My self and a lot of people I know struggle with eating disorders weather it be anorexia, bulimia or EDNOS. I'm trying to get help in as many ways as possible so I can better understand this illness rather then just simply eating again, I find counseling helps you find the root of why you have these thoughts that create the sickness. I have found that usually, weather you eat or dont eat, there is bad/tromatic experience related to food. By finding this out I have realized that part of getting better is to forgive, not nessisarily forget but forgive none the less. Forgive yourself, for give others who enabled you to harm yourself this way but do not blame them, for that creates a much greater guilt you may not see at first. 

If we work as the whole we are we can overcome this. I would like your help and so would many others, we cannot properly focus our energy or cleanse our selves properly if we binge and perge or simply do not eat.

All though I have gained weight and I feel less guilty about eating I would like to know who else has ideas or thechniques others and myself could try?.

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I can give you some general advice. The more balance there is in your life, the less extremes there are.

Getting to the root of the issue, cycle, problem, behaviour however you want to identify it, will release a large part, if not all, of the symptoms related to it, as the energy, pattern etc will be freed up.

You can tackle these things on multiple levels, and I would advise that simply as the process requires less energy than doing so on one level, or using one approach. Not to mention one approach can hit a dead end or a wall, and if you look at why these issues exist, identify the root causes inside yourself, you can then address that in a way that you find more comfortable. 

Now more to my own egoic response, and experiences, these will be a gradual bridge.

Food is Mood in many people, and Mood can be food if you let it be. So if someone is binge eating  for let's say depression, they may be craving a certain thing that they are not getting in their diet, usually a base mineral or nutrient though this craving may come out in sugar, caffiene etc that they've mistakenly linked up to it for instance; then if that is still not fulfilled, it may come out in an action or behaviour; then if that is not fulfilled it may come out in a repeating piece of their life. Do some research on Diet Mind, or Diet and Mood, Food and Mood.


If I was not eating, I would look at specifically why. I have no idea on your personal circumstance so I am using an example. Let's say Mary doesn't eat as she wants to look a certain way and isn't doing. I would say to Mary, ask yourself why that comes about.

The external pressures/programming from TV, Magazines, Film, Video to make one kind of factory produced, artificial human are there if we engage in them. Many people do and do all kinds of things to their body to look as they think is 'better'.

Never realising they are an eternal being, to put it in more human terms, that is many billions, of billions years old. Their body is exactly the way it is for a very good reason. There is an immense amount of power working with what is there, you are all powerful you just need to activate the vehicle in the mirror :). If we dislike what we see, we are telling parts of ourselves that we don't love them, and they close down, this plays out in our life externally and internally.

I've done it in the past, not now. Now I specifically look at the pieces of me that may be struggling with an issue, and tell them I love them, in my mind or sometimes out loud. I assure the animal parts of me especially, heart - down, that they will be looked after, that they are fierce strong, that they are noble. All your energy centers need this, they are all your own personal council of voices, your experiences, and strengths. Often they need what is not there, not more of what is already there.

I went a bit further ;) but I hope it begins to show you the entrance to your potential.

Techniques For Balance:

Kundalini Yoga, Egoic Reduction, Meditation, Treating yourself, Loving yourself, Listening to the body, the mind AND the spirit. Cleansing, Reassuring the Body. Not being anyone but YOU and simply being for a time. Living much of life for others not yourself, this has its own balancing effect. Realising any communication is from source, through a personality filter. Walks in nature, time in nature, plants to clear the air, reattaching to nature , crystals to balance out your energies etc. Realising you control all emotions, all of them, nobody gives you them and taking responsibility inside for each you choose to put yourself through. Anything which gives you more of what is not already there, and balances you to a point you want to arrive at.

These are my techniques, I hope it helps you find your own.

Happy, Rich Journeys,

I feel I should start with yoga and meditation once again :). That has brought me alot of insight, Thank you Mark. And happy journeys to you too :)



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