fasting? I've read about it as a way of cleansing your digestive system and body, however it's definitely not easy to do. Do the benefits outweigh the difficulties?
Alright, thanks for the info Ayzik I think I will try that out. My diet has definitely improved over the last few years, as well as some weight, so I guess this is my next step.
Uh where's the document? Help!!
It's only on PC not Mobil buddy

I am rh negative O negative i read it but i guess i was not understanding can someone help me please.



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