Hello resistance. I have question about the type of water I should be drinking. I am currently drinking distilled water, but Im hearing that it is actually bad for you. The ph balance is more acidic in distilled water. Can anyone give me more information on whats the best water to drink and ph level. Thanks

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I was going to order some trace minerals tomorrow and after watching one of Sevans videos, I got the impression that cobalt was going to be among the trace minerals.  In a another video he talks about the need for homeopathic silver, gold, copper, bismuth, cobalt and zinc, saying that they came seperately in liquid form. After reading about the cocntrace minerals, just a moment ago, I think I'll be going with them, but can anyone point me in the direction of these Homeopathic minerals that Sevan was talking about?

Hello rbro!  With regards to water there are many schools of thought.  Basically my suggestion is to use your feelings to navigate the information and physical sensations after drinking different types of water to determine what works for you.

Like you, I distill the water.  I think that's important with all tap water simply to remove the impurities and additives.  I knew a City Engineer once and he said that he would never drink tap water because he knew what they put in it (to stop corrosion of the pipes, etc.).  After distillation I spin the water in a Vitalizer Plus for 9 minutes (which adds some minerals back) and then stir it with a Stir Wand.  I then store the water in an unglazed clay pot (which keeps the water in a live state because it is constantly moving within the pot).  Finally before I drink the water I hold the glass of water in my hands and put nice thankful vibrations into the water before drinking it. 

I'm still tweaking my water preparation techniques as I'm attempting to recreate the magnificence of water pouring off of melting snow pack in the summer, so this is still a work in progress.

Hope that helps!



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