1 my Resistance family. I've been away for a while. Had computer problems and its pretty tuff to sit for hours in front of some one else computer to read but i'm back; so it doesn't matter anymore. I just wanted to share something i observed 1 night sitting in dark silence. This ringing in my ears which was actually a pulsing ring was timed up directly with my heart beat. So i came to the conclusion that the ringing in my ears is actually just me becoming more in tuned with myself. I guess its just the blood flowing through my ears i hear. Since then I don't have to hear the ringing unless i want to.

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Hey, Ether-9 this post above helped me with my ear ringing maybe it can help u! the fellow resistance member who posted it name is Margens if it comes up blank try to contact him if so...WBV

Yo whats up fellas yhea No fear i was going to suggest the same, Ive been experiecing the ringing more succesive and different types for a while now important to always be aware of it. Heres a link to where yall can find the material I have this printed out and keep it close by Whenever I feel attacked I refer to it.



Thanks for the link Mr. Spirit Matter! WBV
I've heard ringing in the center of my head lately, instead of the typical left or right ringin.  Great link BTW Mr. Spirit Matter.
You guys are having trouble clearing that ringing sound in your heads. I'm was having trouble blocking all the thousand voices in mind. I'm like a walking radio head picking up frequencies and sound waves. LMAO

Hi eight, did you find a way to effectively shut your mind up from the thousand voices. I'm with you on the radio head, it's like audio of mini comercials of myself.


The mind, like the most sophisticated computer, can trigger the memory banks to produce a concept.  Our conscious minds identify some quality related to the concept. All the conscious mind can do, is command and direct a search for the infinite aspects that must go into the processing of all this information, voices, sounds, frequencies, ect. The rational, Conscious mind has been placed on a back burner because of its inability to process more than a view instructions or bit of information. Consequently, humankind has been relegated to a position much lower than a computer that can process fifty millions pieces of information a second. This is the physical brain and the rational consciousness of a very limited nature. The consciousness I'm referring to is the aspect of our lives that goes far beyond the limitations placed even on a computer reaching out beyond the material universe we observe.  The computer here, in this realm, can only react and furnish information depending upon the hard facts provided by a "programmer". the information that either the programmer is unaware of or that is not stored within the memory bank of the computer is unavailable to the intelligence of the computer.

I have to tell you that in order for me to control this is to have a more broaden perspective of several important ideas about the origin and essence of the mind-brain connection. This understanding has help me to develop a perspective on the awesome power and influence that the subconscious mind has over the physical realm. When you develop the ability to innerstand this you can connect to this frequencies and energies and therefore balance relationships with them to create more truthful mini commercials of yourself or higher self.   Hope this helps in some way.  Wholeness!

thanks for the link! will definitely check it out later seeing as ive had ringing in my ears for almost a year now and have been wondering what it possibly meant



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