You can swirl water with a spoon clockwise & counter-clockwise according to whether you live on the northern or southern hemisphere of earth. Clockwise if you live in the northern hemisphere would be going against the earth's turn, and vice versa. Adding quartz crystal to water automatically structures it due to the piezoelectrical charge, also adding magnets around as shown in the below post.

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Replies to This Discussion! Living water sources around the world. Naturally vortexed, natural spirit.

Great info on recharging dead water brother.

Balance vibrations, like we are the water is that spiritual side of yourself is in darkness until that charge lights the night/day thanks resistance for a great year!

Yeah sorry I meant April 22. And I actually have the gold/copper and silver/copper triskelions here reoresenting the divine masculine and feminine principle. If you want I could send you them to experiment with for a bit. Inbox me if youre interested. 


jsoujaun its april 22 not march

has anyone peeped the water imploder dan winter advocates. i like the concept but its like 750 fiats, not that i cant build the synergy up to get one i just want to know if its worth it 1st shishishi!! knowing me i'd get one just to test it but not anytime soon. i read that magnesium bicarbonate structures the water been adding that to my distilled blends. to me i think thas just remineralization iono taste good tho

Wholeness Jane! Your ahead of the game if your researching Dan's work for sure!! His stuff is a lot to take in, still wrapping my head around it myself.

I find that since I have the megahome distiller & im remineralizing w/ various things that its the better option out of "good, better, best" Physically im getting great results from that alone. Think i may have to go the DIY route w/ the water imploder & do some testing on garden plants this spring/summer. For now i'll just implement some of the suggestions mention in this post as well as using some tuning forks that i have

wbv  Peter thanks for the info



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