I was wondering if anyone has had similar experiences as myself in regards to astral travel while your body is at rest or what most would call dreaming.

I am able to rewind and play back what Is happening. I also have control of what is happening while in the "dream" state. I can assist wake up abd go back to whatever plane of existence I was on and start where I left off.

I have also felt something trying to over power me while in these states and am able to "send them away" so to speak more with my feeling of having no fear than the words I use to get rid of them. I noticed when breaking free from these entities in this state, I could barely move and felt like I was frozen while they/I had grips on me.

I also have seen myself multiply and am able to see, feel & experience each version of myself individually and simultaneously at will. I see it as just the fragments of myself coming to recognize the fragmentation and coming back into wholeness. I know there are more layers & a deeper meaning beneath that though. Please share any similar experiences with me to assist me with expanding on my insights, as we are all one.

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Hi, my name is Katie and I have also been looking for someone who has had astral projection experiences, to just talk about them and start to figure out what ¨dimension" or even time frame of them when they happen.  I have had 15-20 astral projections that have happened randomly since 7th or 8th grade.....All different and all really fun and exciting,,,,except the very first one which I have heart referred to as sleep paralysis which seemed much more sinister and pulling on me which instinctually I resisted and all my other experiences where fun and not scary more like nervousness of the uncertainty of what is to come.  That was the first few times, now I immediately know when it is happening and take full advantage of the little time I have.   When you ¨see"things in astral does it seem really clear,,,,,I have bad vision and have wondered if that attributes to the foggyness I seem to have when in Astral.  I think your experience of coming to recognize yourself as the whole was amazing,,,,,it really makes me smile to know the that we are recoginizing that we are ALL about to recognize ourselves as the whole......so much so that you see it play out within yourself.....so cool....I hope to share more stories and hear more with you and anyone else who wishes to get clarity on their OBEs or just share them so we can map the dots and get a bigger picture of what is really is....Katie:)

Hi Katie! Its awesome to connect to you! Your experience is very similar to mine. Sleep paralysis seems to be the first "awareness" of astral traveling. My husband also has had this happen to him, even as a child.

I believe that the sleep paralysis is from a sinister being(which I now know that it is just Self in the sense that we created said being on a different level/plane of awareness) attempting to "control" or feed on fear energy while you are visiting the astral or in between the astral and waking body which is when it usually happens (right before you wake up).

In my experience, as I stated above, I was able to break free from it only when I had no fear and realized I am the one in control.  In reference to seeing things clear in the astral, I see things very vividly as I do in my awakened state. I can do alot more in the astral world as well. The fuzziness can come in at times and I have figured out that it is linked to what I do while I am "awake". For example, if I don't eat proper foods/nutrients to charge and rebuild my cells properly, I will experience "interference" or what you call foggyness when in the astral. So everything I do on one plane has consequences in all planes. I hope this helps bring more clarity to your experiences.

I am so happy to be able to share experiences and insights with another version of myself through you (if that makes sense.) You are loved and appreciated Katie....Chi :)

can you help me to be lucid. im only lucid when in peril situation and most of the time i rely on subconscious sensory systems to protect myself. these beings have the power to posses those who have weak wills. this has happened before and its crazy what these entities do to the body. it is not good to share the one person though. 

anyways when im not in peril im dull and just take in the surroundings. its hard to control myself and i use assistance skills to provide mobility sometimes. im always instinctual as well. its complicated .

ive had dreams that continue after hours of waking time and one where a person was being slowly eaten mentally by a dark being.it wasnt scary but it had too much charm. i know exactly what it was doing but couldnt help. however it was removed from that person. i tend to know when dreams are dreams and when they are actual experiences too. im hoping to find help though. i may know alot of things but lucidity isnt one of them.

as for sleep paralysis what i do know is that some beings can apply some junk data in the form of frequencies and or apply forces to the body to paralyze it. a neat trick i developed was to overload the nerves to force movement. other than that pulling other consciousness into play is possible as the frequency doesnt attack multiple planes. if they are applying forces to the body another neat trick is the shockwave. i have many ways to produce one and it shakes alot of energy off me. 

i know some things about lucidity like dream journal and breaking off the dream temporarily but long enough to boost lucidity. i also know to concentrate if i can on something . the trouble is im so instinct driven i cant conentrate all the time. i have a goal in mind to reach a higher enlightened state but it is a complcated two hour mess that hinges on lucidity on the other side. i call the dream plane and other planes the other world. ive had a few unique things happen like almost getting crucified by some group. they poisoned me with a dart that paralyzed my ether body. had it not been for the defenses i have i would have been harmed. but that particular time affected my waking life. the emergency setting rapid metabolic mode was triggered immediately disolving the paralytic. however what was odd was i was very hungry as well and burned roughly 3000 calories a day at rest. i found it very odd. 

there are many other stories ive kept to myself in my journal. but im willing to share a few. i just need to be lucid enough to handle situtaions in the most tactical sense. ive wasted do much energy when i could have done the simpler option. almost all the experiences are linked to dark beings ravaging my area. i was even taken somewhere once. i wish i could talk about that one now but its complicated. i dont want to overload anymore than i have about my return. there is stuff i would say but it ultimaetly depends on reception and what people should hear vs. what i wish to tell.



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