Hello resistance. I have question about the type of water I should be drinking. I am currently drinking distilled water, but Im hearing that it is actually bad for you. The ph balance is more acidic in distilled water. Can anyone give me more information on whats the best water to drink and ph level. Thanks

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while im in the same boat as you as trying to find out what water i should be drinking to keep moving forward, i have stopped drinking distilled water for the same reason you stated, i wasnt sure what to do until i ordered some orgonite and now i charge my water with orgonite and love it! i actually started adding baking soda (alum free) yesterday and am going to drink it daily now as well, there is a lot of great articles you can check out here just by using search as well as    http://www.resistance2010.com/forum/topics/the-resistance-w-esoteri...    youll just have to go to the top and first page sorry and then this link i stumbled upon today at work http://www.naturalnews.com/034028_water_properties.html . hope that helps! cant wait to see more replies of what works for other people!
thanks for the info!
Good day rbro hope all is well so to share with you how I drink the water, OKay I keep my water in a 3 gallon jug I treat the water with a few drops of MMS and let it sit overnight as per Jim Humbles instructions what I do is keep 2 of these jugs in rotation so I can always have clean water to drink while one sits for the 24 hour period recommended.
do you keep in it plastic or glass mr. spirit matter?   ive got my drops all set but the only reason i havent begun using mms is because i am having a very difficult time finding a gallon glass jug that is not an antique! aha, im not very fond of plastic.
If you can it's a better idea to use glass (to prevent leaching, plus organic).  Keep in mind that the ph of the blood is at a certain level "7.39-7.4".  The idea is to not create more work for the body (ie off balance ph, drinking cold drinks, unnecessary digestion) as the body uses that energy to compensate to keep homeostasis.  The reason people drink higher alkaline water (and eat higher alkaline foods) is because of the bombardment of the acidic environment.  A lot of people don't like distilled water because there is "nothing" in it (which makes it free of things like arsenic, flouride, and chlorine..but it's also lacking the minerals you may normally get from water), and therefore cans"strip" you of good minerals.  There are plants, salts (minerals), sunlight, etc that you can "add" to your distilled water.  Sea salt (or salt rocks) will up the alkalinity, lemon or lime are good too. Black micah is said to be  great in water for chelation. The MMS is an all around good product to use for the cleansing and ph. You can use vibration as well (ie singing, "praying", meditation, tunning fork etc) because water (as in emoto's studies) can become structured and more synonymous for a persons being.

You can try this as well: Concentrated Mineral Drops


This will charge your water & the trace  minerals will help neutralize the acidity in the body.

* 5-10 drops per L of water.    

* 1 L is about 1/4 of a gallon.


Why minerals are important, in regards to Alkalinity:

Think minerals and protein tissue. Acids are produced as part of the metabolic breakdown of protein tissue - you replace all the parts of your body by breaking it down and building new parts - that is why true healing takes so long - some are replace quickly and some take a while longer: either way, they say every 7 years your body replaces all the cells in your body.


Every tissue in your body that has a protein component (including food) produces an acid like uric acid as part of the  breakdown.  These must be neutralized by alkalizing mineral mainly:calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium.


These acids must be neutralize because your body (except for your stomach) is alkaline and your blood must always be alkaline in order for you to live.


Acids produced on a cellular level are best neutralized on a cellular level by Na(sodium) and K (potassium) before the acid reaches the blood.

If the acid makes it to the bloodstream then it is calcium's job and if that is not enough then magnesium does it.


If there is neither, then the body will take it from bones or teeth.


The blood will take the calcium from food that may be needed for bones or other things in the body and prioritize it for the blood if needed.


Acids for food protein are neutralized in the digestive tract so as long the protein is part of a meal with alkalizing minerals - then all is good.

If you look at alkalizing tablets  its nothing more than sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate - that tells you all you need to know.

So food that is mainly protein with little minerals is "acidic" (such as meat) and foods like fruits and vegetables that have no protein component and has a ton of minerals is alkaline.


Everything that has both is neutral - nuts, seeds, legumes, grains and dairy (yes dairy is not acidic - little protein and lots of calcium) and so long as the diet is balanced then it cannot be

Refined white flours and sugar are not acidic but they contain no minerals so if a person has been eating a diet that does not have a lot of minerals - those foods do not help and they may be deficient of the optimal amount they need to be healthy - so they may need to "alkalize" themselves which means load up so they have an optimal amount as opposed to a minimal amount so having a higher alkaline diet for a while or alkalizing water or taking alkalizing tablets - whatever but it is not needed forever once they have loaded up - if they are now eating a balance whole food diet. 

Rbro, Concetrace is the most magnificent supplement I have ever used. It makes the water taste good and gives you a ton of minerals. I add about 40 drops to a gallon of water and drink it through out the day and besides the nutritional value, ConcenTrace gives me SO much energy throughout the day. I am constantly in a better mood and have more energy to do whatever it is I have to do, I couldn't give it a higher recommendation!
My mother owns a machine - I'm not sure what it's called - but it can ionize water from 7-11.5 in PH. 9.5 is what I drink when I'm home but 11.5 is supposed to be better.  I've heard stories about 11.5 healing bone fractures after a couple of sessions soaking the injury in it...
You can order "brand new" glass jugs on line.  Singularly or many.  All sizes.  I don't have any particular manufacturer or distributor in mind, but I found many locations last year when I was looking for glass bottles and jugs.  They are also relatively inexpensive.  Just do an online search.
must have only tried ebay and amazon whoops didnt search thoroughly enough >.< haha thank you!
This is a valid question, but it goes beyond just the minerals in water. We all need to know the properties of water and its nature, before we recommend or buy any products out there. What is important in water, is not necessarily the minerals, but its molecular structure. Tap water, and distilled water is not very good, because the molecular structure of the water produced by such means are either incomplete, or destroyed.

The structure has been destroyed because of man's ignorance about the motion and nature of water. Water moves in spiral vortices and likes to meander, thus building its structures that way. But the water we have in taps, move in rigid right angle turns and straight paths, causing the destruction of its molecular structures, hence losing vital energy.

So it is important to buy devices that can make your tap water move in such a manner, so that its energies are well retained, and its structures developed appropriately. I can recommend one such device:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rs8bVmwplsw

It is also important to remember that water has memory. Current scientific research indicates that water's molecules change according to environmental influences as well as motion. So water that has been flowing through pipes in urban areas, tend to retain people's intents in its structures, which is why, it is important to stir your water in a centripetal manner, so that it loses those bad memories.

I know it sounds strange, but the research on how water changes according to people's intents and music, is very spooky. Good luck on your search.

distilled water is dead water, bottle water is a least 1-2 years old , is also dead water.

There is the alchemy plate that transform , water to living water , life force etc 

email me for more info 




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