I woke up this morning with a great level of release and it is my pleasure to begin a brand new face of Resistant Education and Deprogramming. After 4 years of nonstop research along with experience and a lifetime of involvement my mind, body, and soul is riddled with Symbols, Ineffable Names, Stories from Distant Planets, Extraterrestrial Images, Unsacred Geometry, Crystal Diagrams, Holy Languages, Strange Inscriptions, and everything else that is related to deeply and persistently discovering what the heck is going on in my reality.


Daily I watch others begin their quest or remain on a particular phase that simply marks yet another level of the same construct but the whole purpose of the Resistance and the Mission We have been given was to shorten this lengthy, exhausting, and sometimes unrewarding process. There have been many casualties on the way as some have grasped a little of the Truth and have been completely blown away to the degree that their former state may have been better then the later. Some have sacrificed their relationships, reputation, lifestyle, and many more things of great importance just to be present. Those of us that are sincere here at the Resistance are determined to make sure that it was not all in vain.


What has been discovered is we as a Species vast and great have faced many stumbling blocks in hopes of expansion. We have been brave which accompanies at times foolishness in opening up chasms that were stamped with a fair warning. We have welcomed other Beings into our deep sanctum or holy of holies with the hopes that what they would gain from their interaction with us would increase them from their current state and thus make our entire reality a better place. Unfortunately in many cases that is not what happened and now what was the most sacred has been profaned.


I speak here not of physical churches and places of worship but your own precious Temple. I want you to remember a certain part in many of the childhood stories we were told. It was about a special power that should never fall into the hands of "evil" as we know it. In the event that this would ever take place it would mean disaster at catastrophic proportions until it was undone. 


I am here to tell you Brothers, Sisters, Mothers, Fathers, and respected Elders that this has in fact happened and that most powerful weapon is you. In short We have welcomed foreign Beings into our lands and they have betrayed us, but they have taught us a most valuable lesson that need not be repeated any longer. This is now the stage that we correct this atrocity and those perpetrating it.


To do such things one must first know how it all took place and I James Evens Bomar III will do my best to show you on all levels how to get your Mind, Body, and Soul in complete order. The first entry that was made into Us is actually Communication, Celestial Light Emissions, Frequencies, and Direct Audible Communication all serve as straight lines seeking to pierce our sphere, in short everything seeks to gain our attention even if it does not deserve it. This is why the highest states in meditation can only be achieved when one stills or steals their mind back from whatever thought is trying to take it captive.


Let us also keep in mind we are now composite Beings. This means we are made up of several elements. This roughly includes Flesh which has many Animal Genes that make up its nature. Hive Mind which is a collection of all the knowledge and experience gained by us and others over uncountable lifetimes. Soul which gives us our uniqueness and is wholly comprised of not only our own personal Soul but the interactions or residue collected from other Souls and Spirits we have encountered. Know now that there are many Beings out in the void that are envious of your state watching with jealous eyes and wish to make you feel ungrateful. Misery loves company and in several instances these Beings forfeited the chance you have been given right now by continuously making bad decisions as if they would have no effect. You have seen these types before.


So imagine if our every receptor is constantly being filled with something poking at us disturbingly so much that we have grown to accept it and just live with it. I call this the Spear Ritual. I speak on all levels here. Imagine that these intrusions long ago removed us from a certain state that we find the greatest difficulty in recalling because we were so young. This is in fact what has happened.


To lend a little more credit to this I will have to refer to magic. It is known that the whole art of the Voodoo doll is to mimic what deluded dark sorcerers do in an attempt to steal someone's spirit, they poke them with knives, forks, etc. This is also why the devil is seen with a fork and we are encouraged to use it in our food. It is known that the allegory given in the Bible about piercing the side of Jesus is the act of the Spear Ritual itself. Remember you are the Christ and Christ is Kundalini.


What is basically known about this art is when a person is in weak stages of fleshly life holes can be poked in them to remove their Spirit from their body allowing a portion of their Spirit to travel into the object they are being poked with. Now comes the conclusion to the mystery of the Spear of Longinus which was used to poke the side of the Merovingian King while on the Cross. Thus Hitler sought to sequester the Spear in order to gain the power of the Merovingian King so his faction could be the new rulers of a world that still worships such images as they were encouraged not to by the same book that brings forth the images. Yes they are worshiping under the image of the Sword which is an upside down cross. Martians they are, wolves in sheep clothing coming from Mars the Wolf Planet Lobo, red as blood and warlike as the Romans concur their founders are Romulous and Remus suckled by a she wolf.


This is somewhat of a side bar, no pun intended, but there are many things that the untrained do not know about this reality and it is safe to say that we are now in a weird place that has strange rules and costumes that many of us are not familiar with because we are not High Druid Priests full of strange customs but now wearing their costumes now inherited. Often that is to our own demise and their is little buffer for ignorance these days. So when you think of shunning knowledge because it does not make sense do reflect on how much you really know to begin with. Those that are Adept in the Merovingian Mythos know that Saturn was the old King under the Merovingian Bloodline and that those in possession of the Stone of Destiny or at least the essence of it, have the right to rule under the Covenant that was made a long time ago when Earth was "Khaned" out of its treasures by Beings that used cunning.


Lastly for those wondering why I'm insisting a figurehead such as Jesus existed but more under the title of Apolloyon know that this family line are of those that lie and war amongst themselves for position often taking each others names and the names of other Beings they have conquered. It matters not to them if you innerstand this or not you are not even supposed to know about it. The fact is as you see in the Bible they are really pushing only one bloodline and insisting that everyone came from this recessive bloodline which is false. No bloodline that behaves as such could expect to survive as long as the true human race acting as such. It may be true however that over time many ended up breeding with this bloodline by force as they raped all the women they came in contact with and killed the men. No matter how people want to look at it their precious Jesus is reported in the Bible as coming from the line of Solomon and David which ultimately leads back to the marked Cain. All original descendants of Cain were given the mark so "Jesus" was already marked by the Beast.  Case Closed.


The Virgin

It is important now for the reader to get acclimated and ready for an in depth and personal conversation with themselves. Remember, unless you are reading this with someone else there is absolutely nothing to be shy about, however, what must be discussed is of the highest nature. This is communion, communication, which is intercourse (enter course), this may be a little rough according to those terms.


There are certain states that we have all been in and one of those states is being a Virgin. Some are unclear about why they were so fearless as a child but now I'm most certain that fearlessness had at its root our virginity. When free from external influence one is who they truly are, they have no phobias, no fears, no programming, and most importantly no intrusion.


We cracked this code awhile back in the similarities between the word Human and the word Hymen. Since they are etymologically speaking the same word I came to the conclusion that the Human's were given that name by an intrusive species who saw them all as being very fresh and newbie to the whole game of life and lies they like to play. I speak of those of the false light or Ai a royal city founded by Abraham who people still think is their father, there is a reason why that city became ruined and now they are trying to do it to the whole Planet. They are known as Artificially Intelligent (AI) not because they are not real but because their knowledge if fake and non applicable in a real environment, so they play intelligent when transposing our true knowledge into their regressive stupidity. They are Ai because they are not human but that does not mean they are not of another Species. In the famous words of Jesus Christ "I am in this world but not of this world" hmm so were are you from, and why do you care so much about a world that you have no vested interest in? These Beings who have a tendency to prey on the innocent and ignorant as we will continuously see, made it their responsibility to violate the perfect human state in every way they could come up with but to do this they must first get inside of you. So thus I encouraged everyone to fight within or take a inner stand for yourself.


The Code to the N

The In's and Out's 101


"Know the intruders who Zig Zags about fleeing from those who will expose them." 7

BEN - The abhorred sons of the right hand path who scoff at balance. "Son of my Pain" Rachel

CIN -   Those who burn with hatred and passion from within as in Cinder

DEN - The place they hide in the darkness out of plain sight in dark recesses

FIN -   They bring the end to those poisoned by them they bring finish.

GIN -   A alcohol full of Spirits as a drunk will never entire into the higher states of consciousness

HIN -   They slow you down and cause great Hindrance

JIN -    These are Spirits without bodies, envious, debased, and made of smokeless fire a G is a J

KIN -   Distant relatives sharing a common origin but do not be fooled they have done so with force.

LEN -  A double convex shape or just an eye as in an all seeing eye.

MIN -  A phallus or spearing device

NIN -  A Sumerian demon compared to Lilith with roots to Ninus, Nineveh, and the number Nine

PEN - To hold down or bind as in Pentagram

QUIN - 5 or the Quintaur the state of Satan the Sea Beast Capricornus

REN - An Egyptian secret name or part of the Soul

SIN -   Need I say more

TIN -   Actually TEN or Omega the End or Planetary metal of Jupiter Jehovah Jove

VIN -  Wine as in Vino another Spirit are you starting to get their Vehicle Identification Number?

WIN - Actually refers to the Wind or Air or Spirits of the Air who claim they have won

ZEN - Well there you have it ignorance is Bliss


Again it is very difficult to discuss such things so most have chosen not to and thus we have been running around calculating Pi and looking for secret words as if we will find a solution amongst false data that belongs to the controllers. This problem will need to be removed by you as it is more deeper than a surgeon with the most precise tools can reach. I can however describe to you the layout.


It came to my attention that these predators whom many are still calling gods knew that they could effect our Species most by tampering with our women first. This is due to the fact that all the males here on this Planet are still born of woman and should not forget that. So in short if we have no woman we will definitely have no man and judging on how they are making the women conform what is being birthed from their wombs now can hardly be considered the same as the first noble ones that came forth. Instead of helping woman most men have joined in just as business men care nothing for the environment and have joined in league with one another erecting yet more structures of devastation. So in reverence I give much respect and admiration to the female of our Species as she has suffered most and it is all to often her cry whether internal or external has not been heard and most importantly not been avenged.


I personally believe I have discovered the meaning of menstruation and why this effects our women. Despite the fact that menstruation pains can be reduced and sometimes eliminated altogether with proper diet that does nothing for the woman who is still lost in the world that does not know of such things. In fact that is the majority so everyone should keep in mind while reading this that I'm speaking about the majority and not the few who have discovered their own methods of release.


The fact is when man loses his virginity he suffers little if any physical pain that is why we will talk about woman first. However the whole act of losing your innocence to something insignificant and temporary leaves a deep scar seldom realized, but again we will first talk about woman. After sitting with some experts on homeopathy I was enlightened once more to the fact that every hole in the body leaks energy if not properly sealed, however, scars leak an enormous amount. Also keep in mind most holes in the human body have some type of flap that covers them when they retract. My goal with this post amongst many others is to put salve on the deepest wounds so they may be healed and one can build high energy once more to pierce the illusion and sluggishness the accompanies an invasion.


It is no mystery to those who study esoteric knowledge the power of a Virgin, they give off an essence that can only be found in a Virgin. So who was the most powerful Virgin in our locale? The answer to that would be our Earth. So who is responsible for taking the Earth's Virginity? Could it be a specific offshoot of the Serpent Race now colonizing (Colon) and worming itself into everything? In order not to regress this post I will leave the ultimate answer to that question up to the reader. You may want to check out the hidden message in Blade Runner again, they don't even know they aren't really human.


Look at the state that we are actually in. When a woman goes through the traumatizing experience of losing her virginity it is generally under only a few circumstances. She has either found a suitor, a suitor has been found for her, or she is forced. In the first case if she has found a suitor as relationships are very unstable these days and also in the past she generally suffers the heart break of when the relationship is over and the sullen feeling when something has been given that is special and cannot be regained. Is this not the state of the Planet? Has the Planet given something to the Beings that are still hanging around Her but do not respect Her?


So I got to thinking real deep about this and discovered one of the most vicious cycles that will surely lead to the ultimate extinction of the Species less we learn how to communicate properly. In this tense I don't mean just verbally but I mean with our minds, bodies, and souls. If we do not begin to respect once more those that have given something to us that we can never repay than we have failed to hear the cry from our internal Universe.


Now things where not always this way, it has been known that in the most ancient cultures that if you had chosen a mate then you chose him or her for life and to violate that structure meant you were either put to death or were forced to remain alone for the rest of your life. Its obvious the ancients knew that beyond the bond with each other we have nothing and once one starts showing themselves unworthy of keeping a bond they where useless to humanity and quickly became traitors as they had not learned the lesson first extended to us by the Universe.


The Universe gave us life it owes us nothing more and one should think about that next time they are ready to complain. Fix what is going on, talking about it is only a preliminary stage. Ideas are just as ethereal as Spirits it is you that must make them happen, breathe life into them, make it real acting out everyday like flesh. Man and Woman are truly words made flesh, how much do the words mean that were spoke about you?


Imagine how much more careful and meticulous people would be if they knew they had but one choice. They would not choose just for physical beauty which all know is fleeting, they would choose for other reasons such as intellect, skill, ability etc. This would cause many to work harder on themselves in order to attract a like Being. So in short people would work on a totally different structure and the whole reality of "consumerism" would fall apart. Most of the Sumerian people were slaves from other distant countries so it made perfect sense to the oppressors to Con the Sumerians.


I come to tell you that many think this reality is based on making money and making people consumers however that is incorrect, that is just a biproduct, the "Unseen Hand" has ideas of extincting humanity but that will not happen because the Truth will began to flood through all things as people once again look at themselves and see the mess they are in. They will see that all they have learned and gained still has very little use if one cannot get those in the reality with them such as family and friends to partake in it also.


What kind of people would we really be if somehow we got whisked off to some beautiful world with advanced Beings but yet Mom did not make it? Truly do you think that would work do you? Of course not and people are silly for having such ideas which now we all have had because they almost even got that one by us by the constant pressure which busts even the strongest pipes. "Go fly away little bird to another place that you will be welcome and loved and forget about everyone". Yeah right, let me know when you find it. The only home you have is this one, or as the saying goes we only get one Earth we better take care of it because you are tethered to Her. Silver Cord Baby.


What is written above is the prelude to what I will reveal to the masses quickening like lighting striking the pineal but it is most important for you to meditate on the knowledge given so you can regress yourself from the monstrous state all of this false knowledge of the world has produced. This is also why I included no pictures and media in this post, just written wisdom. I have gone through several stages of awakening but this one is like no other I cannot be told to wait, I cannot be pacified, and I care nothing for me just feeling good as it no longer works no matter how many breathes I take, my dilemma is a great one as I can See. Either Earth emancipates or I will suffer Her fate with Her out of respect for the existence She has given me along with all the opportunities and true knowledge of how to prevent such a waste of something so beautiful and precious.


Wholeness Never Peaces and Scraps



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Thought provoking. Well written 7. Thank you for always continuing the search and bring it to the front lines for all to share & ponder.
Roger that Franklin!
Some say "there is a whole Universe out there", I say there is a whole Universe in here. :-) So in effect We are not just defending the Planet we are defending the entire Universe. Amazing.


One Verse- commonly defined as the totality of everything that exists, including all physical space, time, matter and energy

Verse- a metrical structure


If I had one verse,I would defend it,

for it is in our words- worlds are created

down to the atomic particle

we reflect the Universe

internally and externally.

Defend her at all cost!

what about the portal you mentioned would open very soon? how does that factor into all this? but I agree with your article, the dialectic is being born...it is a mathematical inevitability for it to happen, but we gotta end the cycle for good.
The rubik's cube unfolds yet again! WBV..

Hi Sevan !

Very moving writing that's for sure, full of metaphors. Great to hear that your Wednesday July 6, 2011 mayan calendar 3 skull sunrise from here http://2012hongkong.blogspot.com/2011/07/3-skull-wednesday-6-july-2... :


A good day to make many small decisions. Be ruthless if necessary. "Get real."

Be energized with the vitality of this day through those little completions; cut off and restart, clarify your life through the ability to release clutter and distractions.

Edit your life.


was timed with a Costa Rican visit from Leonardo da Vinci  ( Hope you're near San Jose! ):



I look for resonance all the time. From that I can harmonize and get in synch which isn't always easy if one marches to the beat of their own drummer. Your website has close to 4000 drummers! That's a lot to harmonize together with and make beautiful music.  Here are some other articles which summarize my response to your recent essays:


Cleaver on consciousness, fractals and shamanism: http://www.redicecreations.com/article.php?id=4199


Claypool on Fractal Language: http://redicecreations.com/article.php?id=15945


Fractal pineal? pineapple image and 16 other fractals from nature:



Sevan are you a full fledged "Tico" now ( Costa Rican = Tico ). I visited there in 1999 at Juco Beach.

My most vivid memory is of the wildlife diversity. Lots of nice people like you there too, here are a few more:



My favorite Temple at the moment is "Temple Grandin", best movie of 2011 for me. Explained how to deal with a right brain autisitc, ie. gifted thinker who thinks visually.  Only film that was close was "Like Stars on Earth":  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBg6HSMF9X8  make you cry, well I did... so much my eyes got all puffy... still makes me smile thinking about it... just like your writing.


Take care,



I have no words. but i will  give it a shot...


From all i ever was and ever will be I personaly thank you for all your effort and support you have given US all as a whole and as an individual, at times i break down because I am not doing more for the Resistance, Earth and the Universe, all i think, read, say, breath, act as truth and I have you to thank for the bigger part of the truth. you have helped me in such ways that i dont think you will ever know...


If i have ever slacked my self or the effort to push forward the truth I am truely sorry for i have given it my all at each level i have climb the ladder.


I tell you here before my fellow members I may not have much to give as a Hardcore push to take this where it needs to be so others can enjoy and truely reach the higher levels for one self. But i have a few things wich are; Soul,Mind,Body,Spirit,Creativity,Courage,Might,talents,WILL and Nothing to loose (but everything to gain), At your SERVICE; to Humanity and the Universe.


I am not looking back, from this point on as soon as we re-unite, My life(flesh) will be only to serve the UNIVERSE and only that... I will not only help all who seek it, but I will make my self whole so I can work as an example to many, that no matter what part of the Universe you are from One can have the choice back in their hands so one can truely begin to see, for I remember the LONG hard times growing up not knowing yet seeking everyday "The answers, that No one who we called guides or guardians (parents) couldever answer" what is life and why are we here and where do we go when we die? etc....


So from the CORE of my being I THANK YOU JAMES EVANS BOMEAR III for Grouding your self and making such a HUGE sacrafice you have done to serve us all... You will always be remember in my HEART .


You are not Alone and never will be, not like you were... "We are here with you and now more then ever" I will be there Soon my brotha and I Promise to my (2) little boys i adore so much (that i my self sacrafice as a father, not being there with them because daddy has a job to do here on EARTH) you no longer need to do ALL THAT YOU DO FOR ALL OF US ALONE ANYMORE.


I wish there was another word,> but i truely LOVE you my Brotha!


WHOLENESS ALWAYS!                        "like it always was"




Whole u spoke from the core of your heart. This is a great endeavor and journey
No doubt Whole and your words definitely fall upon ears that it is truly felt. Glad you are coming at the end of the month.

I must say 7, YOU truly amaze me.  I feel that I've been guided to the Resistance, my hunger for spiritual knowledge and understanding has at times totally consumed me.  I Thank You, I Thank You, I Thank You 4 assisting with that growth.


Seven do you cry sometimes?



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